Top 5 ASG CZ Scorpion Evo External and Internal Upgrades

Top 5 ASG CZ Scorpion Evo External and Internal Upgrades

Out of the box the ASG Scorpion Evo is arguably one of the best Airsoft guns on the market, and its getting constantly upgraded and updated, but what's next? 

In this blog we're going to show you how to take your Evo to the next level with our top 5 picks of external and internal upgrades for the Evo which will take your gun to the next level.

ASG CZ Scorpion Evo Magazine 75rnd x3 Pack

Evo Magazine 75rnd x3 Pack

A multipack of magazine for the ASG Scorpion Evo. Built from tough Polymer these magazines are mid-capacity, meaning BBs can be loaded from the top using a speed loader and then require no winding. Bulk out your magazine collection quickly and easily at a great price. 

Grabbing this pack perfectly compliments the magazine you got with your gun, giving you 4 magazines, the perfect amount for a CQB Skirmish. Want to take your game outdoors? Grab yourself two packs instead!

ASG CZ Scorpion Evo Front Support Set

CZ Evo Front Support Set

A 20mm RIS lower mounted point designed to stop the operator of the weapons' hand from sliding forward in front of the barrel. 

This is great for players who play in low light environments to allow them to find the end of their replica, the hand stop can be mounted either at the very front to stop your hand from sliding over the barrel, or slightly inwards allowing you to wrap your fingers around it for extra hold.

ASG CZ Scorpion Evo 18mm to 14mm CCW Thread Adaptor

CZ Scorpion Evo 18mm to 14mm CCW Thread Adaptor

An adaptor which converts the 18mm thread on the Airsoft Scorpion Evo to a 14mm Counter Clockwise (CCW) Thread. This thread adaptor will give your Evo a more unique look, allowing you to use a multitude of suppressors and silencers, or even attach Tracer Units, making it perfect for dark indoor CQB skirmish sites! 

We recommend you get your hands on an ASG B&T Airsoft Tracer Unit CCW to complete the look!

HB industries HBi ASG CZ Scorpion Evo Paddle Mag Release

HB Paddle Mag Release

A replacement Magazine Release Catch for the Scorpion Evo III Submachine Gun, which also is fully compatible with the Airsoft Replica as well, making for a great after-market part which is a must have for any Evo Owner.

The extended magazine makes it easier to swap magazines quickly by increasing the face size of the magazine release and features flared sides which allows access to the release from all angles, making it easier to reload your weapon 

ASG Ultimate EVO CNC Performance Hop Up

Ultimate EVO CNC Performance Hop Up

This is an official aftermarket Airsoft Hop-up Unit for the ASG Scorpion Evo, made by none other than ASG themselves! This awesome unit is constructed from a single piece of CNC 'Aerospace' Aluminium, and states it will yield a 20% increase in range and accuracy. It is also said to be tailored to Flat Hop and R-Hop setups, if you have already made this modification. If you haven't done this modification, don't worry, it will still give you performance benefits.

If you're looking to squeeze more range and/or accuracy out of your ASG Scorpion Evo, or you just want a highly refined HOP Unit with precise adjustments that is easy to read, then the ASG Ultimate EVO CNC Performance HOP Up is just what you're looking for.

So there you have it! Did this blog post give you an ideas? Take your Airsoft ASG Scorpion Evo to the next level and get an even bigger advantage over the other team, even more than you do now!