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  • M/S & FPS
  • Memory Function
  • Adjustable Backlight

Test the output velocity of your weapon in both Meters Per Second (M/S) and Feet Per Second (FPS) - a vital tool for those who work on their own weapons or like to be prepared well before game day.

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  • Neoprene construction
  • Dimensions: 90cm x 45cm
  • Patrol Base branding with Hex themed pattern

If you have a habit of destroying desks when working on your Airsoft guns we have found the cure! The Patrol Base XL Hex Desk Pad is constructed from Neoprene with reinforced nylon stitching and is nice and thick to prevent damage to your work surface when working on your Airsoft guns. 

The unique Hex theme design gives this mat a radiant look, standing out in its own right while remaining discrete with a detailed gradient across the design, blending the iconic Patrol Base green with black and grey-edged hexagons. Displayed boldly and prominently in the bottom right corner you will find the words "Patrol Base" in our signature font as a reminder of who your favourite Airsoft retailer is! Equally well suited for use as a PC mouse mat as it is a mat for Airsoft tech work, this mat can save your table and look great while doing it. 

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  • Three Designs
  • Ideal Gaming Mat
  • Organise Your Mess

A must-have item for any wannabe Airsoft tech; these handy tech mats are not only a pleasure to look at, but make any tech job an easier and more organised affair.

  • Anti-reversal latch installation tool
  • Holds the ARL spring in place
  • Serious time saver for the techy Airsofter 

If you have ever opened up a gearbox and attempted to put it back together you will know the absolute nightmare that is trying to keep your anti reversal latch and spring in position as you close the shell. No need to worry about that anymore, this innovative product from HADES Airsoft is here to make all our lives easier and save many gearboxes from being launched against a wall in frustration!

  • Chronograph - for measuring FPS and ROF
  • Includes mini-tripod mount
  • Simple to use - Ultra-clear OLED display

An essential part of any Airsoft enthusiast's inventory, a chronograph is a helpful tool to allow you to measure the velocity and rate of fire of your Airsoft gun to make sure it performs as it should. The Swiss Arms Airsoft Chronograph is a simple to use unit powered by common and cheap 4x AAA batteries, with pre-programmed BB weight settings to calculate muzzle energy, and an internal memory to store your results on the unit itself.

  • Valve Key
  • Used to replace magazine valves
  • Great for fixing leaky magazines

If you have a leaky mag you will need a valve key to make it right again! The Element Valve Key for Gas Valves is intended to allow you to remove the valves of your GBB pistol magazines to replace O-rings and carry out deep maintenance. The key has 3 different bits, compatible with the different types of valves found on a GBB magazine. Keeping important tools like this handy can save you a lot of money by allowing you to repair otherwise useless magazines, and will help avoid damaging your valves when you do so!

  • Fix Leaky Magazines
  • Remove Valves Safely
  • Alternative To Buying New Mags

A handy tool that lets you remove magazine valves without damaging them. An essential piece of kit for those with leaky magazines, and would rather get their hands dirty than buy a new magazine.

  • Airsoft tool kit
  • Screwdriver, extension, valve key & tweezers
  • 48 x T2 Tool steel screwdriver bits

If your tools are a disorganised mess, maybe it's time to start from scratch. The Novritsch Airsoft Tool Kit (S2 Steel) provides only the tools you'll need for working on Airsoft guns, neatly contained inside a magnetically sealed polymer hard case. 

Included in the set you'll find a modular screwdriver with an extension for hard to reach places, a set of tweezers for delicate work, a valve key for valve maintenance and 48 S2 tool steel bits covering all the most common tools used for Airsoft maintenance and disassembly. 

About Our Airsoft Chronographs & Tools

If you’re looking for the right tools to make your airsoft modifications, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. With everything from chronographs to valve tools for your airsoft magazines, you’ll be taking your airsoft gun to the next level in no time. 

Our airsoft chronographs, by branded favourites like NUPROL, are vital for anyone modifying their airsoft gun. Our top-of-the-range chronos will alert you to any consistencies. Plus, test your velocity in both metres per second (M/S) and feet per second (FPS) to ensure you’re good to go for game day. 

As well as chronographs for your airsoft adjustments, we also stock a range of handy tools to help you with the most intricate fixtures. Gearbox tools keep your shell still and open as you work, while workshop mats are great for organising your airsoft tools and parts. 

Looking for more spares and parts? Explore our wider range of airsoft maintenance tools, including airsoft grenade parts, mag parts and more. 

Browse Patrol Base chronographs and airsoft tools today and enjoy next day delivery when you shop online.