Ares M60 Series 4000rnd Electric Box Magazine

Code: MAG-036-OD 310301
  • ARES Replacement
  • For M60E4 & M60 MK43
  • 4000 Round High Capacity

An ARES manufactured high capacity box magazine designed for use with ARES M60E4 and M60 MK43 LMGs.

Full description


This is an exact factory replacement of the standard magazine supplied with the ARES M60s. Externally the box is a replica of the real compact 50 round polymer box magazines designed for use with the modernised M60E4 and MK43 variants; like the real thing, this Airsoft box magazine is constructed from polymer, resulting in a lightweight and durable design. For added realism, the box also features a short link of mock 7.62mm bullets which attach into your M60 and help disguise the Airsoft gun's feed mechanism. As an identical copy of the original box magazines, this electrically wound magazine operates in exactly the same way as the original. With an astronomical capacity of 4000 rounds, more than an average bottle of Airsoft BBs, this magazine will allow you to hold ground and stay in the firefight longer, seldom having to worry about such trivial tasks like reloading, or indeed, aiming. Whether you're intending to carry multiple box magazines on you while Airsofting, attempting to bury your opponents under several thousand BBs, or simply want to replace your original magazine, if you own an ARES Airsoft M60 LMG, these Box Magazines are utterly essential. 


  • Based on the M60E4 box magazine
  • Huge 4000 round capacity 
  • Stock replacement magazine
  • Electric winding magazine system
  • Designed for ARES M60E4 LMG
  • Perfect spare or replacement for stock ARES M60 box magazines
  • Powered by the Airsoft weapon
  • Integrated mock bullet belt
  • Solid polymer design 

Package Includes:

  • M60 Series Power 4000rnd Box Magazine



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Olive Drab
Construction Icon

Magazine Specific

Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
Support Gun, M60,
Weapon Platform
Magazine Type
  • High Capacity
  • Box Magazine
  • AEG
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 4000 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Location
Magazine BB Fill Method
Fill Window

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