CYMA 1100rnd Electric High-Cap Dual Magazines for AK47/74 AEGs

Code: FBP1182
  • 1100rnd Electric wound high-cap
  • Sound control/auto-winding/manual winding
  • Compatible with AK47/74 AEG rifles

If you want more ammo on your AK but drum mags aren't your thing, this mag very well might be! The CYMA 1100rnd Electric High-Cap Dual Magazine for AK47/74 AEG is styled after a pair of real steel 7.62 x 39mm magazines clamped together with a mag coupler, complete with detailed dummy cartridges for a more realistic look. This magazine should be compatible with any AK47/74 AEG rifle but is ideal for 7.62 x 39mm chambered AK replicas such as the original AK-47, AKM and AK-103, to name but a few!

This magazine holds an incredible 1100 BBs and can be wound up in 3 different ways; using the winding button, the manual winding wheel just like any other high-cap, or via the sound control function which will wind the magazine as it detects you shooting. 

Filling the mag can be done through the fill window on the top of the mag body and the manual winding wheel is on the baseplate, as it is in most high-cap mags. The button which controls the auto-winding/sound control function can be found on the left side of the dummy magazine, and if you want to wind the mag using the winding wheel make sure you have this switch in the central (off) position. To power the magazine you will need 3 x AAA cells (not included) but if you don't have any lying about the night before the skirmish you can always use the winding wheel and stay in the fight with a whopping 1100 rounds at your disposal!

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  • 1100rnd Capacity - Massive!
  • Steel shell, polymer internals
  • Electric wound high-cap - Winds itself via sound control or winding button
  • Manual winding option - If your batteries run dry you can still shoot
  • 7.62 x 39mm Dual magazine style - Built-in mag coupler, realistic mock cartridges
  • Fill window on the top of the mag body - Fill like a normal high-cap, simply pour BBs in
  • Battery: 3 x AAA cells (not included)

Package Includes

  • CYMA 1100rnd Electric High-Cap Dual Magazine for AK47/74 AEG



Parts & Accessories Type
Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Construction Icon
Steel shell, polymer internals.
Product Length
Approx. 26cm
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.45kg

Magazine Specific

Magazine Style Icon
Magazine Style
AK Platform, Long Gun Magazine, Assault Rifle,
Weapon Platform
AK, Assault Rifle,
Magazine Type
  • High Capacity
  • Wheel Wound
  • Electric Wound
  • AEG
  • Sound control
Magazine BB Capacity
Approx. 1100 Rounds
Magazine BB Fill Location
Magazine BB Fill Method
Fill Window