Gate AEG Heat Shrink Kit

Code: HS
  • All 9cm Long
  • Various Colours
  • Set Of 21 Tubes

A heat-shrink kit designed to give you all the heat-shrink you'll need when working on a project gun or replacing wires. The heat-shrink is constructed from PVC, and shrinks in size when heated, designed to protect wires and other electrical components.

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The pack contains 21 individual pieces of heat-shrink, all 9cm and with varying widths, suitable for a wide range of AEG wires. The heat-shrink is constructed from PVC, and shrinks in size when heated, designed to protect wires and other electrical components from friction damage and water damage, as well as covering exposed wires. The pack contains 21 individual heat-shrink tubes, all at a length of 9cm. The pack is designed to go hand in hand with GATE's MOSFET units, giving you all the heat-shrink required to complete the fitting on one of their products. This is the perfect pack for anyone who is looking to install a MOSFET, or for those who are upgrading the wires in their Airsoft AEG, PTW or HPA gun.


  • Spare Heat Shrink Kit
  • Contains many Variations of Heat-shrink 
  • All the required Heat-Shrink types for Gate Mosfet
  • Contains a total of 21 Heatshrink Tubes
  • All Tubes are 9cm Long

Package Includes

  • 2.4mm x 9cm - Black x 3
  • 3.2mm x 9cm - Red x 2
  • 3.2mm x 9cm - Black x 2
  • 4.8mm x 9cm - Red x 3
  • 4.8mm x 9cm - Black x 3
  • 6.4mm x 9cm - Red x 1
  • 6.4mm x 9cm - Black x 2
  • 9.5mm x 9cm - Transparent x 3
  • 19mm x 9cm - Transparent x 1



Parts & Accessories Type
Internal Parts
Internal Part Type
Wiring, Heatshrink,

Weight and Dimension

Product Length
Approx. 9cm


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Black, Red, Transparent,
Construction Icon
21 individual PVC heatshrink tubes

Part Specific

Part for Power Source Type
Package Includes
Heat Shrink

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