Airsoft Starter Bundles: NUPROL Pioneer Defender AEG

Airsoft Starter Bundles: NUPROL Pioneer Defender AEG

Airsoft Starter Bundles can often be a bit of a minefield, and even after doing a lot of research, it can be hard to be certain that all the bits are not only compatible with each other but are also future-proofed for the likely scenario that you might want something more complex down the line. 

We put our NUPROL Delta Pioneer Starter Bundle together with this in mind, intending to not only equip new Airsofters with skirmishable kit but give them something that will be useful for their whole Airsoft careers. 

The Defender M4 which forms the core of the bundle is well equipped out of the box but is also compatible with a plethora of upgrades, both internal and external. This means that when the time comes they can upgrade to their heart's content, whether it is a new look they want or heightened performance. 

The ASG Intelligent Auto-Stop Charger is supplied with the VP Racing 9.6V NiMH battery which is a far more forgiving power source than more modern LiPo/LiFe, does not require balancing and has far more robust cells. 

The NUPROL Delta Pioneer Starter Bundle is available in both original Black and Pre-Two Tone Blue, meaning it is suitable for both those with a UKARA membership and those without. Being Pre-Two Tone, the Blue option does not require a waiting period between ordering and dispatch as it is finished in Blue from the factory and can be dispatched right away.

If you like what you've read, join us as we go into a bit more detail about our NUPROL Delta Pioneer Starter Bundle!

The Delta Pioneer Starter Bundle includes the impressive NUPROL Delta Pioneer Defender AEG, an M4/AR15 platform made from robust high density polymer and alloy with a rock solid metal V2 gearbox and a 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel, providing a lightweight and strong starter platform with little to go wrong and superb performance out on the field.

The Defender M4 is available in either VCRA complaint Pre-Two Tone Blue for those who don't have their UKARA membership yet, or standard Black, for those who have their membership and are ready to get their first gun. The Pre-Two Tone option allows those without UKARA to avoid using our two-tone paint service and have their new gun the very next day! 

The Defender is packaged with a ASG Intelligent Auto-Stop Charger and VP Racing 9.6V 1600mAh NiMh battery to provide a reliable power source with an autostop charger, avoiding the complications involved with using more specialised LiPo batteries which require greater care and safety precautions. 

The 9.6V NiMh battery will provide all the performance of a 7.4V LiPo but is easier to fit without damaging the cells, and is perfect for the Defender, as its battery compartment is designed for this specific battery. 

Also included with the set are 3300 ASG Blaster Devil 0.25g BBs which is the go-to weight for most Airsoft skirmishers, offering superb wind resistance for shooting outdoors with enough projectile speed to give the enemy nowhere to run! ASG Blaster Devil BBs are widely regarded as some of the best out there and are a staff favourite with their highly polished surface providing excellent accuracy and their ultra-tight tolerances which minimise the chances of a jam.

The only thing that is essential for Airsoft skirmishing that we have not included is eye and face protection, which is often a very subjective thing, and given the different facial dimensions and preferences of Airsoft skirmishers, we thought it best to leave that choice up to the skirmisher themselves. Our range of Glasses and Goggles can be found here, and our Face Masks can be found here!

There you have it! You can find more details on the individual products included on the Bundle page for both the Black and Pre-Two Tone package, though hopefully, your long journey of research and confusion is at an end! 

If you are still puzzled you can contact us for any advice you need via or by phoning us on 01484 644709 

Good hunting, we hope to see you out on the skirmish field soon!