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  • Pack Of 6
  • Fits To Cylinder Head
  • May Reduce FPS Slightly

Can be fitted inside other rifles including AEG gearboxes. The sorbo pad works by absorbing impact from your piston head, please note you should expect an FPS loss so you may have to improve the air seal or fit a slightly larger spring to regain your desired FPS.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Designed for high FPS springs
  • Compatible with CYMA CM.700 & CM.708

If you're planning to upgrade your CYMA CM.700 or CM.708 sniper rifle, install this first! The CYMA Stainless Steel Cylinder for CM.700/708 Sniper Rifle is pre-assembled with a brass cylinder head, rubber O-ring and stainless steel cylinder with a welded bolt handle mount for maximum strength. The inner surface has been polished to reduce friction, improve efficiency and prevent excessive wear and tear when using strong springs. 

Compatibility-wise, this part set is only for the CYMA CM.700 and CM.708 series of spring-powered sniper rifles and is unlikely to work with other brands and models. As always, we only recommend upgrade parts like this for those with experience or the patience and willingness to learn. If you plan to install a super strong spring into your CM.700 or CM.708, this set should give it the strength it needs to last a lifetime!

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Brass cylinder head
  • Replacement original part for CM.706

The Stainless Steel Cylinder for CM.706 series comes as a set with a pre-installed brass cylinder head and is a replacement original part manufactured by CYMA themselves. This can be a handy part to have if you use your CM.706 at different sites with different FPS limits, as you can make a second cylinder and swap them out as and when you need (though this does require disassembly). The set includes both the cylinder and the cylinder head.