Bolster Armouries: Chiselled Airsoft Perfection - Platform Preview

Bolster Armouries: Chiselled Airsoft Perfection - Drop 3 Platform Preview

Bolster Armouries was founded with one primary mission: To provide Airsofters with a range of RIFs which has been fine-tuned to provide the absolute peak in attainable performance together with breathtaking external quality. Each of our replicas is hand-assembled by some of the most experienced Airsoft gun techs in the industry and is built to an exacting standard.

Conceived with the modern Airsofter in mind, Bolster Armouries RIFs sport some of the finest internal and external upgrades available on the Airsoft market today and are guaranteed to provide unparalleled performance. Every Bolster Armouries RIF is issued with a dedicated extended warranty and service package to ensure you get the complete experience the creators of these RIFs intended.

Bolster Armouries Drop 3

Bolster Armouries is back with Drop 3, featuring some old favourites reinvented to take advantage of the latest upgrades to hit the market and the brand new Bolster fire supremacy solution; the ATLAS Advanced Support Gun. 

The ONYX platform returns in a fresh new form, the EON Edition, boasting Gate's latest CNC HOP-up unit perfectly blended into the tried and tested ONYX formula to further extend its lead over other AEGs. The ONYX [EON Edition] promises to best the previous ONYX builds but keeps all the things that put the original ONYX and the Forged Edition on the map, including the incredible Warhead Industries 36k brushless motor, Gate TITAN MOSFET and other high-grade internal parts from Laylax/Prometheus, Maple Leaf, Lonex, SHS and Maxx Model amongst many others!

The real belle of the ball is Bolster Armouries' first foray into light machinegun platforms; the Bolster Armouries ATLAS Advanced Support Gun AEG. This is the ONYX's bigger brother, boasting many of the same internal parts as the ONYX for one simple reason; there isn't anything better on the market currently! Like the ONYX [EON Edition], the ATLAS is rocking the Gate EON HOP-up unit but is also equipped with the Gate Protector CNC Cylinder Head and Gate Power CNC Piston Head to give it the strength to sustain longer bursts of fire. 

The icing on the cake is the cutting-edge Gate TITAN II Bluetooth MOSFET, offering Bluetooth 5.2 compatibility and the absolute pinnacle of electrical efficiency and speed. Combined with the Warhead 36k motor and upgraded Bolster internals, the TITAN II provides unrivalled volume of fire capability, guaranteeing your trigger finger will start to ache before the ATLAS Advanced Support Gun gets close to tiring.

If you want a bit more intel on the ONYX [EON Edition] and the ATLAS Advanced Support Gun read on for our full Platform Preview!

Bolster Armouries ONYX [EON Edition] Advanced M4 AEG 

Following in the footsteps of the previous Bolster Armouries ONYX and ONYX [Forged Edition], the ONYX [EON Edition] is kitted out with many of the same upgrade parts as previous editions, with the notable Gate EON CNC HOP-up unit making its first appearance, replacing the former favourite of the Bolster Team; the Pro-Win CNC HOP-up unit. 

When they first laid eyes on the Gate EON HOP-up unit the Bolster Armouries tech team was absolutely smitten; the machining quality, innovative features and gorgeous aesthetic of the unit meant it just had to find its place in the next Bolster Armouries drop. The EON features several innovations over the older Pro-Win HOP-up design, including a CNC machined aluminium adjuster dial, additional air seal promoting o-rings and a redesigned c-clip which centres and stabilises the barrel more effectively than ever before. 

Paired with the cream of the crop in tightbore inner barrels, the Prometheus 6.03mm EG Steel Tightbore, the Prometheus Blue HOP-up rubber and Maple Leaf OMEGA nub, the ONYX can reach out further than ever before with unheard-of accuracy and consistency thanks to its perfectly tuned gearbox kitted out with the best air seal components money can buy. 

As with previous ONYX AEGs, the EON Edition gearbox is outfitted with a Lonex Air Seal Nozzle, Lonex CNC Cylinder head, Maxx Model CNC Piston Head and Maxx Model CNC Hardened Stainless Steel Cylinder for maximum efficiency, minimal air loss and reduced friction inside the cylinder group. To reduce stress on the gearbox shell from repeated high-energy impacts, the Airlab Sorbothane Pad has been fitted which also corrects the angle of engagement (AOE) to guarantee smooth running and long term reliability. 

The beating heart of the ONYX platform is the apple of every Airsofters' eye, the Gate TITAN MOSFET, paired with the Warhead Industries 36K Ultra High Speed Motor and Maxx Model CNC Aluminium Advanced Speed trigger. This setup provides a near-implausible trigger response and rate of fire thanks to the highly efficient and intelligent TITAN with its pre-cocking function, the relentless Warhead brushless motor which never seems to warm up or tire and the lightning-fast and truly gorgeous Maxx Model Speed Trigger which is as triple tap capable as it is aesthetically pleasing. 

Bolster Armouries ONYX [EON Edition] Advanced M4 AEG

The ONYX [EON Edition] is available in both the SBR and Carbine lengths, giving those who prefer a more compact primary and those with a long range leaning an Advanced M4 AEG to meet their exact requirements. Both platforms are based on the KRYTAC Barrett REC7 AEG and boast licenced Barrett Firearms trademarks across the design in an appropriate nod to realism. 

The shorty of the bunch, the ONYX SBR [EON Edition] sports a 10.5-inch outer barrel with a 9-inch M-LOK equipped handguard, making it the perfect length to clear corners up close and snap quickly between targets while retaining long range capability thanks to its tightbore inner barrel and significantly enhanced HOP-up unit. The SBR is ideal for those aggressive players, those run and gunners who need a high performance M4/AR-15 platform that is as agile as they are!

Bolster Armouries ONYX Carbine [EON Edition] Advanced M4 AEG

The ONYX Carbine [EON Edition] mimics the real steel M4A1 Block 2 in length, with a 14.5-inch barrel and 13-inch M-LOK handguard providing plenty of space for all of your mission essentials while being far lighter up front than a Block 2 thanks to its use of M-LOK negative space attachment slots instead of 20mm Picatinny. The ONYX Carbine is short by real steel standards but is more than capable of reaching out and challenging anything else on the field; the perfect multi-role platform for those who seek the pinnacle of Airsoft performance!

The SBR and the Carbine each have their own Cerakote finish which combines with the stylish aesthetic alterations made via parts changes to produce an AEG which is practically a work of art. Cerakote is an advanced, hard-wearing, and corrosion-resistant ceramic coating developed for industries ranging from automotive to firearms and aerospace applications. Cerakote has been proven to be capable of exceeding military standards for corrosion resistance by over 40 times when subjected to a salt chamber test, even outlasting the commonly used Nitride finish for the barrels of real rifles.

A Cerakote finish in Northern Lights has been applied to the outer barrel and buffer tube of the ONYX SBR [EON Edition], providing a jaw-dropping colour-changing navy blue that turns into a teal green when tilted. The ONYX Carbine is finished in the beautiful Crushed Orchid shade of Cerakote, an icy shade of lavender with a slight shimmer of metallic silver to make the coated parts really "pop".

The finish is visible through the weight-reducing ports on the handguard and the draining ports on the CTR stock, contributing to the subtle contrast in the ONYX [EON Edition] design and providing the iconic aesthetic language of the original Bolster Armouries builds with a highly practical and robust ceramic coating intended for real firearms.

The EON Edition keeps the best from the original and Forged Edition ONYX and maintains its lead over everything else on the market, but what hasn't changed is its dedicated after-sales service package supplied with each ONYX in the form of the Bolster Armouries 24-Month Warranty and Service Program, leaving only the shooting for you to worry about! If you play to win, and you want to have the edge over any other AEG on the field, the Bolster Armouries ONYX Carbine [EON Edition] is without equal!

Bolster Armouries ATLAS Advanced Support Gun AEG 

Building on the foundation of the ONYX Advanced M4 AEG and the ARKOSE DMR, the Bolster Armouries team proudly presents its latest platform: the ATLAS Advanced Support Gun. The ATLAS is based on the KRYTAC Trident MK. II LMG, a favourite amongst our staff and Airsoft skirmishers in general thanks to its low weight, near-perfect ergonomics and beefy light machinegun looks. 

Bolster Armouries ATLAS Advanced Support Gun AEG

The ATLAS has been upgraded tip-to-butt, as with the ONYX and ARKOSE, this time with a leaning towards victory through volume of fire. Featured inside a Bolster build for the first time, the Gate TITAN II Bluetooth MOSFET takes prime position inside the ATLAS, providing the peak of electrical efficiency, precise cycle control to ensure long-term health, a wider range of trigger sensitivity settings than ever before and the ability to program the ATLAS fire controls for a plethora of options using Bluetooth 5.2 technology

Naturally, the Warhead Industries 36k Ultra High Speed Motor makes an appearance, and its brushless design driven by powerful neodymium magnets really lends itself to extremely long bursts, suffering minimal heat build-up and being capable of operating for far longer than conventional motors without interruption. As with the ONYX, the power from the Warhead motor is delivered via a Prometheus EG Hard Bevel Gear constructed from heat-treated Japanese steel, guaranteeing strength exactly where it is most needed. 

Accompanying the Gate TITAN II, the ATLAS sports several other cutting edge upgrades from Gate, including the EON CNC HOP-up Chamber, the PROTECTOR CNC Cylinder Head and the POWER CNC Piston head. These parts gel together to provide flawless air seal qualities, minimal shot-to-shot deviation in FPS and the strength to bear any burden, including that of a horrifically fast motor paired with a 3500rnd auto-winding box magazine!

To deliver BBs onto target accurately the Bolster team turned to their favourites, the Prometheus EG Steel Tightbore inner barrel, Prometheus Purple HOP-up bucking and Maple Leaf OMEGA nub which is the ultimate combination for maximum range with the added air seal benefits of the EON HOP-up unit and its barrel centring C-clip, keeping everything firmly in place despite the thunderous rate of fire of the ATLAS. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, the ATLAS opts for a more discrete, military-style look, adding some visual interest to the design via carefully selected coloured accents in choice locations. The colour chosen for the included ASG Rotex-V QD Suppressor is metallic grey, matching well with the colouration of the steel-cased real inert 5.56x45mm cartridges included with the ATLAS. The advanced Gate NOVA CNC Trigger is finished in Flat Dark Earth, coupling perfectly with the Cerakote finish applied to the mock bolt carrier and the FMJ projectiles present in the inert ammo belt. The Cerakote finish chosen is Smoked Bronze, giving you a discrete yet custom look which should get you noticed in the safe zone, but not in your well-concealed foxhole out in the field!

Further improving on the original Trident MK.II ergonomics, the Bolster Armouries team have selected PTS Syndicate ergonomic upgrades for the ATLAS, including the PTS Fortis Shift GripPTS EPG Ergonomic Pistol Grip and the PTS EPS Enhanced Polymer Stock. The Fortis Shift Grip has been a Bolster favourite ever since Mark Pinder, our head technician made use of one on the original prototype ONYX, and its CNC aluminium construction and ergonomic design provide a stronger alternative to polymer angled grips which is comfortable for a wide variety of stances and hand sizes. 

The PTS EPG pistol grip has also been tried and tested on both the ONYX and ARKOSE platforms and its filled-out backstrap makes hefty platforms that much easier to wield by supporting the web of the hand. Featuring textured gripping surfaces across the design and Dupont™ Zytel® polymer construction, the EPG provides both traction and comfort without being offensively stippled, meaning no cheese grater effect if you choose to leave your gloves in the safe zone!

Like the EPG, the PTS EPS stock is constructed from Dupont™ Zytel® polymer and is a marriage of the large angled cheekpiece of the well known “Crane” stock with an AXE-style shaped butt, allowing you to brace the ATLAS using the off-hand when firing from the prone position. The EPS has QD sling sockets on either side as well as a conventional sling slot, and a quick access battery compartment with plenty of room inside and appropriately shaped for modern LiPo batteries with cuboidal cells. The low profile adjustment lever and compact design of the EPS minimise snagging potential, and its linear textured rubber butt plate grips onto your shoulder flawlessly whether you run a plate carrier or a low profile chest rig in game. 

Backed up by the Bolster Armouries 24-month Warranty and Service program, you can rest assured that the high-performance bar set by the ATLAS will be maintained for many years to come, and the expertise poured into this platform is no less than that of previous successful Bolster Armouries platforms.  Packed with all of the best parts out there installed by the most experienced Airsoft techs in the country, the ATLAS is stout yet agile, sporting the unique Bolster Armouries aesthetic, and capable of bearing any burden asked of it as a pure-bred Airsoft LMG platform designed for fire supremacy.

With only a couple of days left until these absolutely gorgeous custom Airsoft guns go on sale, you must be hyped at this point! To see the full specifications and descriptions of the ONYX [EON Edition] and ATLAS Advanced Support Gun and sign up to get notified when they are ready to ship, click the button below!

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