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  • Reduces stresses
  • Improves lifespan
  • For V2 gearbox

Standard guides do not feature ball bearings, and these are included in this product because they reduce stress on the spring by letting it rotate freely. When upgrading your gearbox bearing spring guides should always be considered because they will improve the life-span of a spring by reducing sideways stresses.

The spring bearing is construction from tough but lightweight aluminium Ergal with a smooth anodised finish. Fits version 2 gearboxes in replicas models such as M4, M16, SR16, SMG-3, MC51, G3, MINIMI, LR300.

  • Bearings
  • For V2 Gearboxes
  • Ultimate Upgrade Part

An upgrade or replacement spring guide for Version 2 gearboxes.

*Please note this item has been updated by ASG and now comes in black rather than silver

  • Reduces Stresses
  • Improves Lifespan
  • For V6 / V7 Gearbox

A replacement / spare for stock or damaged bearing in Version 6 (V6) and Version 7 (V7) Gearbox. In gearbox spring guides are designed to help the spring in its correct position. 

  • Steel construction
  • Ball bearing equipped spring guide
  • For Sig Air MPX Submachine Gun AEG

If you are upgrading your MPX AEG, a ball bearing spring guide is a great way to reduce stress on the gearbox and spring, and prolong the life of your internals when operating in high-strain setups. The Laylax Ball Bearing Spring Guide is designed for the MPX and is a quick and easy replacement thanks to its quick change functionality.

The spring guide is constructed from steel, which alone will prolong its life considerably, but the ball bearings in its base allow the guide to spin freely and redirect any stress on the gearbox shell, and the spring itself.

  • Upgrade Part
  • Quick Install Part
  • Replacement Guide

A replacement Quick Change Spring Guide, designed to replace the Stock Spring Guide, should you want to upgrade or replace a damaged unit.

As the name suggests, the Spring Guide sits at the rear of the Gearbox and helps keep the spring straight as it compresses, to ensure smooth running of the Gearbox. Stock Spring Guides tend to be made from Polymer, so an Alloy replacement helps to keep your AEG running for longer. Some Spring Guides have bearings on the rear plate so that the Spring can rotate, which helps to reduce twisting of the Spring that could cause damage.