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  • MBUS Style
  • Flip Up / Down
  • Adjustable Sights

Simple to install and adjust as well as being lightweight. These are budget replica sights but adjust in every way that is necessary. 

  • Folding Type
  • Windage/Elevation
  • Aluminium Construction

An Aluminium constructed folding rear iron sight for 20mm rails which is fully adjustable for windage and elevation.

  • Belt Pouch Included
  • Optical Cleaning Tissues
  • Microfiber Dust Free Cloth

The must have, don't leave home without it kit.  Everything you need to keep your Vortex or other brand optics in tip-top condition.

  • Replacement Sights
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS
  • Low Light Front Sight

A replacement front and rear ironsight set for with 20mm RIS / RAS rails, allowing you to fit the low profile sights to almost any Airsoft Rifle. 

Was 43.49
Save 21.50
  • Tools Inlcuded
  • Constant & Pulsating
  • Adjustable Positioning

Replace your own boring iron sights for a built in laser unit to acquire your targets easier in low light and put fear into your enemy.

  • Flip Up Ironsights
  • Alloy Construction
  • For 20mm RIS/RAS

A set of Flip-Up Ironsights for 20mm Rails, which are constructed from Alloy and feature a 'Battle Ring' type Ironsight setup. If you run an optic and need a backup for when your battery dies, or you just love the look of an Ironsight Set on top of your Rifle, this is just what you need.

  • Red Dot Setting
  • 1x Magnification
  • Adjustable Reticule

A 1x red dot sight, providing a red dot for aiming. This sight provides a red dot sight with no magnification which provides quick target aquisition whilst in the field, allowing for two eye open targeting. 

  • Red/Green Dot
  • Super Compact
  • RIS Weaver Base

A compact red/green sight that weighs in at an amazing 55g, making it perfect for speedsofters and snap shooters alike! 

  • Red/Green Dot
  • Dot Thickness Adjust
  • Integrated 20mm Mount

A large Red Dot Sight which is built from Alloy and features integrated Lens Covers as well as Dot Thickness and Brightness adjustment dials, and Windage/Elevation adjustments to ensure your shots are always on target.

  • Green & Red Dot
  • Variable Brightness
  • Integrated 20mm Mount

A unique looking Compact Red Dot Sight on an integrated 20mm RIS mount which is easy to install to your Rail System using the Allen Key Bolt. It features a Green and Red Dot with variable brightness for both colours, as well as easy to use Windage and Elevation adjustment.

  • Low Profile
  • Adjustable Reticle
  • Red / Green Setting

A compact, fully adjustable, red/green illuminated replica Holographic sight based on the real EoTech 551 Holographic sight, capable of being mounted onto Airsoft weapons with 20mm RIS rails. 

  • 2 Bolt Design
  • On / Off Red Dot
  • Alloy Construction

A high quality very compact optic that is suitable to fit any Airsoft 20mm RIS/RAS rail section. Ideal for pistols, compact SMG and low profile rail systems. 

  • Red Setting
  • Raised Mount
  • Adjustable Reticle

A fantastic reflex optic with a red dot reticle featuring adjustable brightness, elevation and windage controls. 

  • Adjustable Reticule
  • Red / Green Setting
  • Easy access On / Off Switch

An Airsoft reflex type red / green dot sight with fully adjustable windage and elevation controls, all in a compact package which can fit on 20mm RIS rails. 

  • Zeroable Sight
  • Red / Green Dot
  • 1x Magnification

A cost effective ACOG replica that has all the benefits of looking like one, but with no magnification making it much more suited to short-range engagements.

  • Quick Release
  • High & Low Profile
  • 11 Brightness Levels

A tough Alloy constructed Red Dot Sight which is reminiscent of the T1 style design, and comes included with both a high and low profile 20mm mount to use it raised or snugly seated on your rail. It accepts a CR2032 battery and has 11 brightness levels, as well as tool-less Windage & Elevation adjustment.

  • 8x Magnification
  • Great spotting scope
  • Compact & Lightweight

Designed by VORTEX Optics in the USA this monocular is the perfect lightweight, compact and strong sight for spotting and tracking. The sight is highly functional, and provides a crisp and clear picture with 8x zoom and bright magnification.

  • Easy to Adjust
  • QD Mount Included
  • Red & Green Illumination

A functional Airsoft replica reflex optical sight of the XPS Holographic sight by EOTech. Like the real thing this replica has functional red / green illumination, and has fully adjustable windage and elevation settings.

  • For WE G-Series
  • Ghost Ring Style
  • Light Enhancing Sight

A gorgeous set of light-enhancing iron sights for any WE branded G-Series slide, which provides a better-looking and easier to use aiming platform than traditional sights.

  • 3 MOA Target Dot
  • 1 MOA Adjustment
  • Waterproof & Rugged

A T-1 style optic which is protected by tough Rubber Armour, has eleven levels of brightness on its' 3 MOA Target Dot and comes included with both a high and low profile 20mm mount. Enjoy real-steel quality at Airsoft prices.

  • 1x Magnification
  • Red / Green Setting
  • Flip-Up Sight Covers

A fully functioning, red/green illuminated replica Holographic sight based on the real EoTech 551 Holographic sight, capable of being mounted onto Airsoft weapons with 20mm RIS rails. 

  • Micro Red Dot
  • Variable Illumination
  • Adjustable Without Tools

Ultra compact Red Dot Sight, styled on Aimpoint's Mico T-1 sight, complete with both low profile and extended 20mm RIS Rail Mounts. 

  • 20mm RIS Mount
  • Red/Green Illumination
  • Adjustable Without Tools

An Airsoft replica of the Eotech 557 Holographic Sight, is a High Quality optic suitable for use in close range Airsoft Skirmishing. 

  • Metal Body
  • 5 Intensity Levels
  • Red and Green Dot

A compact yet visually different optic. A purchase that you know very few others will be running with on their Airsoft gun. 

  • Adjustable Reticle
  • Red / Green Setting
  • Mesh Lens Protector

    An Airsoft replica of the Aimpoint CompM4 Reflex optic, with a fully functional Red / Green reticle dot with adjustable illumination, elevation and windage controls.

    • Adjustable Height
    • Variable Brightness
    • For 20mm RIS / RS Rail

    An adjustable Red Dot sight designed to be fitted onto any weapon with a 20mm RIS / RAS Rail. Perfect for CQB, and adjustable in height for use on multiple weapon configurations.

    • 1 x Magnification
    • Holographic Sight
    • Red / Green Setting

    A detailed replica of the Eotech 553 holographic sight, however this replica sight has been designed for Airsoft in mind. 

    • AAA Powered
    • Quick Release Mount
    • Tool-Less Adjustment

    A large-sized Alloy constructed Red Dot Sight which comes with an integrated High Profile Mount for 20mm rails with a Quick Release Lever. It features adjustable Dot Brightness as well as tool-less adjustments and Flip-Up Lens Covers.

    • Tripod Included
    • Multi-Coated Lens
    • 20-60x Magnification

    A 20-60x magnification Spotting Scope which comes included with its own Tripod, and has fully multi-coated lenses for a crystal clear image.

    • Wide Field of View
    • Quick Release Mount
    • Anti-Shock Reinforcement

    An attractive compact Red Dot Sight with a wide field of view for 20mm RIS accessory rails, suitable for use as a CQB sight, or as a backup sight for another optic. 

    Acquire your target and take them out with accuracy!

    We stock a huge range of optics from budget to high-end magnified optics and red dots. All of them fit onto 99% of Airsoft guns on the market. Choose from a wide array of Holographic, Reflex, Magnified, Rifle Scopes and much more. 

    Be ready for your next Airsoft skirmish, if you shoot in low light Airsoft arenas or have an upcoming night game, then be prepared with one of our Airsoft Optics today.

    We also hold a range of Scopes that are perfect for your Airsoft sniper rifles. Featuring illumination, easy to adjust windage and elevation along with a mix of eye relieves and front lenses from 25 to 50mm wide.

    If you can't find something that you like, or want something which isn't on the website why not contact us via Phone and we can do our best to source it for you!
    Telephone: 01484 644709