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Airsoft Anti-Reversal Latches For AEGs

Stop those AEG gears from running backwards with replacement, spare and upgrade airsoft anti reversal latches from Patrol Base. We also offer anti reversal latch springs and only ever stock the based named brands, like ASG.

The anti-reversal latch in your airsoft electric gun is responsible for preventing reverse-motion of the gears, which could cause damage to your piston and gears if it happened during a cycle of the gearbox

The latch is a metal tool which sits on the bevel gear, and is held in place by a spring to physically block the gear should it want to turn backwards on itself. This is a pretty vital part to the long-term operation of your AEG and a faulty anti-reversal latch can usually be diagnosed by a winding noise heard after firing. You'll know it when you hear it!

Don’t take the risk and shop airsoft anti reversal latches online with Patrol Base. Already hearing that winding noise? No worries - with next day delivery, you can get your gearbox running smooth again in no time.