Amomax P226 Holster Series

Code: AM-S226G2
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Locking Retention
  • Attaches to Belt Systems

A Polymer constructed Holster for Airsoft P226/F226 series replicas with a Locking Retention Action that will hold onto your Pistol and lock it in place until you press the release button. This is the perfect way to keep your P226/F226 Airsoft Gun close to hand on the Airsoft field or for IPSC/Three Gun application, without worrying about it slipping out of the Holster.

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As with all of the Amomax Holster Series, the back plate of this Holster can be removed and separate adapters installed for you to mount it on MOLLE Loops or a Drop Leg System. The Angle of the Holster can be changed, with the entire Holster rotating through a full 360° of motion. This allows the user to set the perfect draw angle for them and shave every millisecond possible off their draw speed. This is also great for those who want to mount the Holster on a MOLLE Chest Rig for example, as the Pistol can be mounted sideways for an easier draw. Simply loosen the Allen Screw on the back of the unit to start adjusting the Holster, and then tighten it once again once you are satisfied. If you own an Airsoft P226/F226 Pistol and want to keep it close to your hip and not have it fly out of Holster once you start running, then you need a Locking Retention Holster. Why not the Amomax P226 Holster Series?


  • For Airsoft P226/F226 Replicas
  • Polymer Construction Holster
  • Locking Retention Design
  • Safe & Secure Way to Holster
  • Button-Press Release System
  • Adjustable Holster Angle
  • Can Be Mounted on MOLLE*
  • Can Be Mounted on Drop Leg*
  • Improve Your Draw Speed
  • Attaches to Belt Systems
  • Stiff But Flexible

Package Includes

  • Amomax - P226 Holster Series

Special Instructions

*Separately sourced adapters are required to mount this Holster on anything other than a belt, such as the NUPROL MOLLE Holster Adapter. The included instruction manual has detailed information on this.



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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Approx. 0.13kg
Product Height
Approx. 16cm
Product Width
Approx. 11.3cm


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