CM15 KR Series: The Airsoft Player's Combat Machine

CM15 KR Series: The Airsoft Player's Combat Machine

G&G have added yet another masterpiece to their infallible Combat Machine series, which features a KeyMod Rail System, 14mm CCW Thread, Flip Up Ironsights and a Sliding Crane Stock for Crane Stock style Batteries.

This Airsoft gun not only stands out from the crowd with its great simple yet stylish look, but also comes in multiple different lengths. The rifle comes with different length handguards, with a 8.5'', 10'', 13'', and 14.5'' handguard.

This Airsoft Electric Gun is based on the AR/M4 platform and is another in G&Gs insanely popular Combat Machine series, which are famous for their longevity and user friendly design - which is why they are regularly used as Rental Guns for many Airsoft sites. This variant series of the Combat Machine offers a KeyMod Rail System which is built from Alloy and Powder Coated to promote better grip. This Rail System saves on weight by being a less bulky design and allows you to install 20mm adaptors or use KeyMod compatible accessories directly onto the rail. 

Key Features

  • Powder Coated Rail System
  • Adjustable hop-up unit for range and accuracy
  • Alloy rear sling loop for attaching sling setups
  • Rear Wired Version 2 gearbox
  • Alloy KeyMod Rail System
  • 14mm CCW Threaded Outer Barrel

KR Series Types

Recommended Extras

An Airsoft Red Dot / Holographic sight created by THETA OPTICS which is designed to be fit onto 20mm RIS / RAS Rails to make aiming your Airsoft gun easier and quicker giving you an advantage in CQB engagements. The sight projects a sighting picture using a laser on to the front glass lens which once zeroed will be where the pistol will shoot no matter the angle at which you can see the picture, this allows you to acquire targets quicker and more efficiently giving you an edge in an Airsoft game.

This sight is perfect for any Airsoft Skirmisher who is looking for a cheap but extremely effective red dot sight which won't break the bank without a loss in quality of picture.