Best Airsoft Guns & Gear 2021

Best Airsoft Guns & Gear

If you’re an avid skirmisher, you’ll know how many incredible Airsoft weapons are on the market. From pump-action shotguns to exquisite WW2 replicas, choosing the best Airsoft gun can be tricky. To make your hunt a little easier, we’ve put together this handy guide detailing all the best Airsoft guns that are proven on the field and available to buy right now.

KRYTAC Barrett REC7 DI Assault Rifle

KRYTAC REC7 DI Assault Rifle

It's not often that a Best Airsoft Guns list is made that doesn't feature Krytac in some shape or form. We have been consistently impressed with the latest Krytac releases, with such gems as the compact and ferocious Trident MK II PDW-M, to the imposing and dangerous-looking Krytac Warsport GPR-CC Assault Rifle. Often featuring licensed furniture such as 'Defiance' M-LOK railed handguards for example.

The Krytac Barrett REC7 DI (and its smaller variant the REC7 DI SBR Assault Rifle) is an excellent example of the quality that they are capable of producing. It features a licensed design courtesy of Barrett. Yes, the makers of the ungodly building/vehicle killing anti-materiel Rifle.

KRYTAC REC7 DI Assault Rifle - Grey Crammed inside the receiver is the fabled Nautilus Gearbox (Version 2), which offers plenty of uprated goodies that you wouldn't normally find in an AEG out of the box. An integrated MOSFET and quick spring access complete the package, and makes this a serious contender for the top spot so far!

On top of all these great features and a solid construction, most Krytac Rifles are available in a range of gorgeous colours, such as the Tungsten Grey featured on this REC7 DI. If you're looking for awesome looks, and great features like ambidextrous controls, then you need to be looking at our Krytac range.

Ghost Spitfire Tracer Unit 14mm CCW

One of the best ways to improve your shot accuracy in CQB is by using a Tracer Unit. Not only does this Spitfire Tracer Unit have an internal rechargeable battery that is happy to run for around 20,000 shots, but it also has an array of orange LEDs in the front to replicate a realistic muzzle flash when you fire.

The 'Muzzle Flash' effect works especially well with a gas blowback gun, as the light will reflect off the excess gas leaving your muzzle, and help it look really realistic. The Spitfire Tracer Unit still works with AEGs and Spring Powered Guns, but the effect is most realistic when used with a GBB. We have been inundated with videos of you guys showing it working on your guns, from Tippmann HPA M4s to G&G Firehawks.

Whether you have a pistol or rifle, the Spitfire Tracer Unit should fit and work for you. It has an 11mm CCW thread for attaching to pistols but is supplied with a 14mm CCW adapter so that it can attach to the majority of rifles too. If you're unsure whether it will fit on your equipment, feel free to get in touch with us to double check first! 


VORSK VP-X Gas Blowback Pistol

Vorsk VP-X Gas Blowback Pistol

Our pick for the Best Airsoft Gun from VORSK ticks all the boxes of 1911 fanatics, and is a welcome replacement to the loss of the WE SOCOM Punisher series which are nigh on impossible to find these days. This gas blowback 1911 adds some beautiful external furniture to the platform, such as the aggressive compensator, modern pistol grip inlays and a drilled trigger.

Inside these pistols, you will find a 6.03mm inner barrel which helps keep your groupings consistent. Inside the box are spare parts to run the pistols on CO2, and they will happily accept Raven MEU magazines, giving you plenty of choice for both Green Gas and CO2 Magazines down the line.

Vorsk VP-X Gas Blowback Pistol w/ BDS

As you can expect from any Vorsk range, there are plenty of options available, from a stealthy grey, to a tactical tan, with options for having a red dot sight on the slide out of the box too. If you're looking for a reliable 1911 gas pistol that stands out from the crowd of standard 1911s, then the Vorsk VP-X should be very high on your list. If you like the idea of running two pistols, or you have a friend that also wants one, these are available as a Double Pack (featuring two extra extended magazines) as well as a Pre Two Tone Double Pack, allowing you to save money, or split the cost with a friend. If you don't have your defence yet, you'll be pleased to know that they're available in Pre Two Tone form, so that you don't need to wait whilst we paint it for you.

Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol

Highly modified Action Army AAP-01 Gas Pistol
Action Army AAP-01 Assassin GBB Pistol

You didn't seriously think we would have a 'Best Airsoft Guns' list and not include the AAP-01 did you? It's absolutely no surprise that this has appeared on the list, as its popularity and effectiveness is backed up by the fact that absolutely nowhere can hold them in stock for more than a few days.

So what made them great? Well the price was a good starting point, being cheaper than most other GBB pistols for a gas pistol with a fire selector (semi and full auto) that works amazing even in the cold? Yes, please! Another appealing feature of the AAP-01 was it's compatibility with EU series magazines, meaning that most of you won't even need to go and buy new magazines.

Action Army AAP-01 Gas Pistol in Dual Tone Black/Tan

In classic Airsoft form, they're available both in black and tan, and we even made some dual tone variants by mixing black and tan uppers and lowers. The other major benefit of the AAP-01 platform is the absolutely outrageous amount of modifications and external parts that were available for it straight from release.

Still unsure which model to choose? Get in touch with one of our airsoft experts for more information about our incredible choice of weapons. We proudly stock the biggest Airsoft collection in the UK so you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for.