Theta Optics 1-4x32 ELCAN Specter DR Scope Replica

Theta Optics
Code: THO-10-018948-00
  • Alloy construction
  • 1 or 4 x Magnification
  • Illuminated rangefinding reticle

Whether you're building an L85A3 or looking for a posh optic to top off your MK18 MOD.1 build, the Theta Optics 1-4x32 ELCAN Specter DR Scope Replica is what you need. This optic is a detailed replica of the real steel ELCAN SpecterDR optic, a fixed-power combat optic able to be quickly switched from 4x to 1x magnification. The ELCAN SpecterDR also formed the basis for the British Army-issued Lightweight Day Sight (LDS) and looks almost identical, making it a fantastic stand-in for your Squaddie loadout. 

The Theta Optics ELCAN Specter DR Replica also boasts an illuminated rangefinding reticle, providing 11 levels of brightness adjustment, red illumination and the ability to compensate for BB drop when taking long-range shots using the reticle itself, with no guesswork and no need to adjust the dials. 

The unit is powered by a single CR1620 button cell (not included) but can also be used unpowered and is equipped with a 20mm Picatinny QD mount, meaning you can switch between platforms in an instant with minimal setup time. If you need a highly flexible sight ideal for use on assault rifles and LMGs thanks to its wide field of view, the Theta Optics 1-4x32 ELCAN Specter DR Scope Replica will serve you well!

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If you're stuck between an ACOG and an LPVO, why not go for the happy medium? The Theta Optics 1-4x32 ELCAN Specter DR Scope Replica is a fantastic replica of the real steel ELCAN SpecterDR, a fixed power combat optic with the ability to quickly switch between 4x magnification and 1x to engage sudden threats at different ranges. The Specter DR achieves this with a rotating objective lens array, offering unprecedented adjustment speed via the throw lever on the left side of the optic. The throw lever operates by pulling it down, then pushing it either forward or backward into your magnification setting of choice. 

The real steel version of this optic is often seen on MK18 MOD.1 rifles, MK46 LMGs and SCAR rifles in US Special Forces service and also forms the basis for the Lightweight Day Sight (LDS) issued with the L85A3 rifle, making it a near perfect stand-in to complete a modern British Army infantry loadout. 

Windage and elevation adjustment is carried out on the mount itself, just like the original ELCAN and the SUSAT issued with the SA80A1. This adjustment method is a little unconventional but is generally much stronger than internal adjustment and well suited to high recoil platforms and heavy-duty use. 

Elevation adjustment is applied via the dial at the rear of the mount, offering super-fast tool-less adjustment and an audible and tactile click with each turn. The windage adjustment dial is at the front left of the mount, requiring a flathead screwdriver to adjust. Thoughtfully, the direction of adjustment is indicated next to each dial in white markings. 

The prominent dial on the left side of the ELCAN Specter DR is the illumination adjustment dial, which also serves as the battery compartment. With a CR1620 3V button cell installed, you can choose from 11 different brightness settings and set the illumination level to suit your environment. If your battery runs out or you don't have one handy, fear not! The ELCAN Specter DR can also be used without the illumination function. 

The built-in 20mm Picatinny mount boasts QD functionality, allowing you to quickly swap the Specter DR from one platform to another via a pair of steel QD throw levers on the right side. On the top of the optic, we are treated to a set of backup iron sights (BUIS) which can be repositioned to an offset angle and are great for setting your HOP-up and taking snapshots at sudden, close-range threats. Between the BUIS we also have a pair of threaded holes, designed to add a Specter DR red dot sight plate and an RMR or Docter-style reflex sight. 

If you've been eyeing up ACOG-style optics but want more functionality, the Theta Optics ELCAN Specter DR replica is a fine choice. The ability to quickly switch between a close-range and mid-range sight at the flick of a lever makes the ELCAN Specter DR ideal for multi-role platforms that can handle any skirmish scenario!


  • Alloy construction
  • A great stand-in for the LDS issued with the L85A3
  • Integral 20mm Picatinny QD mount - Mount and remove in seconds
  • 1 or 4 x Magnification - Via the throw lever on the left side, rearmost position is 1x
  • Back-up iron sights on the top - Great for engaging sudden threats
  • Illumination dial on the left side - 11 Brightness settings, red reticle illumination
  • Rangefinding reticle - Allows you to compensate for BB drop without adjusting
  • Pre-drilled holes on top for Docter/RMR red dot sight plate
  • Elevation adjustment on the rear of the mount - Turn the dial to raise and lower the reticle
  • Windage adjustment on the left front of the mount - Adjust using a flathead screwdriver
  • Great for modern milsim builds - Well suited to MK18 MOD.1, SA80/L85 & SCAR builds

Package Includes

  • Theta Optics 1-4x32 ELCAN Specter DR Scope Replica
  • Carry pouch



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Sights and Scopes
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Sight Type
Package Includes
Carry Pouch

Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 8cm
Product Length
Approx. 15cm
Product Width
Approx. 7cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.589kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
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Alloy with steel bolts & steel QD throw levers

Sight Specific

Sight Magnification
1x, 4x,
Sight Adjustment Adjustments
Windage, Elevation, Magnification, Illumination,
Sight Zero Adjuster Method
Adjustment Tool Required, Tool-less Adjustment, Flat-Head Screwdriver,
Sight Zero Location
Left, On mount,
Sight Mount Options
Integrated Rail Mount
Sight Objective Lens Diameter
Reticle Type
Sight Backup Sight

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Scope Eye Piece Size
Sight Magnification Adjuster

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Illuminated Reticle
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