WE Europe Magazine Valve Tool

WE Europe
Code: 4007
  • Fix Leaky Magazines
  • Remove Valves Safely
  • Alternative To Buying New Mags

A handy tool that lets you remove magazine valves without damaging them. An essential piece of kit for those with leaky magazines, and would rather get their hands dirty than buy a new magazine.

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This Valve Key tool allows you to remove knocker valves from WE Magazines without causing damage to them by using inappropriate tools. Very often when your magazines develop a leak it is due to the seals behind the valves drying out and cracking. By removing these valves, applying lubricant (preferably thick) to the O-Rings and re-seating them tight (but not tight enough to strip the head of the valve) you can rescue most leaky magazines. By listening to your magazine you can determine where the fault lies most of the time. A hissing from the bottom of the mag will be the inlet valve at fault, unless the gas is escaping from the baseplate seal in which case the magazine needs disassembling, and any faults where gas vents from the top of the magazine will be the knocker valve at fault. Please feel free to contact us should you need any help/advice on rescuing your gas magazines.


  • Fix leaking magazines
  • Save £££ not buying new mags
  • Tough Alloy construction
  • Prevent damage to valves by using correct tool
  • Incredibly useful to have on game day
  • Will make you very popular in the safe zone
  • Safely remove knocker valves
  • Also removes CO2 basecaps

Package Includes:

  • Magazine Valve Tool



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