G&G Armament 0.30g P.S.B.P Competition Grade 6mm BB x 2000

G&G Armament
Code: G-07-208
  • 5.95mm +/- 0.01mm
  • 2000 BB Resealable Bag
  • 0.30g Competition Grade BBs

A bag of approximately 2000 high quality competition grade 0.30g Airsoft BBs, constructed from polymer, and polished to provide a smooth and aerodynamically enhanced external surface. 

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These BB are heavier than other BB, allowing them to easily punch through Grass, Bushes and Thin Branches, they are also less effected by cross winds. These BBs are part of G&G's competition grade range, meaning they are of the highest quality and build standard. These BB are perfect for any Airsoft Skirmisher who plays outdoors and is seeking that little extra boost to their performance and range.


  • Ideal for use in outdoor Skirmish sites
  • White in colour
  • 5.95mm Size
  • 0.01mm +/- tolerance
  • Resealable Bag
  • For higher FPS weapons
  • Less effected by Wind than lower weight BB
  • Easily punches through Branches and Bushes
  • Part of G&G's Competition Grade Range
  • Made in Taiwan

Package Includes:

  • 0.30g P.S.B.P Competition Grade 6mm BB x 2000



Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.6kg

BB Specific

Approx. 2000
BB Type
BB Weight (g)
BB Size (mm)
Approx. 5.95mm
BB Tolerance (mm)
+/- 0.01mm
BB Material

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Written on 25/07/2019
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