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From £99.99
  • Alloy Slide
  • Gas Blowback
  • Licenced by CZ

Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Pistol, which has been designed and created based off the CZ P-09 Duty and fully licensed by CZ from Czech Republic. The Pistol features an Alloy Slide and Internals, with a Polymer Frame, making the pistol perfect for use with both Co2 and Green Gas Magazines.

From £109.99
  • H&K Trademarks
  • USP 9mm variant 
  • Full metal construction

An elegant design, often overlooked, the H&K USP is known worldwide as one of the most reliable and accurate handguns available. Born out of US SOCOMs OHWS program and little brother of the MK.23, the USP 9mm isn't just the Univeral Service Pistol, it is the ULTIMATE service pistol. 

From £119.99
  • Snappy/Crisp Recoil
  • Ambidextrous Pistol
  • Amazing Build Quality

The FNX-45 is undoubtedly one of the greatest lookest sidearms of all time. The Civilian Model is absolutely no exception, and is the ideal choice for someone looking for a Pistol with an incredible build quality, fully ambidextrous controls and a satisfying action, or something a little more classy and subtle that a full Military Model. This Pistol needs to be held to be believed, it's just that good!

From £179.99
  • Ultra-low Bore-axis
  • CNC Machined Aluminium Slide
  • Fully Licensed by Archon™ Firearms 

Looking for a pistol to match your space-gun? Want a sidearm that feels as good in the hand as it shoots? The Archon™ Type B pistol from EMG has everything you would expect from a training-grade pistol. The real world Archon™ Type B was designed with specs coming directly from active duty US service personnel who had found current striker-fired pistols offered to be inadequate for their needs. This EMG Gas blowback is absolutely faithful to this, the ergonomic attributes of this pistol are basically unparalleled. 

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From £259.98 Pack price
Bought separately £279.98
Save £20.00
  • Suppressors Included
  • Rubberised Grips
  • Dual Pistol Pack

A pack containing two VORSK VX-9 Pistols allowing you to rock up to the field looking like some kind of non-brand specific deadly hired target killing individual. The pack is built of up of two sets of the Pistol, so you get two of everything included in the boxes, that means two pistols, two suppressors, and two magazines, allowing you get right into your next game with style.

The pistols themselves are gas blow back Airsoft pistol designed by VORSK based off the 1911 design. VORSK has taken a look at the 1911 platform and made their own tweaks to make it into a truly next level pistol.

Why not mix and match your colours to make the set truly your own? You can also add two-tone if you're yet to receive your Airsoft Defence, such as UKARA or site membership!

  • Massive Savings
  • 2 x Standard Mags
  • 2 x Extended Mags

The latest Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol from VORSK is here and available in Double Pack form! This multi-buy saving bundle allows you to either get twice the firepower, or split the cost of your new Pistol with a friend. The Double Pack comes included with Two Pistols, Two Standard 20rnd Magazines and Two Extended 36rnd Magazines. Whether you're wanting to get some knee-sliding, dual-wielding action in, or you want to have matching Pistols with your battle buddy, the Vorsk CS Defender Double Pack is absolutely ideal. Especially if you don't yet have your defence; there's no need to wait whilst we paint it, it's ready to go!

From £12.99
  • Gas Powered
  • Magazine Fed
  • Tiny NBB Pistol

A tiny micro pistol designed as a fun sidearm which can be concealed in pockets and pouches for use in mil-sim games should you be captured, or in capture style games, oh , and you'll totally embarrass someone if you hit them with it.

From £49.99
  • Gas Powered
  • Non-Blowback
  • 17 Round Magazine

A Polymer, Non-Blowback Airsoft Gas Pistol based off of the Ruger MK1.

From £54.99
  • Very Lightweight
  • Detachable Silencer
  • Incredible Range & Accuracy

The best of the best. Supreme range, silent and deadly. With a silencer with an inner barrel (extends your pistol inner barrel) the silencer increases your FPS but also reduces the sound of your pistol phenomenally.

From £54.99
  • 1911 Replica
  • Adjustable Hop Up
  • Semi & Fully Automatic

A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric non-blowback Pistol, based on the iconic original 1911 pistol.

From £59.99
  • Full Blowback
  • Alloy Frame & Slide
  • Ideal Concealed Carry

A highly compact gas powered blowback 1911 style pistol from Army Armament, which is ideal for those who love a compact pistol or need a concealed carry for roleplay skirmishes.

From £64.99
  • Full metal 1911
  • Ergonomic Grips
  • Raised MEU style sights

Maybe you aren't a fan of the ever-increasing pile of fancy slide cut shiny hi-capas? For the discerning gentleman who likes his sidearm to be a sidearm, this Army 1911 is the one. Featuring a full metal frame, slide, and outer barrel, the noise this thing makes when fired is very satisfying! The classic 1911 design aesthetic coupled with more modern MEU style sights and a wrap-around ergonomic grip means the R27 provides all the necessary enhancements but without any unnecessary additions ruining the pistol's simplicity, for which it is famous.

From £67.99
  • Top Break Revolver
  • Auto Shell Extractor
  • Ideal For Re-enactment

A CO2 powered authentic replica of the legendary British revolver. If you're in the market for an accurate replica of the MK VI, then look no further than this, affordable and accurate representation of the revolver which saw use from 1915 and well beyond the Second World War.

Please note this product is a 6mm BB Airsoft variant & not a 4.5mm / .177 Air gun. 

From £69.99
  • Non-Blowback Replica
  • Co2 Powered
  • Target Gun

A 1911 Co2 None Blowback replica by Cybergun, excellent for target practice at home or on a range. No reciprocating slide means more gas efficiency down range. However this does boost the FPS above most site limits, making it unsuitable for skirmish use.

From £72.49
Was £84.99
Save £12.50
  • Lightweight Design
  • Semi Automatic Variant
  • Front Rail for Attachments

A Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured and built by NUPROL as part of their RAVEN EU-Series Pistol Range. The weapon is constructed with a lightweight and durable Polymer Lower Frame and an Alloy Slide, making it a Lightweight yet Durable sidearm.

From £72.99
  • Strong Recoil
  • Amazing Value
  • TM Compatible

A highly affordable replica of the absolute Mac-Daddy of handguns, the Desert Eagle .50AE, which not only takes names but kicks some serious butt.

From £74.99
  • Tactical Lower Rail
  • Suppressor Included
  • Gas Blowback Action

A 6mm Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol, based on the B9 handgun, given a modern and Secret Agent inspired make-over. This Airsoft Replica Pistol features a realistic Blowback action that simulates recoil, and is the perfect companion to any Airsofter who wants to be more effective in CQB situations.

From £74.99
  • Strong Recoil
  • Light Enhancing Sights
  • Wide Range of Colours

Calling all Hi-Capa fans! The RAVEN series are back, and this time with a revisit to the ever-popular Hi-Capa platform. The range offers a massive variety of colours, coupled with a strong recoil and smooth slide action for a grin-inducing shooting experience.

From £74.99
  • LiPo Battery
  • MOSFET Inside
  • Awesome CQB Gun

This updated Airsoft Electric Pistol is roughly based on the comfortable EU Series, and offers a much better Rate of Fire and Performance than their standard equivalents. This version includes a MOSFET and LiPo Battery, which 'amps' up the Performance with a faster Trigger Response, and the ability to dump an entire Magazine Fully Automatic in seconds.

From £79.99
  • 20mm Pistol Rail
  • Modern 1911 Pistol
  • CO2 Upgrades Included

A railed Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol manufactured by NUPROL designed to replicate the appearance and feel of a modern MEU 1911 pistol, which can accept 20mm accessories out of the box.

From £79.99
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Upgraded Gearbox
  • LiPo Battery Included

An Airsoft Electric Pistol which has an upgraded Gearbox and operates using an included LiPO Battery pack, which means you get a high rate of fire in a pistol which that always fire so long as the Battery is charged, making for a highly dependable sidearm which you can trust to empty a full magazine in one go.

From £84.99
  • Thread Adaptor
  • Extended Base Plate
  • Light Enhancing Sights

A replica gas blowback Airsoft pistol designed by Army Armaments with a range of advanced features, such as an extended magazine and light enhancing ironsights, and is based on the 1911 platform with a more modern twist.