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  • Pack of 5
  • Glass Tube Fuses
  • Ideal For Spare Parts

A convenient pack of 5 x glass tube fuses of selectable amperage.

About Our Airsoft Fuses

Whether you’re in the market for an upgrade, a replacement or simply want some spare parts for your AEG rifle, shop airsoft fuses from Patrol Base. 

An airsoft fuse is the first, and probably most effective, piece of protection standing between your AEG and electrical damage.The fuse is part of your gearbox's overall circuit. An AEG fuse stops too much current flowing around your circuitry should a power surge occur by ‘breaking’, or halting. 

Be sure to get the correct amperage rating for your gearbox, as too much will not be effective enough, and too little, the AEG fuse will 'break' every time you go to pull your trigger. That’s why our AEG fuses are available in a range of amperage, including 20, 25 and 30 Amp.

Shop AEG fuses and more online today for next day delivery. As well as AEG fuses, we have a vast selection of AEG internal parts to browse, from cylinder heads to anti-reversal latches and more.