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  • Stop magazine leaks!
  • Rubber O-Rings
  • Great spare parts

This is a set of spare O-rings for Novritsch SP1, SSP2 & SSP5 V2 magazines. They are the perfect replacement parts for magazines that are leaking gas. Become a maintenance master and fix your leaky mags, rather than spending extra on new ones. Should your magazine spring a leak, a spare set of O-Rings is always handy. 

Fix your Novritsch magazines so they're skirmish-ready, or have some spare parts should the worst scenario occur. The Novritsch SSP2 O-Ring Set gives your magazines a second chance at fighting!

  • 140% Hammer spring
  • Improves recoil and slide speed
  • For Tokyo Marui EU series GBB Pistol

Looking for more recoil from your EU series GBB pistol? Installing a stronger hammer spring should do the trick! This 140% Hammer Spring from CowCow replaces the original hammer spring in your Tokyo Marui based EU series pistol and provides additional force for each hammer strike, releasing more gas and providing higher FPS and improved recoil and slide speed! This part is constructed from high strength spring steel and is hard-coated to prevent corrosion.

  • Steel construction
  • Trigger actuator
  • For GBB pistols

An upgrade or replacement stock sear spring for gas blowback pistols. The spring is made of robust steel and therefore will hold its shape better than stock springs, which is perfect for keeping your trigger action to be short and crisp. Due to the springs high tolerance, there would be no need to shave it down to fit in your grip.

  • Full O-ring set
  • Replacement for original parts
  • Repair or refresh your Gas shotty!

If you have a leaky M887x series shotgun this is what you will need to fix it. Replacement complete O-ring set, useful to repair your old unloved Shotgun or refresh your well loved Shotgun.

  • Steel construction
  • Spring with safety & slide stop plunger
  • Original Army Armament replacement part

If you are fixing up your Hi-capa or 1911 you might need one of these! The Slide Stop/Safety Spring and Plunger includes the dual purpose slide stop/safety spring and the plunger for each, making it the perfect replacement set for those who have lost or damaged these parts. All components in this set are constructed from steel, and are designed to fit the Army Armament 1911 and Hi-capa GBB pistols but may fit others based on the Tokyo Marui internal design. 

  • Spring steel construction
  • Replacement original part
  • For KJ Works B9/B92 GBB Pistols

If your KJ Works B9/92 has trigger issues, this might be the key to getting it running again. The KJ Works Trigger Spring for B9/92 GBB Pistol is a replacement original part for the KJ Works B9 and B92 GBB pistol series and is constructed from spring steel. This is the spring that resets the trigger, so if your trigger gets stuck back after one shot this might solve your issue!

  • Replacement Sear spring
  • Revised contact surfaces to reduce friction
  • For TM based Hi-capa/1911 GBB pistols

The CowCow Trident Sear spring is designed to replace your original sear spring, and features revised contact surfaces which have been narrowed to prevent excessive friction with other parts. If you are building a high speed Hi-capa or 1911, this is perfect for the job!

  • Enhanced recoil spring
  • Speed up your cyclic rate
  • For TM Hi-capa and clones

So you have yourself a snappy pistol, but you want MORE speed? If you say so! The RS1 recoil spring from CowCow replaces your original recoil spring and will increase the speed at which your slide returns to battery, increasing the cyclic rate. Perfect for those who need that extra bit of speed!

  • CO2 Pistol Use
  • Light Lube Required
  • Spares Replacement Kit

An ideal replacement for any low powered or leaking CO2 pistols and revolvers produced by ASG. 

  • Baseplate seal
  • Reduces Leaking
  • Improves Gas Seal

A silicone rubber seal designed to fit on the bottom of your Hi Capa magazine internally, to replace old and work out seals and reduce leaks. With a properly fit and lubricated seal you should never experience a leak again, just ensure you coat the seal in silicone based lubricant prior to fitting it, and be gentle! These things may snap under too much tension.

  • Replacement O-rings for B01 Blowback housing
  • Keep your enhanced Hi-capa/1911 running for longer!
  • 3x O-rings of various sized included

The Supplemental O-ring set from CowCow is designed to work with their B01 blowback housing. The O-rings are constructed from oil-resistant rubber, ensuring they will not swell when exposed to lubricants used in Airsoft GBB pistols. Included in the set are 3 O-rings measuring 9.5x2mm, 9x1.9mm, and 9x2mm.

  • Enhanced rotor spring
  • For Umarex/VFC pattern Glock GBB series
  • Spring steel construction

The CowCow Technologies Enhanced Rotor Spring replaces your original rotor spring with a high strength part with a hard coating to prevent corrosion from developing over time. This spring is only compatible with the Umarex/VFC pattern Glock GBB series and should help extend the lifespan of your Airsoft pistol.

  • Replacement valve knocker springs
  • Set of 2
  • For TM Hi-capa and clones

If you are getting inconsistent performance from your Hi-capa, it is likely that your valve knocker spring has been worn out. Fear not, Airsoft Masterpiece has provided a replacement spring set which will keep your Hi-capa running smoothly in the long term! The set includes two springs, either of which can be installed into a TM Hi-capa or clone.

About Our Gas Blowback: Airsoft Springs and O Rings

Ensure you’re never caught out ahead of a big skirmish by having all of your kit essentials to hand, including our range of gas blowback airsoft O rings and springs. 

Our range of spare parts and accessories allow you to get the most out of your airsoft, designed to keep you active in even the most demanding of conflicts.  Repair your pistol with ease using these dynamic airsoft O rings and springs, available in a variety of sizes. 

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