CYMA Polymer Retention Holster For CM.126/CM.132S AEP

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  • Belt mounted - Rotary system
  • Fits CM.126 and CM.132S
  • Button retention - Easy and fast to draw

If you are running an AEP and you want a polymer retention holster here is your opportunity! The CYMA Polymer Retention Holster is designed to fit the CM.126, CM.126S and CM.132S AEPs. This holster holds your pistol in place via a polymer tab which indexes with the trigger guard, keeping it nice and secure as you run and ready for a fast draw when you press the button on the outside.

The holster itself is supplied mounted to a polymer "paddle" mount which will fit any belt of up to 2" in width and mounts via a rotary interface, meaning it should be compatible with rotary interfaces on MOLLE holster mounts, shoulder harnesses and belt mounts of different styles and draw heights. The rotary interface allows you to set your preferred draw angle using the included Allen key by loosening the bolt in the rear of the mount, repositioning it and tightening the bolts back down, giving you many more options than a standard fabric universal holster. Finally, AEP users are no longer held back by a lack of modern holster options!

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  • High density polymer construction
  • Steel bolts, nuts, pins and spring
  • Single button retention - Easy to draw quickly, very secure
  • Rotary mount - Set the draw angle to suit your preferences, compatible with other rotary platforms
  • Belt "Paddle" mount pre-installed - Fits practically any belt (up to 2" width)
  • Fits CYMA CM.126/CM.126S/CM.132S 

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  • CYMA Polymer Retention Holster For CM.126/CM.132S AEP



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Approx. 0.103kg


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High density polymer with steel nuts, bolts, pins and spring.
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  • Polymer
  • Steel