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From £79.99

If you are wanting to get into Airsoft skirmishing, look no further than the CM.125, a great starter pistol for beginners, or a budget friendly sidearm for when your primary is empty and need to get a quick draw on an opponent. 

Designed to be easy to use, right out of the box, this electric Airsoft 6mm BB gun let's you get into action right away.

Constructed with an alloy mock slide and polymer frame, the CM.125 is lightweight and efficient at both semi and full auto, this pistol has everything you need to get started with your first Airsoft sidearm!

From £59.99
  • Deadly Quiet
  • Mock Suppressor
  • Inner Barrel Extension

A non-blowback and gas-powered pistol which you would be forgiven for thinking is of another brand. It is built to a really impressive quality with high-density Polymers that feel great in the hand, with the exact same mind-blowing performance as the original design.

From £69.99
  • Very Lightweight
  • Detachable Silencer
  • Incredible Range & Accuracy

If you have a sneaky playstyle a MK23 belongs in your arsenal! This phenomenally quiet Airsoft NBB pistol has been the sidearm of choice for Airsoft snipers since it was released, and it isn't hard to see why! 

The MK23 is super quiet thanks to its non-blowback action, and is exceptionally accurate and long ranged for a pistol in this price bracket. For those who simply must upgrade every Airsoft gun they own, the MK23 is compatible with VSR-10 style inner barrels and HOP-up buckings, meaning the accuracy potential for this pistol is practically limitless! 

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  • Perfect Sniper Sidearm
  • Includes BBs & Gas
  • Great Starter Pack

This pack comes with everything you need to get your new Airsoft sidearm up and running, including the pistol, three magazines in total, as well as perfectly matched BBs and Gas to get you playing. If you're looking for the ultimate backup to a sniper rifle on a budget, or want a project pistol that is highly modifiable to reach out to crazy ranges, and doing some whilst staying ultimately silent, the ASG MK23 is the sidearm for you. This setup performs perfectly in both out-door and CQB environments, making it a great choice for anyone looking to get into Airsoft and wants to be competitive in the field.

6mm, Full Metal and Blowback Airsoft Pistols

At Patrolbase we offer a wide selection of the best high quality Airsoft pistols, we have all types of configurations and styles to suit every player. We also stock a massive selection of gas blowback 6mm Airsoft pistols, Airsoft revolvers, 1911 Airsoft pistols and full metal Airsoft guns, all available with UK next day delivery.

We have options to suit every budget, and our interest free finance plans and price match guarantee mean getting your dream Airsoft pistol is easier than ever. Plus our team of Airsoft experts are always on hand to help you find the best option, helping you consider choices like full metal Airsoft guns and gas blowback pistols.

From designs taken from the real world like our 1911 Airsoft pistols, to sidearms ideal for first time players, find your ideal piece for your target shooting practice or a CQB skirmish. If you’re looking for the primary to go with it, we’ve got one of the UK’s largest ranges of Airsoft guns. Whether you’re a marksman looking for the perfect Airsoft sniper, a seriously powerful Airsoft shotgun, or an Airsoft starter kit, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

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