Airsoft equipment for everyone! For Beginner to Experienced players we have something to suit every taste!

Here at Patrol Base we offer a wide range of Airsoft Guns, ranging from AEG, to Gas Blow Back (GBB) to Spring powered. We stock everything, including: Airsoft Pistols, Airsoft Sniper Rifles, Airsoft Grenade Launchers, Airsoft Two Tone Guns and many more, as well as stocking a huge range of makes including G&G Armament, Specna Arms, NUPROL, ASG, Tokyo Marui, CYMA, ICS, BOLT, KRYTAC, ARES, and many more!

What is Airsoft?

If you've managed to find your way to this website without knowing what Airsoft Actually is, don't worry, you'll know soon enough. Airsoft is a game where players shoot each other with replica guns which fire 6mm Plastic BBs projectiles, in a variety of game modes ranging from Team Deathmatch, to Search and Destroy and other objective based games. When a player gets hit they must raise their hand and shout hit (depending on the site you play at), and is based on an honour system where players admit they are shot. If you've ever played Paintball, Laser Tag, or any other similar type games, this is next level, with Airsoft offering a much more realistic and adrenaline fuelled experience.

Sometimes people get confused with Airsoft, and call them BB guns, we're here to tell you they're not just BB Guns, Airsoft Guns are on a whole new level!

Aren't they just BB guns?

Technically, yes, they're just BB guns, but these BB guns are not your everyday Scarborough specials, they're fully fledged high powered professional player level replica designed for competitive Airsoft Skirmishing.

When something is described as a BB gun you'll typically find that they're cheaper, but that is representative of their quality. Airsoft replicas look more realistic, function better, and are much better recreations of the original piece.

Airsoft guns play harder, fire further, and have way more customisation options that any bog standard BB gun you'll find down at your local market!

Can I just buy any Airsoft gun right away?

In a way, yes you can, however you wont be able to buy a replica unless it is more than half a bright non-military colour such as Red, Blue, or Green, also known at Two-Tone. This is due to the Violent Crimes Reduction Act (VCRA, 2006), which was put in place by the Government to prevent the misuse of Replica and Prop Firearms. Typically to buy a military coloured you will need to prove that you are an Airsoft Skirmisher by showing us you have a valid UKARA or Airsoft Defence.

As we know a lot of players love a wide range of guns we offer a Two-Tone Service which means we can spray any gun you see on our website with a bright colour to make it VCRA compliant. When completing a Two-Tone Service we strip down the weapon to its component parts, spray sections of it a bright colour of your choice, and then rebuild and test the weapon. This means that even if you want your first Airsoft gun to be your favourite heavy machine gun, or even a sniper rifle, we can get it sorted for you!

If you want to know more about UKARA / Defences, you can read our What is a UKARA / Airsoft Defence Page.

If you want to know more about Two Tone Services, you can read our Two-Tone Service Information and Help Page.

Even if you're new to the Airsoft Scene, or you're a seasoned Veteran, don't worry, we've got something for you.