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  • For TM AA-12
  • Textured Sides
  • 93rnd Magazine

A Magazine for the Airsoft AA-12 Sledge Hammer 6mm BB Gun AEG. The magazine is constructed from heavy duty Polymer, with a Polymer Shell and Internals. 

  • Ridged Design
  • 260rnd Capacity
  • High Cap Magazine

A High Capacity Magazine for the Tokyo Marui Scorpion Mod.M Submachine Gun, that holds a total of 260rnds and is wound from the bottom of the Magazine as per any standard High Cap. To fill the Magazine, simply open the Fill Window at the top/front of the mag and pour your BBs in. Wind the clockwork wheel on the base of the mag to start feeding BBs into your gun.

  • For Recoil Shock TM417
  • High-Capacity Magazine
  • 600 Round Capacity Mag

An Airsoft Magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's Recoil Shock Airsoft TM 417 6mm BB Guns. The magazine is constructed entirely from Heavy Duty Polymer, and features a Transparent Black Shell allowing the user to see through to the BB Storage so the amount off BBs remaining can be estimated. 

  • Mock Shell View Window
  • For TM SGR-12 / AA-12
  • 96 Round Magazine

A Magazine for the Airsoft SGR-12 Shotgun, as well as its sister weapon, the AA-12 Sledge Hammer 6mm BB Gun AEG. Perfect for those who want more trigger time rather than reloading. 

Was £49.99
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  • Full Metal STANAG
  • 35 Round Low Cap
  • Works With ZET System

A spare magazine designed for the M4A1 MWS ZET Gas Blowback Rifle. Made to the high standards associated with Tokyo Marui this magazine is a full metal STANAG magazine. 

From £137.99
  • Front 20mm Rail
  • Adjustable Hop-Up
  • High Gas Efficiency

A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Gun, built by Tokyo Marui. The pistol is constructed externally from Polymer, while the Internal Parts are constructed from Alloy.

From £147.95
  • High Quality Design
  • Gas Blowback Pistol
  • Semi-Automatic Action

A Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Pistol, designed and created by Tokyo Marui designed to replicate the design of the 1911 Pistol with a more modern twist. The pistol is constructed mainly from Polymer, in line with Japanese Law, with a Polymer Slide, Frame, Rubber Grip and Alloy Internals.

From £189.99
RRP £209.99
Save £20.00
  • Prototype Pistol
  • From Resident Evil
  • Gas Blowback Action

This Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is one fans of a certain series of Films and Video Games may appreciate. It is a prototype model of Albert Wekser's Albert-01 Pistol that is acquired during the final boss fight from the seventh installment of the game, and is lovingly recreated in Airsoft form for you all to enjoy.

From £279.99
  • Gas Shotgun
  • 3/6 Round Shot
  • Detachable Gas Well

A Gas Airsoft 6mm Compact Shotgun, which as a fire mode selection switch allowing you to use either a 3 round shot, or a 6 round shot. 

From £459.99
RRP £539.99
Save £80.00
  • Mechanical Recoil
  • Functional Bolt-Stop
  • Awesome TM Quality

The SCAR-L CQC is part of Tokyo Marui's Next Generation Recoil Shock series, meaning it has a mechanical blowback system inside that moves a weight when you fire, simulating realistic recoil. Not only this, but it has a functional bolt-stop that will stop the Gun from firing when it is empty, until the Bolt Release is pressed, as per a real firearm.

From £469.99
  • Recoil Shock AEG
  • Monolithic 20mm RIS Rail
  • Accurate & Authentic Replica

An Electrically powered, 6mm BB Airsoft replica of the Ultra-modern SCAR-L special forces Assault Rifle, manufactured to extremely High Quality by Tokyo Marui. 

From £484.99
Was £499.99
Save £15.00
  • Cerakoted Reciever
  • Exellent Gas Efficiency
  • New ZET System Bolt Lock

The new 1 to1 scale gas blow back M4 from Tokyo Marui. Out of the box the quality and craftsmanship is apparent, this weapon has a Cerakoted Metal receiver to provide the best durability against knocks and scratches as this is the go to coating used on real firearms. 

From £499.99
  • High Quality Build
  • Recoil Shock System
  • Stops Firing when Empty

An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which is part of Marui's Recoil Shock AEG System Range, where when fired will give recoil to simulate the firing of a weapon. The weapon is designed and based on the FN SCAR MK 17 MOD 0, and is built in Japan to the highest standards.

From £549.99
  • ZET System
  • Strong Blowback
  • Ambidextrous Controls

An Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle (GBBR) based on the M4 Platform, with highly modern furniture such as a Match Twirled Silver Barrel, Ambidextrous and Ergonomic Fire Controls and a Slim Profile Stock. If you want the best Gas Blowback Rifle that money can buy, it's the TM MTR16 ZET System.

From £1,299.99
  • New & Improved Recoil
  • Cuts Off When Out Of BBs
  • Dummy Bullets Have Motion

The Mk46 Mod.0 Next Generation MK46 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) is the latest and greatest from Tokyo Marui, and offers their new and improved Mechanical Recoil System. Not only this, but the Dummy Bullets on the Belt will jiggle and bounce around as the Gun fires, and it will also stop firing once the last BB has left the Magazine for ultimate realism! If you've been holding off on a Support Gun because of the lack of realism, this puppy is here to change your mind.

  • Easy To Use
  • 90rnd Capacity
  • Smoked Black Finish

A small and compact Airsoft BB magazine speedloader that comes with a pistol magazine adaptor.

  • Real Capacity
  • Short Magazine
  • For SMG5/SMG5K

A stubby Real-Cap magazine for the Tokyo Marui SMG-5 series of Airsoft Electric Gun, named the 'Kurz' magazine after the German word for short. (Ja alter, ich kann ein bißchen Deutsche sprechen!) It is loaded with 30 BBs via a Speedloader from the top of the magazine, and simply needs inserting into the gun to work.

If you're looking to perfect your German Bad-Guy loadout, or you just want realistic capacity magazines for your SMG-5 that are compact enough to not catch on your kit like standard length mags, then these are just what you were looking for.

  • 30rnd Capacity
  • Incredibly Reliable
  • Polymer Construction

Made to fit both Marui and CYMA VSR and Bar-10 variants including the G-spec from Marui. Made to an incredibly consistent specification each magazine is identical! 

  • Durable Metal Build
  • Attach More Supressors
  • VSR-10 Pro to 14mm CCW

A thread adapter for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Pro Airrsoft sniper rifle, which allows the attachment of standard Airsoft suppressors, muzzle devices and moderators with 14mm CCW threads.

  • Polymer Construction
  • Holds Up 5 x Shells
  • Bolt On Design

A simple solution for speeding up your reloads, this bolt on kit allows users of M870 gas shotguns to carry 5 additional shells in an easy to reach position, mounted on the M870 receiver, allowing for easy access to the shells for quick reloads.

  • For G-Spec VSR
  • All Tools Included
  • 5'' 8-Slot Rail Panel

A lightweight rail panel designed to be fit on to TM's VSR G-Spec Range to allow the attachment of Sights and Scopes to player's weapons. 

  • Alloy Magazine
  • 40rnd Capacity
  • For TM L96/AWM

An Alloy constructed Magazine for the Tokyo Marui No.06 L96 AWM Sniper Rifle, which holds a total of 40rnds. It's no secret that once you've found your perfect shooting position, it's hard to move on. Make sure you have enough spare magazines for your TM L96 so that you don't have to move to refill mags once you've found your spot. The mags are filled using a Speedloader as per any Sniper Rifle Magazine.

  • MP5 Curved Style Magazine
  • Alloy Magazine Shell
  • Mid Cap Magazine

A spare or replacement mid cap magazine for the Tokyo Marui SMG5 (TMP5) Airsoft gun series.

  • 470rnd Capacity
  • Huge Speed Loader
  • Fits in M4 Mag Pouch

A high capacity speed loader created and manufactured by Tokyo Marui to make it easier to load Airsoft Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Sniper Magazines. 

  • For Recoil Shock Guns
  • Mid-Capacity Magazine
  • 82 Round Capacity Mag

An Airsoft magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's STANAG accepting Recoil Shock range, with a design based upon the STANAG standardized magazine used by NATO forces. 

Was £28.99
Save £6.00
  • For TM M1911
  • 26rnd Capacity
  • Double Stacked

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Magazine designed to be compatible with TM's M1911 Airsoft Pistol Range.

  • 90rnd Magazine
  • TM SCAR-H Magazine
  • Recoil Shock Compatable

An Airsoft Magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui's SCAR-H Recoil Shock range, with a design based upon the 7.62mm STANAG Standardized Magazine used by NATO Forces. 

  • For KSG Shotgun
  • Cold Resistant Design
  • Easy To Install In Stock

A spare gas tank designed for use with the Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun, simply fitting into the Airsoft shotguns Stock, rather than needing to gas up each individual shell. 

  • Grip Gas Tank / Well
  • Cold Resistant Design
  • For M870 Breacher

A Spare Gas Tank / Gas Well designed to be used with Tokyo Marui's M870 Breacher Range of Shotguns which use Gas Tanks stored in the Pistol Grip.

  • 68rnd Capacity
  • Dummy Bullets
  • Semi Transparent

A Polymer constructed 68rnd Mid Cap Magazine for P90 AEGs. They have a transparent design and are loaded with 50 rounds of 5.7x28mm dummy ammunition, loaded with BBs using a Speedloader from the bottom of the mag. This is the perfect purchase for any Airsofter who owns a P90 and wants more BBs on them to stay in the fight for longer.

Here at Patrol Base we have a wide variety of Tokyo Marui Airsoft products, with something to suit everyone. Known as one of the best Airsoft Manufacturers in the World Marui' never skimp on their product quality, building high quality weapons which are the envy of every other manufacturer. Usually, Tokyo Marui are the first, then everyone has to play catch up or copy their designs. Most Airsoft Weapons on the market today were based on Marui's original designs. Everything in Airsoft, from Speed Loaders to Sniper Rifles, were probably once based on TM designs.

Tokyo Marui are based in Japan, exporting only to a few select distributors, and build some of the nicest weapons on the market today. TM take pride in what they do, and this shines through in their weapons, being some of the most well designed and consistent Airsoft Weapons on the market.

Each Marui weapon is carefully constructed with precision parts to ensure that they cycle perfectly every time, and feature some of the latest Hop-Up technology delivery extreme ranges and accuracy. Not only do they take pride in their weapons, they also take pride in their boxes, giving you something to not only store your weapon in, but to display it as well.

We offer a range of TM Weapons, ranging from full on Assault Rifles, to Pistols, Sniper Rifles and more, as well as selling parts and spares for the pistols to keep them running for longer.

If you're looking for a top quality Airsoft Gun, look no further.