Novritsch ASPC 1.0 Airsoft MOLLE Plate Carrier w/ Vented Plates

  • 1000D Nylon construction
  • Laser-cut MOLLE, Magnetic quick release
  • Includes Novritsch Vented Hex Plates

If you are looking for the slickest and quickest of Airsoft-optimised plate carriers you just found it! The Novritsch ASPC 1.0 is designed by Novritsch's textile team with the assistance of ex-military professionals and the result is a unique looking and uniquely functional plate carrier with all the most modern features.

Load-bearing capacity is provided by laser-cut MOLLE loops and an optional buckle-up front panel, offering the two most modern pouch attachment interfaces in a single rig, with the option to ditch the frontal buckles if you prefer to stick with MOLLE or run the carrier slick for better mobility. On each shoulder and on the cummerbund we are treated to magnetic quick-release buckles which make donning and removing the carrier easy and quick, even compared with conventional QR buckles.

The carrier is constructed with a base of 100% polyester mesh with vented 1000D Nylon laser cut MOLLE and is supplied with Novritsch vented plates, providing airflow which simply cannot be rivalled by replicas of real steel plate carriers and keeping you cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. If you want to look hot but stay cool in game, this is how you do it!

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If you've ever spent a day in the hot summer sun wearing a conventional plate carrier you will understand the ethos behind Novritsch's ASPC 1.0. This carrier is designed with airflow in mind, making use of laser-cut MOLLE loops with vents and a 100% polyester mesh base to keep you relatively fresh and cool while your mates wearing other plate carriers cook in their own juices! 

To make matters even cooler, the ASPC 1.0 comes with a set of Novritsch Vented Plates which help keep its shape while complimenting the design of the carrier with their hexagonal vents, allowing you to have a carrier which sits correctly and looks realistic without compromising the airflow characteristics of the ASPC 1.0.

Almost the entire outer surface of the ASPC 1.0 is covered with laser-cut MOLLE loops, allowing any MOLLE-compatible pouches to be mounted, including mag pouches, utility pouches, admin pouches and back panels in various configurations. The advantage of laser-cut MOLLE over conventional sewn-in loops is that the loops are stronger, being part of the carrier itself and the overall weight of the carrier is lower thanks to the reduced amount of material needed. Laser-cut also looks fantastic, providing a cutting-edge look which will definitely draw curious eyes when skirmishing!

On the front of the ASPC, we are treated to a pair of removable buckles which can be used to mount buckle-up placards with various different pouch setups and switch between configurations far quicker than using standard MOLLE. This is a great feature for those who run multiple different platforms in a single skirmish day; you no longer need to bring two rigs, simply switch out the front panel when you switch guns. If you prefer to standardise your setup and simply make use of the MOLLE loops, you can remove the buckles and mount MOLLE pouches to the front without needing to buy a separate placard. 

Both the shoulders and the cummerbund can be quickly disconnected via what we think is the best feature of this rig; the magnetic quick-release buckles. Even compared to standard QR buckles, the magnetic version is super fast and easy to use while staying secure enough to handle the rigours of an Airsoft skirmish in their stride. Having both the cummerbund and shoulders equipped with QR means you don't need to mess with velcro or even lift the carrier over your head to remove it; simply pull out and down on the glove-friendly extensions attached to the QR buckles and they slide free, saving you time between games to cool off!

The ASPC 1.0 is fully adjustable, both in terms of the length of the shoulder straps and the width of the cummerbund. Adjusting the shoulder straps requires opening up the removable shoulder pads and adjusting the length via velcro, allowing users of practically any height to have a perfectly fitting carrier. The cummerbund is adjusted in the rear, by lifting up the flap which holds the plate and adjusting the bungee cord inside. There is absolutely loads of adjustment in the APSC 1.0, meaning if you are tall or broad dimensionally you will, in most cases, be able to adjust the carrier to fit you perfectly.

If you love the looks of a plate carrier but prefer to stay fresh and cool, now you can! The Novritsch ASPC 1.0 combines the most modern plate carrier features including laser-cut MOLLE, buckle-up compatibility and magnetic QR buckles with an Airsoft-optimised vented design which gives you all of the sophistication with none of the persperation! 


  • 1000D Nylon construction 
  • 100% Polyester mesh - Designed for high airflow and temperature regulation
  • Novritsch Vented Hex dummy plates included - Keeps the shape and keeps you fresh!
  • Laser cut MOLLE webbing - Reduced weight, improved strength and full MOLLE compatibility
  • Buckle-up compatible front panel - Either add a Buckle-up placard or mount MOLLE pouches directly
  • Removable Buckle-up buckles - If you would rather run slick or MOLLE only, take the buckles off!
  • Sized for Medium E-SAPI and SAPI M plates - Includes a pair of Novritsch Vented plates
  • Magnetic Quick Release shoulders and cummerbund - Super easy to take off and put on quickly
  • Velcro front panel  - Mount I.D and morale patches to customise your rig
  • Removable shoulder pads - Ditch them if it gets really, really hot!
  • Adjustable shoulders - Adjust the carrier to sit perfectly no matter your height
  • Adjustable cummerbund width - Loads of adjustment via bungee cord at the rear, great for any body type
  • Comms/hydration tube routing on the shoulders and on the sides of the front plate pocket - Keep your kit neat!
  • Bungee cable section on the rear plate pocket - Keeps your MAP or back panel cinched down when empty
  • Ultra-modern looks - Great for cutting-edge and even futuristic loadouts
  • Add the Novritsch Modular Chest Rig 1.0 if you want more load capacity on the front
  • Need help with MOLLE? Check out our MOLLE Guide

Package Includes

  • Novritsch ASPC 1.0 Airsoft MOLLE Plate Carrier 
  • Novritsch Vented Plates

Special Instructions

The ASPC 1.0 has a label inside marking it out as size "M". This size refers to the size of the plates which are compatible with the carrier (E-SAPI and SAPI size M) and not the size of the carrier as a whole. This is a one-size-fits-all carrier with plenty of adjustment but if you aren't sure it will fit, come check it out in person at our Showroom!



Tactical Equipment Type
Plate Carrier
Over 18 Only Icon
Over 18

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 1.8kg


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Coyote Tan
Patrol Base | Camouflage Pattern | Flecktarn
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Tropic Multicam
ACP Tropic
Construction Icon
1000D Nylon with 100% Polyester mesh.
Material Icon
  • Polyester
  • 1000D Nylon

Wearable Specific

One Size Fits All