VORSK Agency VX-9 Grips

  • Real Wood
  • Light or Dark
  • Rubber Inlays

This is a set of Pistol Grips for the VORSK Agency VX-9, available in either Dark or Light coloured Real Wood. They have Rubber Inlays to match the original set, providing grip and comfort from the material and ergonomic shape. They're incredibly easy to install, requiring only four screws to fit.

Full description



  • Replacement Pistol Grips
  • Fits VORSK VX-9
  • Available in Light or Dark
  • Real Wood Material
  • Rubber Grip Inlays
  • Ergonomic Finger Grooves
  • VORSK Logo
  • Easy Installation
  • 4 x Install Screws Included
  • Textured Grip Panels

Package Includes

  • VORSK Agency VX-9 Grips

Special Instructions

Installation Advice:

When installing new Pistol Grip Covers, it is essential to perform the swap on a flat, clean/clear surface, so that you can easily see if any parts have escaped. Installation of Grip Covers is very easy and straightforward, but should be performed with the Grip Cover/Panel facing upwards, so as not to upset any components that may be held in place by the Grip.



Name Variant
Light, Dark,
External Part Type


Colour Wheel Greyscale
Item Colour
Real Wood
Real Wood
Construction Icon
Real Wood Grips, Rubber Inlays and Alloy Screws

Weight and Dimension

Weight KG Icon
Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.052kg

Part Specific

Weapon Platform
VORSK Agency VX-9