Buying Guide: ASG EVO Battery

Buying Guide: ASG EVO Battery

Ah yes, the age old question that has stirred up the airsoft community like nothing else: What battery do I use in my Scorpion EVO? 

It's not exactly clear cut for the entire world to obtain a sure-fire answer to go by, this is simply because the answer to this question is subject to your Region! We fired some questions over to the guys at ASG in Denmark and sourced the information directly from the creator, finally...we have it! So if you've spent hours on Facebook debating whether you can / can't use an 11.1v in your EVO to the point where Scorpion Evo doesn't even look like a word anymore, this Buying Guide might be for you!

Why can't I use 11.1v in my ASG EVO, it's rated for them!?

You'll find an abundance of information on the internet, in Facebook Groups, Discords and Reddit Forums people will be at each others throats about using 11.1v in your EVO out of the box, though technically the EVO is manufactured and rated for use with an 11.1v, things get a whole lot different once it's imported to the UK as our FPS laws differ from those over in the EU.

When you buy an EVO from a UK retailer, they're fitted with a lower powered spring to accommodate the UK velocity regulations and mutually agreed FPS limit among UK sites of 350 Feet Per Second. 

Due to the reduction in resistance from the UK variant' spring the gun fires slightly faster, so using an 11.1v will result in cycle timing issues in the gearbox, meaning that if you were to run an 11.1v and then pull the trigger, you would be asking the gun to cycle before it's finished it's last cycle, doing this causes something called Pre-engagement and results in your internal parts such as the Piston being stripped, think of it like this.

Regular CyclePull trigger > Motor spins > gears spin > Piston is Pulled > Gun Fires

11.1v CyclePull Trigger > Motor spins > gears spin > CYCLE RESTARTS > Gears over spin > Piston is stripped

ASG, the manufacturer of the EVO recommend that if you have the UK variant of the EVO or an EVO firing at 1j or under to use a 7.4v LiPo or a 9.9v LiFe battery, 9.9v being the highest V option, that way you can safely fire away without having to worry about damaging your EVO or voiding any warranties!

So I can't ever use an 11.1v LiPo in my EVO?

Fear not LiPo lovers! There is still hope. If you upgrade your EVO to a point where it's firing higher than 1j it is possible to use an 11.1v LiPo without issues. Even though the EU variants come fitted with the higher rated springs and spring guides, everything internally is the same. If you replace the standard spring and spring guide with ASG official Parts then the replica will work just fine on 11.1v as long as you're firing over 1j. 

Typically though if your EVO is rocking above 1j then it would be commonly classed as a DMR, which isn't a playstyle Evo Owners tend to adopt. 

I got my EVO from a UK Retailer, which battery should I use?

If your EVO was purchased within the UK then use a 7.4v LiPo battery or a 9.9v LiFe battery. 

I got my EVO from outside the UK, which battery should I use?

If your EVO was purchased from outside the UK, then you'll want to use an 11.1v LiPo battery as long as the gun is firing over 1j in velocity. 

I got my EVO from Patrol Base, which battery should I use?

If you bought your EVO from us, use a 7.4v LiPo or a 9.9v LiFe!

It doesn't matter what xXA1RS0FT-T3CHXx said on Discord, all you need to know is that your warranty is with us and we recommend that you use a 7.4v LiPo or a 9.9v LiFe, should you choose to listen to xXA1RS0FT-T3CHXx and use an 11.1v Lipo in your EVO, there's a very good chance you'll cause pre-engagement which we cannot cover under warranty.

Instructions direct from ASG

  • If the Evo is a UK Spec SUB 1j version, then only 9.9v LiFe or 7.4v LiPo should be used
  • If the Evo is an EU Spec > 1j version, then only 11.1v should be used 
  • If the Evo is a UK Spec Evo, but is upgraded > 1j using ASG Certified parts then 11.1v can be used

Now we hope that answers your question/s regarding the use of 11.1v in your ASG Scorpion EVO, if you need any help or have any further questions fire us a message on Instagram or get in touch with us on the phone by calling 01484644709 or email and we'd be happy to help.