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  • Highly Realistic
  • Dummy Rounds
  • Feeds Until Empty

A Polymer magazine for the ARP-9 Airsoft Electric Gun, which holds a total of 60rnds and feeds BBs into the gun via a spring, meaning they feed completely until empty. Not only this, but they have actual dummy rounds (not just stickers) inside to look just like the real deal.

  • Incredibly Robust Build
  • Large Winding Front
  • 1500rnd Capacity

The perfect magazine to give you the ultimate fire-power and suppression from your G&G AP-9 AEG. Incredibly satisfying to hold and use thanks to the very thick and robust polymer construction.

  • Pre-Two Tone
  • MOSFET and ETU Pre-installed
  • 9th Airsoft Player's Choice Award winner for best AEG

The G&G ARP 9 has been long established on the market as an exceptional entry level and intermediate gun, with an Electronic Trigger Unit, MOSFET and Rotary Hop Unit lending to its' incredible performance. It's so good in fact, that it not only won the 9th Annual Player's Choice Award, but it has been blessed with its' own Pre Two Tone Blue model, so that those of you still waiting for a membership can dive straight in with a seriously competitive gun. If you want to play with no delay, then get one of these in your basket today.

From £259.99

    The first Airsoft replica of an AR-9, the real-steel AR15 rifle receiver chambered in 9mm pistol ammunition. AR-9 pistols and carbines have become extremely popular in the United States, due to their modularity, familar AR15 style controls, and compact nature. The G&G ARP-9 is constructed from high-density polymer with an aluminium M-LOK handguard and includes a compact PDW stock, making this AEG a great choice as a CQB primary for those who want a more modern, high-speed submachine gun with an aggressive design aesthetic. 

    From £299.99
    • Very high speed
    • Compact CQB beast
    • 11.1v LiPo capable

    You have all heard of the G&G Combat Machine ARP-9, but have you ever seen it dressed in fine evening wear? This ARP-9 is finished in matt black with gold accents, a striking combination! It also features a teeny tiny suppressor, which appears to make the gun louder! There is nothing discrete about this replica anyway, like a bad fart it storms into a room and clears everyone else out!

    • For G&G ARP-9
    • 30Rnd Low Cap
    • Realistic Capacity

    A realistic capacity magazine for the G&G ARP-9 electric 9mm replica, which is perfect for those who like to test their skills and push their immersion/realism to the absolute limit.

    • 60 Round Mid Cap
    • Made For ARP-9
    • Lightweight

    A spare Mid cap magazine designed for the G&G ARP-9 9mm Receiver styled Airsoft M4 replica. Shaped Similar to an extended G-series magazine but hold 60 rounds filled via a a speed loader on the top of the mag. once filled you are ready to go with no winding needed.

    • Lightweight
    • Made For ARP-9
    • 300 Round High Cap

    A spare high cap magazine designed for the G&G ARP-9 only.

    From £219.99
    • MOSFET and ETU
    • The ARP-556 just got lighter!

    Introducing the G&G ARP-556...wait a second, this has been out for ages! Or has it? This is the new ARP-556 V2S, and comes with an updated MOSFET and ETU enabling programming for burst, using the fire controls of the gun itself, and is now housed in a high-density fibre reinforced polymer receiver, saving you some weight and some money!

    From £329.99
    • M-LOK Rail
    • GOS V5 PDW Stock
    • ARP-9 performance in a 5.56 package!

    The CQB beast is back again, and better than ever! This latest top-quality AEG offering from G&G accepts the widely used and Airsoft 5.56mm STANAG Magazine - basically any Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG magazine - making this incredibly practical for Airsofters with a large stockpile of Airsoft STANAG mags, and gear set up for M4/AR15 mags. Sporting the performance of the ARP-9 in a new, all-metal package with ambidextrous controls, the G&G ARP-556 wants for nothing!

    The ARP's

    If you're looking for some of the most well-received Airsoft Replicas of the last few years, which have been constantly built upon and still have incredible media coverage thanks to their reputation as solid and reliable workhorses, then there is no compromise for the G&G Armament ARP's. Coming in various models and a large range of colour options, you really can't go wrong with these.

    G&G's target is to be the best in Product Quality and Value, providing excellent production with extremely reliable designs, and that truly does shine through with these models.