ASG Steyr SSG 69 P2 Precision Inner barrel 6.03 x 465mm

Code: 18471
  • High Density Steel
  • For Standard Hop Unit
  • Improved Range & Power

It's time to give more range, accuracy and power to your beloved SSG 69. 

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Slightly longer than the standard barrel we recommend you combine this with a ASH - HUSH XL suppressor for a cleaner and more dominating look striking fear into your enemy. With this upgrade you can expect to pick off your targets from further afield all day long giving you a serious advantage. At an incredible prices, this upgrade is a must and can be installed within a matter of minutes with very limited tools.


  • 6.03mm inner diameter precision barrel
  • High density steel
  • 465mm in length
  • Marginally longer than standard
  • Pre-cut to fir your standard hop-up unit

Package Includes:

  • SSG 69 Precision Inner barrel 6.03 x 465mm

Special Instructions:

Please note that installing a Tightbore Barrel with a lower diameter than your current barrel can increase the FPS of your weapon. If you have an Airsoft gun which is close to the limit of your local Game Site caution is advised. Should you need help with fitting your brand new Airsoft Barrel please feel free to call our in-house Workshop team on: 01484 644 709

You may need to modify the inside of your hop unit by slight filing / dremel action to allow for this minutely wider barrel to fit perfectly flush. Please see the following guide by "clicking here" to show what we have done to our own project rifle. This upgraded barrel is marginally longer than a standard barrel so we recomend you combine this with an ASG - HUSH XL Suppressor - Black for a super clean and effective look.



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