NUPROL Compact Tracer Unit 14mm CCW Male/12mm CW Female

  • Aluminium construction
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Compact & Lightweight - Perfect for pistols

If you are looking for a tracer unit which is small and light enough to use with a GBB pistol, NUPROL has just the thing! The Compact Tracer Unit is constructed with an aluminium shell, and is available in the ultra compact Flash-P style or the slightly larger Flash-G which is a similar size to existing Spitfire tracer units and also provides a muzzle flash effect with each shot. 

Both the Flash-P and the Flash-G have 14mm CCW threads built in, and both come with a 12mm CW female to 14mm CCW male thread adapter, suitable for Army Armament, Raven and VORSK GBB pistols. For a CQB-dominating primary pistol setup you couldn't ask for a more perfect pairing!

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Everyone wants a tracer unit on their pistol for CQB, but if you want to keep your pistol's snappy performance you will need something light and compact. The NUPROL Compact Tracer Unit is designed with this in mind and is super light and compact to avoid slowing down tilting barrel pistols such as the Hi-capa and EU series. 

Both variants of the compact tracer unit have an internal rechargeable battery, and are charged via a Micro-USB cable which is included in the box. To charge the unit you will need to unscrew the rear cap (turn counter-clockwise when the threaded end is facing you) and you will find the charger port at the front of the unit. Included in the box is a 12mm CW female to 14mm CCW male thread adapter, and both the Flash-P and the Flash-G have 14mm CCW threads built into the unit body. 


The Flash-P Tracer is intended for pistols and compact primary weapons, and is absolutely minuscule, measuring a mere 6.2cm long which is barely longer than the average birdcage flash hider. This keeps the front end of your weapon short and easy to corner with, adding the bare minimum in extra length to keep your CQB setup doing what it does best. 

The front of the Flash-P has an interesting style, almost mimicking real world "cookie cutter" compensators and adding a menacing edge to whatever it is mounted on. The Flash-P definitely plays to its strengths when mounted on a pistol, but also lends itself well to CQB optimised rifles like the G&G ARP-9.


The Flash-G is larger than the Flash-P, being very similar in size to previously released Spitfire tracer units. When it comes to weight, there is actually very little difference between the two, with the Flash-G being easily light enough to run smoothly on a GBB pistol at only 67 grams. The Flash-G is around the size of a "Soundhog" style sound amplifier, which makes it perfect for compact rifles while also being right at home mounted on a primary pistol setup that you don't plan to holster. 

The Flash-G has the advantage of being a "muzzle flash" tracer unit which emits a convincing muzzle flash effect with each shot fired. This makes exchanging fire in a dark CQB site all the more immersive, but is not necessarily well suited to sneaky playstyles as the muzzle flash effect is quite bright! For aggressive CQB playstyles, the Flash-G would be perfect!


  • Aluminium construction
  • Compact size and low weight - Great for GBB pistols
  • Thread adapter for 12mm CW female threaded barrels included
  • 14mm CCW threads on the unit itself
  • Activation button on the rear of the unit
  • Tracer BBs required
  • Internal rechargeable battery - Charges via Micro USB cable (included)

Package Includes

  • NUPROL Compact Tracer Unit 14mm CCW Male/12mm CW Female
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 12mm CW female to 14mm CCW male thread adapter



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External Parts
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Flash-G, Flash-P, Flash-R,
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Package Includes


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Approx. 3.4cm, Approx. 3cm,
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Approx. 8.2cm, Approx. 6.1cm,
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Approx. 3.4cm, Approx. 3cm,
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Approx. 0.067kg, Approx. 0.045kg,

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Internal Rechargeable

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