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High Quality Airsoft Replicas of the Most Iconic Rifle in the World...

Looking to grab yourself a variant of the most well known Assault rifles in the world? Perhaps you're buying it because you recognize it, or because its one of the most popular weapons on Airsoft fields across the country? Either way, you can't go wrong with an Airsoft M4! Due to their popularity Airsoft M4 are undoubtedly the most highly upgradeable rifle on the market, with huge levels of aftermarket support from a wide variety of company, if you're looking for a weapon to customize then the humble M4 is for you. Should the worst happen and your weapon become damaged or broken there are literally thousands of variety of aftermarket parts for you to try and bring your weapon up to full working condition, or perhaps even better than before!

Here at Patrol Base Airsoft we offer a range of Airsoft M4/M15/M16 Assault Rifle variants to suit every players style from CQB tactical setups to the DMR Marksman roles. We stock a range of manufacturers from Ares to Cybergun, G&G to Tokyo Marui and more. Stock to suit introductory and professional Airsofters, with a selection of both Gas Powered and AEG Electric Rifles.

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We sell a range of high quality guns, with top sellers such as the G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider, and the ARES Amoeba Range of Assault Rifles all available both in-store and online.

If you're local, why not pop in and try out the guns before you buy! We are located in Huddersfield, near Manchester, and Leeds.

Want to learn more? You can find out more about our brick and mortar store though our About Us Page.

Looking for BB Guns? It's an easy mistake to make, here at Patrol Base we sell Airsoft Replicas, a much more advanced version of your typical BB gun. Set your sights higher and check out our range of highly realistic imitation firearms, which look better, feel better, and fire much further than a traditional BB gun. Be the envy of your friends, and rock up with something which will put their springers to shame.

Want to know exactly why Airsoft Replica are so much better than BB Guns? Check out our BB Guns Page.