G.T.POWER Digital Battery Capacity Checker

Code: GT-CHK
  • Multiple Modes
  • Battery Checker
  • LCD Display Screen

    A Battery Diagnosis Tool which allows the user to digitally check the voltage of a battery. The Battery Unit is constructed from Polymer and features an LCD screen and is powered by the Battery plugged into it, and produces loud audible beeps during navigation. 

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    Batteries are connected to the unit via the data cable, allowing it to be used with a wide variety of types. This tool is a great purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who wishes to check their batteries before they use them, this is especially important for people who use LiPo batteries as use a flat LiPo Battery in a gun can damage the Battery. This is also great for Airsoft Techies, as it allows them to check if the Battery is working should a gun not fire. The checker's LCD Screen is clear and easy to read, and displays the amount of cells in the battery, as well as a percentage indicator to quickly let the user know how much charge the battery holds. The checker supports multiple modes, allowing you to fully check the health of your battery. This is the perfect purchase not just for Airsoft Skirmishers, but for those who use batteries for any activity, such as RC Cars, Helicopter and Boats.


    • G.T.Power's Battery Capacity Controller
    • Used to check if Batteries are running low on Power
    • Great for checking LiPos before use to check if the battery is running flat
    • A must have for Airsoft Techies to test Batteries for shorts
    • Compatible with almost all Batteries used in Airsoft
    • Connected using Battery Data Cable
    • Powered by the connected Battery
    • Audible Beep Tones
    • Indicates battery Percentage (%) remaining
    • Shows the voltage for each Cell and Combined
    • LCD Display Screen
    • Cell Count Display
    • Supports Batteries with up to 7 Cells
    • RoHs Compliant
    • Compatibility: 
      • LiPo
      • LiFe
      • Li-Ion
      • NiMH
      • NiCd
    • Modes:
      • Total Voltage
      • Total Cell Battery Capacity (0~99%)
      • Individual Battery Cell Voltage
      • Lowest Cell Voltage
      • Highest Cell Voltage
      • Voltage Difference Between Highest and Lowest Cell Voltage

    Package Includes:

    • Digital Battery Capacity Checker

    Special Instructions

    Below is the compatibility table for Batteries:

    Input Cells2~7 Cells2~7 Cells2~7 Cells4~7 Cells4~7 Cells
    Total VoltageYYYXX
    Total Cell Battery
    Capacity (0~99%)
    Individual Battery Cell
    Lowest Cell VoltageYYYXX
    Highest Cell VoltageYYYXX

    Voltage Difference Between
    Highest and Lowest Cell Voltage





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    Battery / Charger Accessory
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