PTS Syndicate Unity Tactical - FAST Micro Mount

PTS Syndicate
  • High rise mount for T1 / T2 Style
  • Minimalist aesthetic
  • Built in iron sights

The UNITY mounts are being favoured world wide due to their slim profile & efficient riser, making them an excellent candidate for using with PEQ / Laser pointers mounted on the upper rail.

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The UNITY high rise mount is one of the latest products to come to market of tactical innovation, designed for the modern shooter. The UNITY Tactical Fast mount is a series of optic mounts that provide the user with a quicker sight picture than most high-sight mounts, weighing it an a next to nothing 81 grams it offers sleek, modern, tactical & efficient practicality for the shooter looking to fine-tune his target acquisition & reset.

The PTS Unity Tactical Fast Micro Mount has an excellent hidden feature which you may have not spotted yet, underneath the T1 / T2 style mounting plate you will find a BUIS ( Back up iron sight ) positioned perfectly at eye level, so should your electronic equipment such as a red dot or laser pointer fail, you've got your BUIS to rely on at all times & should you wish to the front iron sight can be removed so that the rear can be used with a traditional A-FRAME style front sight & both front / rear sights are adjustable for windage / elevation, just another amazing set of qualities to this already fantastic product line. The mount itself is very slim & sleek and doesn't take up any more room than it needs. There's no protruding bolts or QD mounts sticking out of the sides, all bolts & fixtures are seated inside the framework so all of your rail space can be used at your leisure with no worries about butting-bolts.

Manufactured from 6000 series bronze anodized Aluminium Alloy, the UNITY Tactical Fast mount is compatible with sights like the Aimpoint T1 / T2 / H1 / H2 / CompM5, the VORTEX Crossfire red dot / SPARC AR & the Vector Optics MAVERICK series. It is also compatible with optics with a similar mounting footprint to the Aimpoint T2 / T1 such as Sig Sauer, Holosun & Primary Arms.


  • Built in adjustable iron sights
  • Fully licensed UNITY Tactical trademarks
  • Sleek & modern design
  • Removable front sight post
  • High rise
  • Compatible with VORTEX & other brands (See desc.)
  • Fits 20mm rail
  • Anodized bronze

Package Includes

  •  Unity Tactical - FAST Micro Mount; Dark Earth



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External Parts
External Part Type


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
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Weight and Dimension

Product Height
Approx. 53cm
Product Length
Approx. 51cm
Product Width
Approx. 33cm
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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.08kg

Part Specific

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Rail System
20mm RIS / RAS

Mount Specific

Mount Type
Sight Mount

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