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  • Clear Lens
  • Flexible Polymer Legs
  • Open Lower Framed Lens

An excellent quality pair of glasses from Bolle that offer very close fitting protection. The nose bridge is also rubber, with far more flexibility over other Bolle Safety glasses.

  • CSP Lens
  • Anti-Fog Coating
  • Impact Protection

A set of Shooting Glasses from the world leaders in Safety Eyewear, BOLLE. The CONTOUR II features a CSP Lens with UV and Impact Protection (even impacts from high temperature particles), in line with European Standards. Not only this, but the CSP Lens filters 52% of blue light and also has a Platinum® coating to reduce fogging. If you're in the market for Protective Eyewear and you want to be certain that your Glasses are the real deal, with European Standard Safety Ratings, then you can trust in BOLLE.

  • Grey Frame
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

A stylish and comfortable pair of protective glasses from Bolle, the absolute name in eye protection. The frame is made from a lightweight Polymer with Rubber inserts to be comfortable against the temple, and the CSP lens will protect your eyes from UV and impacts with an EN 166 and EN 172 rating.

  • Clear protective glasses
  • Includes microfibre carry bag
  • Wide field of view

If you are looking for some simple and affordable eye protection for shooting targets at home, the NESS+ Glasses from Bollé Safety would be perfect for the role. These glasses are constructed with a polycarbonate lens and polymer frame, and have an impressive field of vision. The lens has been treated with Bollé's anti-scratch and anti-fog coating to guarantee the clarity needed to see your target perfectly. The set includes the NESS+ safety glasses and a convenient microfibre carry bag to protect the lenses when stored.

  • Multiple Lens Kit
  • Flexible Polymer Legs
  • Completely Framed Lens

The must have pair of glasses for anyone who also requires prescription glasses to be worn inside. The kit comes with a clear frame you can take to your opticians or apply through Bolle to have custom lenses cut to your requirements. 

About Our Airsoft Goggles & Glasses

In the fast-moving world of Airsoft, taking a shot to the eye can be disastrous. Eliminate the risk - equip yourself with the right protection to take on tournament after tournament without ever showing fear. Our Airsoft goggles and glasses offer robust protection against impact - with a wide choice of design and wear options.

Many glasses come with UVA & UVB protection as well as anti-glare properties. We proudly stock Bolle B.S.S.I Airsoft glasses, as well as other leading brands such as NUPROL.

Many of our robust Airsoft goggles provide panoramic views, protecting you by helping you spot the enemy quicker. We even offer anti-fog Airsoft goggles to help ensure your vision stays clear throughout the match. Keep your Airsoft glasses safe when not worn by tucking them into your Airsoft harness or MOLLE pouch.

If you’re sneaking up for a melee ‘kill’ or sniping from a distance, eye protection is a must in our sport. Take it seriously and equip yourself with durable eyewear from Patrol Base today. As you expand your equipment, why not pick up an Airsoft backpack or Airsoft battle belt to store all of your Airsoft gear safely and securely.

Ready to add to your kit and enjoy safer sniping? Shop online now or visit us in-store.