CYMA Enhanced Safety Lever for AK47/74 AEG

Code: FBP2291
  • Steel construction
  • Fits most AK47/74 AEGs
  • Switch fire modes quickly and easily

If you want to take your Airsoft AK AEG to the next level and give yourself some AR-style advantages, the Enhanced Safety Lever from CYMA will speed up your weapons manipulation and make up for the AK's "retro" ergonomics. This safety lever is constructed from steel and is compatible with most Airsoft AK AEG rifles on the market, and lets you switch fire modes using the trigger finger, without removing your hand from the pistol grip.

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Do you want to get tactical with your AK? Now you can, without learning any weird Russian techniques! The Enhanced Safety Lever for AK47/74 AEG is designed to give the AK an ergonomics boost and keep it competitive amongst M4s, G36s and other more modern designs.

The party trick this lever provides is the ability to switch fire modes from a firing grip using your trigger finger, which turns the AK from something only a Russian can use properly to something we can all work proficiently and with AR-like speed. This is done using a folded steel extension on the bottom of the lever which is curved for easy access for any length of "booger hook". On the top, there is also a cut-out on the upper section which can be used to lock the mock bolt to the rear on AEG AKs with a full travel mock bolt carrier.


  • Steel construction
  • Fits most Airsoft AK AEGs
  • Speed up your weapon manipulation
  • Bring your AK into the 21st century
  • Includes brass insert and screw

Package Includes

  • CYMA Enhanced Safety Lever for AK47/74 AEG



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Fire Selector
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fire selector
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Parts Fitting


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Steel with brass insert.

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Approx. 0.032kg

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AK, Assault Rifle,