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  • O Type Fitting
  • Precise Cut Teeth
  • Friction Only Fitting

A replacement O type AEG motor pinion gear, intended as a spare, replacement or upgrade component. 

  • O-Type
  • Steel Made
  • Vital Spare Part

This Motor Pinion Gear is an O-Type design, constructed from Steel and made for Airsoft Electric Guns to replace broken, damaged or worn parts. If Pinion Gear has lost teeth or worn down, it's only a matter of time before it stops working completely; stock up on vital spare parts like the Battleaxe Steel Motor Pinion Gear, today.

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  • For Marui AEG
  • Thermally Treated
  • Steel Construction

A series of Steel manufactured Motor Pinion Gears for either the TOP M60/M249 or Tokyo Marui AEG motors.

  • Complete V2 gearbox
  • Compatible with M4/AR-15 AEGs
  • Quick change spring, ETU/MOSFET & high torque motor

If you have had a gearbox failure and you don't fancy opening it up, the CYMA Complete Version 2 Gearbox w/High Torque Motor & ETU is a pre-upgraded and pre-wired replacement which can be installed with minimal effort and no need to solder or open the gearbox shell. As always, we recommend you have some technical experience before installing a new gearbox, but when it comes to Airsoft upgrades this is about as easy as they get.

This gearbox set is designed for M4/AR-15 AEGs and has the correct nozzle length and selector plate for the task and is also pre-wired to a Deans connector so you can benefit from a lower resistance connector for increased electrical efficiency. Also included with the set is a CYMA high torque Neodymium magnet motor, providing a very snappy trigger response and the power to handle stronger springs than a standard motor.

The icing on the cake is the pre-installed MOSFET/ETU which prevents gearbox lock-up on semi-auto, provides further improvements to the trigger response and a boost to the rate of fire. If your M4 gearbox has issues or you want to freshen up an old M4 with a brand new and pre-upgraded gearbox this set would be a fantastic choice, avoiding the messing around and getting you back to shooting with minimal effort!

  • Gold Plated 
  • Includes Heat Shrink
  • 10 Connectors Per Pack

If you have a damaged wire, snapped motor connector or just want to improve your electric conductivity then this pack is ideal.

  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Large Carbon Brushes
  • Short / Long Shaft Motor

A Spare or Replacement Motor for Airsoft AEG which require a High Quality Motor as part of an Upgrade Build or Repair. 

  • High Torque Output
  • Long / Short Shafts
  • ARES Design

A High Power, High Torque Motor, which is a great replacement for Stock or Damaged Motors. ARES have created these motors as a direct replacement for any AEG which uses a Long Shaft motor, however as this motor is designed for High Torque output, please ensure that your Airsoft AEG Gearbox is set up for High Torque operation. 

If you need to replace a worn out or damaged motor, or are simply interested in tinkering with your Airsoft AEG improve its performance, these ARES manufactured High Torque motors are an excellent choice.

About Our Airsoft Motors

Revel in airsoft heaven and explore our assortment of airsoft motors and motor parts. The motor is the beating heart of your electric airsoft gun, and may be the hardest working component of all the AEG internal parts

Factory-fitted motors aren't always the greatest performance, so a new motor is a great place to start with upgrading your AEG, from electric pistol motor upgrades, to electric M16, AR-15 and M4 rifle mods. Not sure how to tell if your airsoft motor is due an upgrade? Usually, if your old motor has been in service for a long time or is starting to make a different noise, like whining or scratching, you should be looking for a replacement. 

Motors have various torque ratings to match up with certain gear ratios for different end results; be sure to put in the research to which motor is right for your gearbox. If you have any doubt, feel free to contact our workshop for help.

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