NUPROL NX400 Pro Tactical Pistol Flashlight & Red Laser

Code: 7052
  • 400 Lumens CREE LED 
  • Adjustable red aiming laser
  • Alloy construction with polymer parts

For those who use a pistol as a primary weapon; this would be perfect for your setup! The NUPROL NX400 hybridizes the NX300 tactical pistol flashlight with a red aiming laser which is fully adjustable and can be zeroed effectively thanks to the revised NX400 mount which is machined as part of the body and attaches to your rails using a robust steel thumb screw. The NX400 uses the same intuitive activation switch found on the NX300 and NX200 flashlights but has a spicier 400-lumen CREE LED and a red aiming laser which can be used together with the white light LED or on its own, with the white light locked off for more stealthy work.

The NX400 squeezes a lot of functionality into a compact package and would be perfect for an "offensive handgun" or primary pistol, but can also be used on rifles, and will be particularly well suited to those with a compact front end and limited rail space. 

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The NUPROL NX400 is a combination white light illuminator and pistol aiming laser, all rolled into a single unit so you never have to choose! The NX400 is an evolution of the NX300 tactical flashlight and provides an extra 100 lumens of white light output and a red aiming laser which is fully adjustable and perfect for speedy snap shooting up close. An aiming laser is one of the most rapid and instinctive ways to set your sights on a target, and when properly zeroed a laser can almost guarantee you get the first shot off when it matters the most. 

The NX400 comes with a built in 20mm Picatinny rail mount which is strengthened when compared to the NX300 to allow the red aiming laser to be zeroed effectively and provide ultra-fast aiming in CQB. This mount will lock tightly to any 20mm Picatinny rail, whether it is on a rifle or pistol, and provide the solid mount needed for use as an aiming device. The NX400 is constructed from alloy with polymer switches and requires 2x CR123A cells to function. 

To mount the NX400 you will need to loosen the thumb screw on the right side of the flashlight body, after which you should be able to drop the light onto your rail and tighten the thumb screw down in a similar manner to a "Scout" type flashlight. This will lock the NX400 into position firmly and allow a repeatable zero with the aiming laser. The shape of the NX400 makes it ideal for mounting on a pistol, but its short overall length and built in switches mean it could also be an asset for any short barreled Airsoft rifle or SMG, particularly those with a lack of rail space. 

The well-liked ambidextrous rocker switch also makes an appearance on the NX400, allowing ambidextrous operation of all modes of the device and accurately mimicking the switch which makes "SF" flashlights such a popular choice in the real world. This switch provides constant on when it is pushed either up or down and momentary on with a forward press. The switch presents itself on either side of the flashlight which allows both left and right-handed users to use it effectively. The added bonus of this switch design is that it can be activated with either the trigger finger or the support hand thumb, meaning if you need to navigate but don't want to risk an ND you can use your trigger finger, and if you need to disorient the enemy as you enter a room and brass them up you can activate the light with your support hand thumb. 

The mode selector switch can be found at the rear of the laser body and allows you to configure the functions of the device which are activated by the "rocker" switch when you press it. The central position will allow both the white light and red aiming laser to be activated with the rocker switch, and a 90-degree turn from this position in either direction will deactivate all functions of the device (we recommend this for storage - saves batteries!). A 45-degree turn clockwise with the light and laser aperture facing away will lock off the laser but allow the white light to be used as normal. A 45-degree counterclockwise turn will lock the flashlight off, and set the unit to laser only. This is handy for sneaky players, and also allows the NX400 to be used at sites which do not allow lasers when in the white light only mode. 

The red aiming laser can be adjusted using the included Allen key, offering adjustable windage and elevation. The elevation adjustment is controlled by the grub screw on the bottom of the laser body, and the windage adjustment is located on the left side of the laser. The use of grub screws for adjustment means your settings will stay locked in for longer but does limit field adjustments unless you carry tools with you.

The NX400 requires 2x CR123A 3V cells to function, and these cells can be inserted through the battery cap at the rear of the unit. You will find the lever to open the battery compartment on the bottom of the flashlight (with the rail mount facing up), and pressing this lever will open the battery door. Inside you will find the polarity indicated on each contact, saving you the hassle of figuring out which way around the batteries go yourself! 

If you are tackling a challenging CQB site with only a pistol, the NX400 could be the force multiplier you need to stay ahead! This device combines an aiming laser and bright 400 Lumen CREE LED into a single compact unit which makes it equally awesome for short-barreled rifle or SMG setups, with the added bonus of ambidextrous functionality. 


  • Full metal construction
  • 20mm Picatinny rail mount
  • Quick removal and installation
  • 400 Lumen CREE LED 
  • Adjustable red aiming laser
  • Laser Adjustment: Underside - Elevation. Left - Windage
  • Mode selector switch allows Light only/Laser only/Light and Laser
  • Battery: 2x CR123A Cell
  • Optimised for a pistol - Great on short rifles too! 
  • Ambidextrous rocker switch - Momentary/constant on
  • Perfect for dark CQB environments - Navigate, search, disorient!
  • Batteries are not included

Package Includes

  • NUPROL NX400 Pro Tactical Pistol Flashlight & Red Laser
  • Allen key 



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