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Presenting PTS Syndicate

About PTS Syndicate 

PTS Syndicate have been creating top of the range Airsoft gear for over ten years, from Replica Firearms to Tactical Accessories, their products have been favoured for both civilian & Military / Law Enforcement use since the early 2000's & since then they've grown into one of the most high quality suppliers in the industry.

PTS pride themselves & their products on the ability to provide the highest quality training simulation experience, as all of their products go through a vigorous testing phase known as RDT&E which stands for "Research, Development, Test & Evaluation" - So you can rest assured knowing that your PTS product has been through the works to ensure you're getting the highest quality goods out there. The lines they produce are also manufactured with the highest quality materials & manufacturing processes, such lines are commonly referred to their EP products which stands for "Enhanced Polymer" - Which is a reinforced Dupont Zytel Polymer build that harbours a quality which is simply unmatched in the airsoft market.

Law Enforcement around the world, specifically in the USA have also adopted a lot of PTS equipment for training purposes due to their impeccable build quality & similarity to their real steel counterpart, allowing their officers & trained personnel to switch from replica to RS with no detriment to handling & muscle memory. 

Fun Fact about PTS Syndicate: They are also known as MAGPUL's airsoft line, as they feature many products such as Pistol Grips, Stocks, Foregrips & Flash Hiders all licensed by MAGPUL, who manufacture Live Firearm accessories. There is no other airsoft manufacturer who has a license from MAGPUL, as such the quality is inimitable. 

The PTS EP Series

PTS EP Series

The PTS EP Series consists of Replica Firearm accessories such as Foregrips, Magazines, Pistol grips, Iron Sights & Stocks, all of which are manufactured from their Enhanced Polymer build providing you with the most accurate & best quality accessories. The majority of the Grips & Magazines feature a dotted pattern known as the EP DOT Pattern, which allows for a better grip no matter the contact surface ( Skin / Gloves )

Their PTS EPM Magazine series are one of the most sought after products in the retail realm of airsoft, with their high efficiency compression spring which applies direct pressure upwards instead of sideways like most magazines, this makes for a consistent & reliable feed. The EPM 1 Series also feature a "Fuel Gauge" otherwise known as an orange follower / BB Indicator, a new feature that you will only find on the EPM 1's which allows you to always be aware of how many rounds you have left. As well as many other qualities, they also have an excellent fitment reputation & are known as the most durable magazine on the market. 

The PTS Centurion Arms CM4 Recoil

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

PTS certainly don't shy away from creating some amazing products & with this one they're really living up to their name: Professional Training & Simulation.

The PTS Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 is an Electric Blowback M4 that holds a proud place in the Airsoft market for the most shoulder-budging, body rattling electronic recoil system out there. The KWA Electronic Recoil Blowback System is designed to provide a simulated recoil as close to the real .223 / 5.56x45 counterpart as possible & it's safe to say they've hit the nail on the head with the instant shoulder-punch upon each trigger pull, oh and if you're wondering... yes, full auto does feel like trying to control a rogue Jack Hammer. 

As to be expected, the CM4 C4-10 is kitted out with the Enhanced Polymer Series externals such as the Stock, Magazine & Pistol grip in order to provide the most accurate & immersive experience possible with no need to even consider changing for higher quality parts, because they simply don't exist. The CM4 is fitted with a QUAD-RIS style rail which has endless amounts of rail-estate for all your attachment & accessory needs so you can customise the rifle down to a T so suit your preferred handling, a 6 position crane-style stock with great battery space & of course the EP Advanced iron sights. 

All in all the CM4 is an excellent choice for someone who is looking for an immersive, realistic & consistent simulation experience without the issues that come with Gas Blowbacks, so you can just keep gunnin' all day long, or until your shoulder & cheek bone have had enough.

PTS Externals & Accessories

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

PTS don't just make amazing replica firearms, believe it or not they also specialise in creating great quality external accessories such as mounts, suppressors, handguards & even tactical gear! Is there anything these guys can't do?


The UNITY Fast mount is one of the newest releases from PTS in regards to replica firearm accessories, it's a licensed reproduction of the popular FAST T1 Mount by Unity Tactical, which is designed to have a low mounting footprint & provide the end user with a quicker sight picture compared to most T1/T2 style mounts as the dot sits at eye level when raised. The UNITY Fast mount was mainly designed to be used with peripherals that may interfere with your ADS capabilities such as Night Vision / NOD's so you can always maintain a clear & accurate sight picture, it also features built in BUIS ( Back Up Iron Sights ) which are fully adjustable & should your red dot sight fail for any reason, you've always got the BUIS to fall back on. We've found that they're compatible with a wide range of T1 replicas such as the Vector Optics Maverick series & the VORTEX Crossfire Red Dot sight too, which makes them a great contender in the Airsoft Market.

The PTS Griffin Suppressor

As DJ Khaled would say, Another one! Yep, you guessed it, another licensed reproduction by PTS graces the Airsoft Market & this time it's the PTS Griffin Armament Mock Suppressor range. Griffin Armament suppressors are known for being extremely lightweight while providing maximum durability, this comes from over ten years of field thorough testing, including testing & combat operations in Afghanistan, more specifically during operation Enduring Freedom in which the Griffin Armament suppressors were tested to their full extent & not once did they fail or show signs of lacking quality. Available in either 6.8" or 5.8" in length, there's an option for the CQBR runner & the weekend marksman. Fitted with Griffin's ever popular QD interface mounting system & a fluted outer shell, the M4SD range is great at keeping weight to a minimum while maximising operation & maintaining style, after is what really matters right?

The PTS Syndicate MTEK Flux Helmet

The last on the list of our top three external picks is the PTS Syndicate MTEK Flux Helmet. Yet again PTS are flashing their ability to replicate real world kit for the Airsoft Market that is used by today's military / law enforcement & contractors. The MTEK Flux helmet serves to be the be-all & end-all of future fast helmet systems, developed to the highest standards with a reinforced ABS & providing excellent modularity while remaining lightweight the MTEK Flux is holding it's place very, very well. The helmet is a replica of the popular MTEK Flux Carbon Helmet, designed for the modern operator the helmet features a polymer shroud & an alloy Wilcox style mount plate for the addition of NVG's or Run Cams, you've also got the option of installing even more accessories such as a torch, laser or IR light on either side of the helmet using the M-LOK compatible Fast panels. The helmet presents itself with many more features, such as Velcro Panels for patches, removeable bungee cords, Adjustable chin strap as well as a "Flow" head shape fitment which follows the natural contours of the head offering the user excellent comfort & stability during use. If you're a modern operator who's after a helmet offering the best of the latest 21st century tech, the MTEK Flux is for you.

The PTS Syndicate Radian GBBR

A player with their own custom-made Gas Airsoft Gun.

The PTS Syndicate Radian Model 1 GBBR, of course we saved the best until last. 

The newest member of the GBBR PTS family is the Radian, a Gas Blowback M4 / AR15 variant fully licensed by Radian Weapons. The new kid in town just moved in & he's got the fairground out front & the pool party out back, the Radian certainly doesn't hold back when it comes to showing off! As expected the replica is kitted out with PTS' EP Series externals, featuring a reinforced / Enhanced Polymer build to an unmatched quality. The front end of the gun is fitted with a meaty 14" M-LOK Handguard with weight saving frame reductions to reduce overall weight & increase ergonomics, accompanied by an Alloy Receiver & a Steel bolt carrier, it's safe to say the Radian kicks like a mule with it's balls wrapped in duct tape! 

Fitted into the Radian is an ambidextrous magazine release, fire selector & a very special feature that is proprietary to Radian Weapons, the A-DAC ( Ambidextrous Dual Action Control ) which allows the shooter to lock the bolt to the rear with ease without having to remove their hand from the fire controls. To operate the A-DAC the user must first pull back the Raptor charging handle, press the right hand side magazine release button & then release the charging handle, this will engage a paddle above the right side which allows the user to release the bolt forward with their trigger finger, which is an excellent time saver as we all know every second in a firefight is precious & returning your rifle to battery is imperative. 

The overall feel of the gun is unmatched, a hefty piece of kit but yet you're able to throw it in & out of your shoulder with ease & once it's there it stays like a good doggo waiting for a treat.

Lets be real here, you know why you want a gas gun, we know why you want one too, you want something you can slap that bolt release on & listen to the ear-gasmic *Shlunk* as the bolt carrier returns to battery, there's no need to explain, honestly we get it. The PTS Radian holds an excellent place in the GBBR range & we honestly believe that this is one of the best GBBR's we've ever had & we're proud to stock it. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read our Presenting PTS Syndicate article, if you have any questions about the products mentioned above & their features please direct them over to our customer services team who'll be happy to help, you can drop them an email using, or give us a call on 01484644709, alternatively see our Contact Us page.