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From £119.99
  • Spring bolt action
  • Shell ejecting action
  • Highly accurate replica

Perfect for a WW2 German loadout, this Airsoft construction of a KAR98k is for those of you that appreciate realistic replicas.

In  your choice of either real or faux wood, with full alloy trimmings, this beauty features a spring bolt action and shell ejecting action for a satisfying and realistic experience.

While generally not used for skirmishing, this KAR98k is more suited for target practice re-enacting and for those of you who want to own a piece of history.

From £419.99
  • Highly Realistic
  • Gas/CO2 Powered
  • Real Wood Furniture

A gas powered 6mm Airsoft Real Wood replica of the infamous K98K adopted by the German Wermacht in 1935, which saw consistent use and issue all the way through to 1945.

From £219.99
  • Dark Faux Wood
  • Smooth Cycling Bolt
  • Authentic KAR98 Replica

The Snow Wolf KAR98K is a historical Airsoft Replica Sniper Rifle, known for its simple design and effective capabilities, the KAR98K was the gun of the year in 1941. This KAR98K features a smooth action bolt, traditional safety that locks the bolt, and a glossy faux wood finish, perfect for any airsoft player looking for a classic KAR98 Replica. This is also available in real wood as well as Faux Wood.

From £279.99
  • Real Beech Wood
  • Gas Powered Rifle
  • Smooth Cycling Action

The legendary Kar98K Sniper Rifle is back, and with a bigger bang than ever! This historically accurate replica from BO Dynamics offers a genuine Beechwood Stock imported from Germany, as well as appropriate 1941 markings and a 6.03mm Precision Inner Barrel, which is stablised by Barrel Spacers to achieve greater shot-to-shot consistency.

From £279.99
  • Highly realistic
  • Quality finish on Metal parts
  • Beautiful Real wood furniture

If you're looking for a spring-powered Kar98k that truly stands taller than the rest, you have found it in the S&T Kar98K. The finish on this has to be seen to be believed! It features an authentic-looking and feeling real wood stock and upper handguard, together with well-finished metal components. The metal finish is particularly noteworthy, as it doesn't give off the vibe that this is a replica rifle manufactured in the last few months, unlike so many other historical Airsoft rifle replicas. 

From £409.98 Pack price
Bought separately £459.98
Save £50.00
  • Historically Accurate set-up
  • High Quality Glass on a high quality rifle
  • With the right hat, you can be the enemy at the gate

We put together this package because we couldn't resist. The combination of the S&T Kar98k and the ZF39 scope is one to be marvelled at, not only for its good looks! The ZF39 by S&T is genuinely a top-quality optic, with crystal clear glass and excellent eye relief. The S&T Kar98k is one of the most authentic I have ever seen, and shoots like a laser to boot. A match made in heaven? We certainly think so!

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