Umarex Supply Drop - MP7A1 GBB and Beretta M9A3 CO2 GBB

Umarex Supply Drop - MP7A1 GBB and Beretta M9A3 CO2 GBB

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More incredible replicas just dropped from Umarex! As one of the industry's biggest providers of licensed Airsoft replicas, Umarex have set the bar extremely high for attention to detail, build quality and performance, leaving little left to improve on. Holding the license for two of the biggest names in the firearms world, H&K and Berretta allows Umarex to team up with the best names in the business of manufacturing replicas and produce absolutely perfect replicas of the latest innovations from two of the premier firearms manufacturers. Having checked these things out up close, we at Patrol Base are certain these replicas fall in line with Umarex's high standards, providing skirmish-capable platforms which would be just as comfortable on display!

Lets see what they have sent through this time...


Umarex's latest SMG/PDW, the MP7A1, is amongst the first 1:1 scale replicas of the mighty MP7A1. The MP7 began its life early in the 1990s as the H&K PDW, competing with the P90 for a NATO-wide contract for a handgun replacement for behind the lines Soldiers such as logistics specialists, as well as for special forces use. Other than the addition of Picatinny rails and a birdcage-type flash hider, the design has practically remained unchanged. The marriage of a compact PDW in a rifle-style cartridge with H&K's short-stroke gas piston system from the G36 meant whilst the P90 had the eye of the Military in the 90s, the MP7 has proven to be the superior platform. Used by a plethora of special forces units including the US Navy Seals, the MP7A1 has proven itself through its popularity. It is also used by the M.O.D police in the UK, amongst other LE and SF units.

Umarex's offering features high-density polymer construction with metal internals, a steel flash hider at the tip and an easily adjusted HOP unit. The unique flip-up iron sights provide dual functionality; when flipped up they provide an adjustable rear aperture and front blade similar to a rifle, when flipped own they provide white dot pistol sights. This means you can shoot the MP7 like a pistol, whether it be one-handed or dual-wielded! The magazines for the Umarex MP7 hold a whopping 40 rounds, considerably more than the average pistol, even providing more ammo than much larger GBBR magazines. This will allow you to enjoy the bone-shaking recoil of a GBBR and reload less frequently! The MP7A1 also features a Glock-style safety trigger which is particularly useful in direct action situations (Airsoft skirmishes included) as this allows you to carry your Umarex MP7 without selecting the safe position and still have a safety function - ready to engage but not accidentally since the trigger cannot be released without an intentional pull. The extendable stock features steel stock bars and 3 positions of adjustment. Unlike other similar extendable stocks, that of the Umarex MP7A1 has very little wobble and feels solid to shoulder, almost like a solid stock. When the stock is retracted, the MP7 can be used up close and personal, and with the integrated vertical grip folded down, provides handling characteristics that feel a step above similar concepts. This functionality allows you to take tight corners with a more compact form than a pistol and a traditional stance, meaning you will have the upper hand shooting at bad breath range, even over handgun users. 

Stepping aside from the jaw-dropping looks and practical handling factors of the MP7A1, it's time to talk about performance! Being a GBB, the trigger response is almost instantaneous, allowing rapid snap shooting that AEG users can only dream of. You can clear a room before anyone knows you are there, with the prerequisite amount of practice! The rate of fire in full auto is positively scary, approaching Mac-11 levels of BB spam without the loss of accuracy, and leaving all but the most refined custom high-speed AEGs in the dust.



Umarex's M9A3, simply put, represents the most advanced, realistic and high-performance M9 Airsoft Pistol on the market today. With full metal construction and using CO2 as a power source, this pistol has substantial recoil and a rapid firing rate, giving you the firing experience you deserve, and doing one of the most popular, widely used and widely copied weapons platforms of recent history the justice it deserves! As a faithful reproduction of the real-world M9A3 - competitor in the US Army's Modular Handgun System competition,  this Beretta replica features many modernizations to the original M9A1 handgun which other Airsoft M9s do not include. 

Featuring a more vertical grip angle than the original M92/M9, this GBB accurately imitates the M9A3 designs focus on modern shooting doctrine and feels perfect in gloved or non-gloved hands. The additional checkered surfaces on the front and rear of the pistol grip remove the need for using an aftermarket grip such as the "Hogue" grips as well as keeping the profile slim and ergonomic and ensuring it stays in your hand in dynamic situations. The inclusion of laser-etched faithful Beretta trademarks across the replica remind the user of this handgun's pedigree and provide the icing on the cake of the M9A3's accurate aesthetics. The paint finish itself is absolutely faithful to the real pistol trailed by the US Army, with several different tones of tan present on the slide, frame and pistol grip in a SCAR-like manner, with the paint finish being thick but smooth, giving a robust protective layer to the alloys beneath and looking darn sexy to boot! As a Umarex M9A3 owner you will undoubtedly find yourself torn between displaying this piece above your mantle or taking it out and mag-dumping it! The M9A3 comes equipped with enlarged and squared-off "suppressor" sights, granting the user increased ability to use the iron sights when a suppressor is mounted. This also allows the pistol to be cocked one-handed in a sticky situation by dragging the squared-off rear sights across a belt/other gear like a super tacticool operator. If you like the classic Beretta M9 looks but don't want to be left behind by Glock and Sig users, the M9A3 will have you well served with its combination of M9 looks and 21st-century features. 

There's more....

Yep, that's right! We're nowhere near done! We've got an awesome range of H&K products available by UMAREX that are bound to excite the inner gun lover. We've got Green Gas Powered HK417D Marksman Rifles with recoil so powerful it'll kick up dust, Gas Blowback HK45's & even a Gas Blowback G3A3! UMAREX really brought out the big guns today...get it?

It's safe to say we've got an absolutely incredible selection of Replica 6mm BB Airsoft guns, Fully Licensed by H&K with all the corresponding trademarks as the real steel counterpart would have to give you the most immersive Airsoft Experience possible. 

Now we'll leave you to digest, and spend the rest of the day contemplating which Heckler & Koch product you're going to treat yourself to.. I mean how can you choose? they're all so good! 

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