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  • 70rnd Capacity
  • Mock witness window with cartridges
  • For Airsoft M4/AR15 AEG rifles

If you are looking for M4/AR15 AEG mags which will fit in well with a realism focussed build, the NW-Mag from NUPROL was designed with this in mind. This magazine follows the popular polymer magazine design format, being based on a real steel design which is practically everywhere and is also issued to the US Army. The NW-Mag is NUPROL's windowed magazine design and features mock witness windows on either side of the magazine, through which you can see authentic-looking mock 5.56 cartridges, adding a hint of realism to whichever M4/AR15 AEG rifle it is mounted on. This magazine is a standard (aka low) capacity magazine which holds 70 BBs and can be loaded through the fill/feed port at the top of the magazine using a speed loader or loading rod/tool.

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  • Matched Ni-Mh Bundle
  • Charger & Battery
  • Fire Safe Bag

This Airsoft Battery and Charger pack features the NUPROL 9.6v 1600mAh Ni-Mh Crane Battery,the NUPROL NPC-01 NiMh Battery Charger, and the NUPROL Safe Charging Bag which are perfectly matched to work with each other, a great choice for anyone new to Airsoft and looking for a battery for their gun. 

If your Airsoft gun comes with a sample 9.6v Block or Crane style battery and charger then this is one of the first things you should buy. The battery will last longer, charge better, and will be of much higher quality than the free gift battery included for testing in some Airsoft gun boxes!

  • 12g Capacity
  • Single CO2 Bulb
  • Steel Construction

    A 12g CO2 Bulb Capsule Single, sold individually these 12g bulbs can be used for both Airsoft and Air rifles.

    • Useful Adapter
    • Female Mini Tamiya
    • Male Deans Connector

    A Male Tamiya to Male Deans Adapter which will install to the wire coming from your gun and allow you to connect Deans batteries to a gun with a Mini Tamiya connector. Even if you don't own Deans batteries, its a good adapter to own as you never know when you'll be caught out at a skirmish and need to borrow a battery - and we guarantee the only battery available will be on a Deans connection.

    • Perfect Spare
    • Replacement Bulb Cap
    • For WE EU / P&M Magazine

    A replacement bulb cap, which is used to secure CO2 Bulbs in the bottom of WE EU Magazines and P&M Series Pistol Magazine. The cap is constructed from alloy, and is finished black, and features a large Allen Key hole in the bottom. 

    • 3V 1300mAh Power
    • Lithium Battery Tech
    • For Torches / Camera

    A 3V Lithium CR123A battery which is suitable for a wide range of sights, torches and other Airsoft / photography accessories.

    • Magazine pull/Grip assist
    • Slips over STANAG style magazine
    • Great for Mag-podding technique

    The M4/AR15 STANAG Multi-functional Magazine Grip attaches to the bottom of your STANAG style magazine and provides an additional gripping surface, making removing your magazine from tight pouches a breeze!

    • Rubberised Build
    • 12 Pack of Covers
    • Easy to Fit / Remove

    A 12 pack of Rail Covers, designed to provide a non-slip and more comfortable surface to 20mm RIS / RAS Rail.

    • Lightweight
    • Easy To Install

    A lightweight Polymer mount for FAST, BUMP and MICH Airsoft helmets that have a front mount, allowing you to attach GOPRO cameras to record your gameplay. 

    • For 20mm RIS
    • "Go Professional"
    • Allen Key Tightened

    A RIS compatible mount for your 'Action Camera', which allows you to mount a wide range of compact cameras to your replica, helmet, or anywhere with a 20mm RIS rail.

    • EN166 Standards
    • UV400 Protection
    • Headstrap Included

    A set of protective Glasses for Airsoft use, which are made from a High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate to EN166 Eye Protection Standards.

    These heavily smoked/tinted Glasses are made using High Impact Resistant Polycarbonate to EN166 Eye Protection Standards, and also feature UV 400 Protection to keep your eyes safe from harmful sun-rays.

    • LiPo battery monitor
    • Compatible with 7.4V and 11.1V
    • LCD display with an audible alarm

    If you have a habit of killing LiPo batteries by running them on too low a voltage, or you would rather not take the chance, a LiPo voltage monitor would be a good call! This device connects to the balance port of your 7.4V or 11.1V Airsoft LiPo and will provide a readout of the voltage of each cell, together with the total battery voltage. This device will also emit an alarm if the cell voltage becomes unbalanced or drops too low, preventing you from damaging your batteries and having to purchase new ones more often than you should. To use the device, you will need to plug the balance lead (small white connector) of your LiPo battery into the leftmost contacts, with the contacts oriented to face downwards. The visible silver contacts on your balance lead should be facing upwards.

    • One Size Fits All
    • Stiff Curved Peak
    • Several Ventilation Airholes

    A baseball cap designed for use in airsoft skirmishes to protect the user's vision from bright sunlight. The cap is constructed from 100% cotton, is patterned and has several ventilation airholes to keep your head cool in the heat of the moment. 

    • Easy to Fit
    • For M4 AEG
    • Curved Loops

    A Sling Plate designed to fit on M4 Style Airsoft 6mm BB Guns, fitting on AEG Electric Rifles between the Receiver and the Buffer tube allowing the attachment of Slings.

    • Kills Germs
    • Anti-Bacterial
    • 100ml Contents

    Produced by the ever growing brand NUPROL. Ideal for any surface and lens type from goggles to glasses or custom made protection. 

    • White BBs
    • 0.25g in Weight
    • Approx 3300 BBs

    NUPROL's latest offering into the Airsoft Market with newly designed 5.95mm 0.25g BBs made to have more consistent performance and greater accuracy that ever before.

    • Magazine pull/Grip assist
    • Fits Polymer style magazine (Nuprol N-MAG, VFC V-MAG and similar)
    • Great for "Mag-podding" technique!

    The M4/AR15 Polymer-MAG Multi-functional Magazine Grip attaches to the bottom of your Polymer-MAG style magazine and provides an additional gripping surface, making removing your magazine from tight pouches a breeze!

    • Mesh Lenses
    • No Fogging Up
    • Adjustable Strap

    High quality Mesh goggles, allowing you to protect your eyes during Airsoft Skirmish or Military re-enactments without the risk of steaming up, obscuring your vision, like with plastic lens goggles. 

    • White BBs
    • 0.20g in Weight
    • Approx 3300 BBs

    NUPROL's latest offering into the Airsoft Market with newly designed 5.95mm 0.20g BBs made to be more accurate and consistent that ever before. 

    • TSA Certified
    • Small & Robust
    • Cable Type Shackle

    A TSA Certified padlock with a cable type shackle that is incredibly useful for securing your luggage, rucksacks and Airsoft cases. It is designed to work with NUPROL's vast range of hard cases, but can be put to any use with enough imagination.

    • Can Be Opened Wide
    • Optional Retention Loop
    • For 5.56mm & 7.62mm Mags

    This is an open-top retention pouch designed for 5.56mm magazines, however, due to it being able to open up much wider, this pouch will work for 7.62mm magazines also.

    • PnP Foam
    • Case Inserts
    • For NUPROL Pistol Case

    A Spare PnP / Pick & Pluck Soft Foam Insert for your NUPROL Pistol Hard Case!

    • Defeat The Sun
    • Multiple Widths
    • Clearer Sight Picture

    An Alloy constructed sunshade for 26, 32, 40 and 50mm riflescopes, which will keep the glare off your objective lens and give a clearer image; leaving you undistracted to take that all important shot.

    • Low Powered Gas
    • Silicone Lubricants
    • For Polymer Pistols

    A bottle of Low Powered Gas designed by NUPROL as part of their Green Gas Range, designed to be used with Plastic Bodied Weapons and Small Submachine Guns which require lower powers to operate. 

    • For 14mm CCW Suppressor
    • Allows the use of Suppressor
    • Fits to Threaded Outer Barrel

    A thread adaptor which allows the attachment of Silencers and Suppressors to WE Europe Pistols with internally threaded 11mm outer Barrels. 

    • Red / Gold Design
    • Four Pack of Shell
    • For Airsoft Shotgun

    A pack of Shotgun Shells designed for Airsoft 6mm Pump Action Shotguns which accept Standard Shotgun Shells. 

    The shells are easily loaded from the top, by using an Airsoft Speed Loader, by simply pushing the nozzle into the Shell's top hole and filling. These shells are a must have purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who has a pump action Shotgun, as it allows you to play for longer without having to stop to reload magazines.

    • Vertical Foregrip
    • Bottom Screw Tightens
    • Tightly Locks into Place

    A Vertial Foregrip designed to give the user an extra control point on their weapon. The foregrip is constructed from Polymer and is designed to fit 20mm RIS / RAS Rails. 

    • TSA Certified
    • Small & Robust
    • Thick Metal Shackle

    A TSA Certified padlock that is incredibly useful for securing your Airsoft cases and gear. It is designed to work with NUPROL's vast range of hard cases, but can be put to any use with enough imagination.

    • Folding Foregrip
    • Side Screw Tightens
    • Tightly Locks into Place

    A very easy to use fore grip that can be locked in a compact or full vertical position depending on your situation and requirements. 

    • Velcro Closing Flap
    • Suitable For All Batteries
    • Never Leave Unattended

    Be safe whilst charging your Airsoft batteries, if it goes wrong, it really goes wrong! Reducing the chances of damage in the event of a LiPo / Battery fire; this safe charging bag is a lot cheaper than replacing your home.

    About NUPROL

    Here at Patrol Base, we have the latest quality Airsoft rifles, tactical gear and accessories from NUPROL, ideal for every capability of Airsoft player. Investing time and effort, the company tirelessly works to bring the latest innovation and unique products to the Airsoft UK Market to help individuals dominate the field.

    The NUPROL Airsoft brand is designed to excel in standards and provide each player with a perfect Airsoft combat experience during every skirmish. Including a full selection of high-quality Airsoft accessories, our NUPROL range at Patrol Base has everything you need for a pristine level of functionality.

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