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  • Steel ring with aluminium pin
  • Replacement for ECHO, EPSILON & NOVA Grenades
  • Grab a spare pin just in case!

If you've lost the pin for StratAIM grenade or you want to get ahead and have a spare on hand just in case, the StratAIM Replacement Pin for ECHO, EPSILON & NOVA Grenades is what you need! Constructed from aluminium with a steel ring, this pin is identical to the one supplied with the StratAIM ECHO, EPSILON and NOVA grenades.

  • For Thunder B Sonic Grenade
  • Pack of 12 replacement shells
  • Shock your opponents with a loud bang!

A 12 pack of replacement shells for the Thunder B Sonic Grenade system.

The Hakkotsu is the most realistic training sound grenade for the best price. The Thunder-Bs utilize a replica pin and spoon from a grenade to vent a 12gram CO2 container into the shell and pop the shell making an extremely loud Bang.

  • Biodegradable caps
  • Pack of 50 pieces
  • For StratAIM ECHO Sound grenade

If you're running the ECHO Hybrid Sound Grenade from StratAIM, you'll need some of these! The StratAIM Replacement Biodegradable Blast Caps are supplied as a set of 50, giving you 50 bangs for your ECHO grenade. The caps are constructed from laminated cardboard and should be inserted with the silver side facing out for maximum effect.

  • 10 Per Pack
  • Reusable Bundle
  • Rubber Build Great Seal

A pack of 10 rubber top caps for NUPROL - 40mm MOSCART Cap Head Grenade, which simply fit into the top of the shell once they are filled with BBs.

  • Full Repair Kit
  • NUPROL Only Fit
  • Lube Before Assembly

If you are suffering from a leaky grenade, struggling to hold gas or just a slow weep and fresh oil isn't fixing your issue, then it's time to replace your seals.

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