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  • 498FPS Output
  • Straight Pull Design
  • High Density Polymer

An amazing value Airsoft SVD 6mm replica which doesn't compromise on quality inside or out, leaving you with a replica that feels great in the hands and has the performance to back it up.

  • Satisfying Kick
  • Comfortable To Use
  • G-Series Compatible

An Airsoft CO2 & Green Gas compatible pistol that takes the best parts of several designs and mashes them all into this all-in-one tactical monster. 

  • Satisfying Kick
  • Comfortable To Use
  • G-Series Compatible

An Airsoft CO2 & Green Gas compatible pistol that takes the best parts of several designs and mashes them all into this all-in-one tactical monster. 

  • Compensator
  • Gas Blowback
  • Grip Extension

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol built by WE Europe as part of their EU-Series Pistol Range. The weapon is constructed with a lightweight and durable Polymer Lower Frame and an Alloy Slide, making it a Lightweight yet Durable sidearm. 

  • CO2 Powered
  • Faithful Replica
  • Fed by Revolver Shells

A gorgeous and faithful CO2 powered replica of the Schofield Revolver, which in the real world was a Smith & Wesson Model 3 adapted for use in the US Military by converting it to fire a shorter .45 cartridge than the standard of the time.

  • Ideal For Beginners
  • Soundhog Flash Hider
  • Lightweight & Durable

An electric powered M4 based Airsoft replica, which is constructed mainly from Polymer to offer a lightweight and maneuverable platform which packs a punch.

  • Pistol Sized AR
  • Quick Change Spring

This pistol-sized AR is the ultimate CQB package! Specna Arms have outdone themselves once more with this compact package offering robust externals, a wealth of internal upgrades and a GATE X-ASR MOSFET to top it all off.

  • Railed Handguard
  • Folding Skeleton Stock
  • 14mm CCW Outer Barrel

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, designed and built to look and be a functional replica of an AK74 Assault Rifle, but also features more modern body parts. The rifle is constructed mostly from Alloy, with an Alloy Receiver, Top Cover, Barrel, and Stock with Polymer Hand Guard and Grip. 

RRP £224.99
Save £25.00
  • CNC Finished
  • 6.03 Tightbore Fitted
  • Quick Change Spring

An electric airsoft rifle by Nuprol, straight out the box it has a fantastic list off modern high end features usually not seen on weapons in this price range.

  • 3 Round Burst Mode
  • 2020 Revision Edition
  • Polymer Construction

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, designed from the official specs of the CZ Scorpion Evo created by Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, then built from the ground up for Airsoft By ActionSportsGames in Denmark. This edition of the weapon is the 2020 revision, which features upgraded, rebuilt and more streamlined parts for better operation.

  • Officially Released!
  • SSS Gearbox System
  • Officially licensed CQR Replica

If you're looking for a weapon which doesn't just look unique you've found it. Built in partnership between ActionSportGames, ICS and HERA ARMS this rifle is an Airsoft gun like no other. Based on the AR15 Mil-spec variant of the HERA ARMS CQR this rifle uses ICS's brand new SSS AEG Gearbox design and is officially licensed and fully trademarked.

  • Stamped Steel
  • Dovetail Side Rail
  • Folding/Solid Stock

This Airsoft Electric Gun is based on the AK74 platform, and offers the best of both a solid and folding stock for easy transport and a comfortable experience in the shoulder, as well as a Stamped Steel receiver for true realism.

  • Suppressor Inc.
  • Strong Recoil/Kick
  • Sturdy Build Quality

A stunning and well-built replica of a '416 family' firearm, which comes with a gorgeous suppressor and features Bolt's Recoil Shock System which provides a hard recoil whilst you churn through the 300rnd High Cap Magazine. 

  • QD Sockets
  • Hard Recoil/Kick
  • SR16 Rail System

A rock-solid replica of the SR16 platform which is made from a combo of Aluminium, Steel and Nylon Fiber Polymers, and comes packed with Bolt's Recoil Shock System to provide a hard kick in the shoulder during use.

  • Adjustable HOP
  • Single Shot Shotgun
  • Pump Action System

A Cheap Budget Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Shotgun, which is a great purchase for a bit of fun or as a crazy secondary weapon for CQB. 

  • Very Accurate
  • Single Shot Only
  • Polymer Construction

All round powerful, easy to use and surprisingly accurate shotgun.

  • Based on the M870
  • Pump Action Shotgun
  • 20rnd Spring Magazine

A super compact Airsoft Single Shot 6mm BB Shotgun, based on the M870 designed for Breaching through doors and going into buildings.

  • Full Length Barrel
  • Spring Pump Action
  • Lightweight Polymer

A spring powered pump action 6mm BB Airsoft shotgun, designed to function like a real shotgun for use in Airsoft skirmishes and events.

  • Single Barrel
  • Pump Action
  • Magazine Fed

The Double Eagle M58B is a Spring Powered Pump Action Shotgun with a Single Barrel, meaning that it can fire BBs with more power and accuracy than its' Tri-Burst equivalents.

From £44.99
  • Easy To Load
  • Fits 20mm Rails
  • Full Metal Construction

A compact 40mm MOSCART grenade launcher. The perfect combination for any Airsofter looking to make a scene, clean up any CQB killhouse in style and leave a huge mess in the same trigger pull. 

  • CQB Shotgun
  • Tri-Shot Shotgun
  • Shell Loaded Magazine

A stock-less Pump Action Airsoft 6mm BB Shotgun, which has been designed to be practical in CQB situations. 

  • Top 20mm Rail
  • Holds Long Shells
  • Trigger Lock Safety

An Airsoft Hand Held Grenade Launcher which is used to fire 40mm Airsoft MOSCART / Grenade Shells. The launcher is heavy duty and is constructed with a full Alloy Body, with a Polymer Grip. 

  • Tri-Burst Shotgun
  • Fed by Mock Shells
  • Tough Construction

A tough and dense Polymer constructed tri-burst spring powered Airsoft shotgun which takes mock shotgun shells in the breech, and loads three rounds into the chamber each time you pump the shotgun.

  • Tri-Burst
  • Shells Included
  • Perfect Backup RIF

A compact spring-powered tri-burst Airsoft shotgun which is fed by 30rnd shotgun shells, delivering three BBs into separate barrels with each pump of the handle.

  • Triple Shot
  • Polymer Construction
  • Compact Easy Storage

ASG Franchi SAS 12 short version pum action Airsoft BB shotgun, ideal for CQB scenarios! Comes with everything to go, speed loader, shells, sling and sample BBs.

  • Pump Action
  • Shell Loaded
  • Stockless

This Airsoft Shotgun is a faithful replica of the stock-less SPAS-12 which has been featured in countless games, movies and more, and is an iconic weapon well known by all. This particular Airsoft shotgun is pump action, meaning that to fire the replica you pump the grip which then loads the shots, and then pull the trigger to fire. The shotgun also has a neat trick up its sleeve, instead of firing a single BB at a time the gun has three barrels allowing it to shoot up to 3 BBs at once to create a spread pattern for more fun and realism. This shotgun is perfect for those just getting into Airsoft, for those who are looking to do some back yard shooting for fun, or even for those looking to do a specific load out themed around the gun itself.

  • Tri-Burst Shotgun
  • Pump action gun
  • Rubberised parts

A pump action Airsoft Shotgun based off the Banelli M3 which fires three BBs with every shot and loaded using Airsoft 30rnd Shotgun shells. The shotgun is designed to fire up to three shots per pump of the grip, also known as a tri-shot or burst shotgun, to simulate the spread of a shotgun for enhanced realism and fun. The gun is loaded from the bottom via tri-burst shotgun shells which hold up to 30rnds, meaning you'll get 10 shots before you have to switch shell. The stock is adjustable for different sized players and makes it easier to pump the replica when shouldered. This Airsoft gun is perfect for those who are getting into Airsoft Skirmishing, for those who shoot in their back gardens, or for those who like to keep something for close encounters.

RRP £69.99
Save £10.00
  • Electric Pistol
  • Fully Automatic Mode
  • Great Starter Sidearm

A non-blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Pistol, constructed with a Polymer Frame, and Alloy top Slide and Gearbox. 

  • Railed Variants
  • Stockless Variants
  • Tri-Barreled Pump Action

A spring powered, tri-barreled shotgun that works off a pump action, and has several variants available to cater to all tastes and levels of tactical-ness.

  • Railed Variants
  • Stockless Variants
  • Tri-Barreled Pump Action

A spring powered, tri-barreled shotgun that works off a pump action, and has several variants available to cater to all tastes and levels of tactical-ness.

Ideal for anyone still waiting to receive their UKARA or Airsoft Defence, shop our entire range of two tone airsoft guns. Choose from our two tone palette of blue, green, red or pink for your ideal airsoft replica. Alternatively, we offer a two tone spray service on any airsoft gun you see on our website, so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to choosing your new piece. 

With options for all levels and abilities, you can find something for a total beginner as well as a top of the line professional piece for an advanced player. Can’t wait to get your new two tone airsoft replica? Opt for our next day delivery option, available for UK mainland addresses. We also have interest free finance plans and a price match guarantee which promise unbeatable value when you shop with Patrol Base UK. 

If you purchase a gun that is not already two-toned, please be advised that it will take 1-5 days to complete the colour spraying process. Our next day service will then apply once the two tone is complete.

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