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From 166.99
  • Bullpup Weapon
  • Fully Ambidextrous
  • Quick Change Spring

Designed and manufactured specially for Airsoft by APS, this 6mm BB Airsoft AEG is purpose built as a practical and user-friendly AEG, featuring fully ambidextrous controls in an ergonomic bullpup chassis.

From 178.99
  • Front Bayonet Lug
  • Great For Beginers
  • Large Battery Storage

Airsoft 6mm BB Gun built by CYMA in China to replicate the American M14 Rifle. The weapon features full Alloy Internals, Receiver and Barrel, with a Polymer Stock and Heat Shield.

From 202.99
  • Sliding Stock System
  • 20mm Railed Handguard
  • Based on the G3 Assault Rifle

A replica of the G3 with tactical modifications to give the gun a new feel and bring it into the modern era. With a sliding stock and railed handguard the rifle can be adjusted to a range of scenarios.

From 208.99
  • Railed Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Compact CQB Carbine

Based on the iconic Steyr AUG carbine, this compact 6mm BB Airsoft gun is a lightweight and compact electrically powered replica AUG. Realistically constructed from polymer with an alloy front end, the AUG is supplied with an aluminium foregrip.

From 208.99
  • Two Stage Trigger
  • Railed Handguard
  • Included Suppressor

A tough and well-weighted AUG replica with an Alloy railed handguard, included suppressor and railed receiver.

From 262.49
  • Stamped Steel
  • Electric Blowback
  • Weighs In At 3.6kg

Constructed from stamped steel and polymer and topping the scales at 3.6Kg, this hefty Airsoft gun is inspired by the current issue L85A2 assault rifle. An electronic blowback function simulates recoil on firing, making this a fun and realistic Airsoft gun to shoot! 

From 270.49
  • Faux Wood Body
  • Rail Mounting Points
  • Functional Mock Bolt

An Electric-Powered AEG built and created by G&G as a replica of the famous US M14 Rifle, complete with an incredibly realistic looking faux-wood replica of the original 1950's era stock. 

From 309.99
  • Gas Powered
  • Semi Auto Only
  • Realistic Blowback

Locked to semi-automatic, this 6mm Airsoft gas blowback rifle is a lightweight and highly manoeuvrable platform, designed for use as a scout type weapon. The weapon features dual alloy and polymer construction, with alloy internals, outer barrel and buffer tube, and the grip, stock and body made from polymer.

From 333.99
  • M-LOK Handguard
  • 650mm Inner Barrel
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

A stylish and well-constructed electric-powered Bullpup that features a 650mm Inner Barrel, 14mm CCW Thread, M-LOK Handguard, Dovetail Rail, Rotary HOP Unit and Suppressor in a deadly and compact package, and comes included with a Battery & Charger.

From 356.49
  • Quick Change Spring
  • Folding Stock System
  • Fully Licensed Design

Designed by ASG, based on the CZ 805 Assault Rifle which is fully licensed by Česká Zbrojovka Firearms, which was created in 2006 to replace the Sa vz. 58

From 357.49
  • Faithful Replica 
  • Realistic Stamped Alloy 
  • Includes Two Magazines

Constructed from realistic materials, this 6mm BB Airsoft gun is a high-quality replica of the British Armed Forces’ standard issue service weapon, the L85A2 Infantry Weapon. A must-have for Airsofters attempting a contemporary British Airsoft loadout, and an excellent choice for the skirmish field.

From 381.49
  • Fully Licensed
  • Adjustable Spring
  • 20mm Railed Receiver

A rarely-seen Bullpup Airsoft Electric Gun replica of the FN F2000, made under license by G&G and Cybergun, which features full FN Herstal trademarks as well as G&G;s iconic ETU and MOSFET for programmable three round burst and a fast trigger response.

From 381.49
  • Integrated 3.5x Sight
  • Adjustable Spring Guide

An extremely rugged electric replica of the F2000 which is rarely seen these days. It comes with an integrated 3.5x optic as well as being packaged with G&G's ETU and MOSFET for quicker trigger response,  programmable burst fire, better circuit protection and an adjustable FPS Spring Guide w/ Quick Change Spring.

From 428.99
  • AS VAL Side Rail
  • Integrated Foregrip
  • 2 x Threaded Barrels

An electric-powered replica of the SR-3M Vikhr (or Whirlwind) Assault Rifle, which features a Stamped Steel receiver as well as folding stock and foregrip as well as a threaded outer barrel and AS Val-style side rail.

From 428.99
  • Electric Blowback
  • Rail Adaptors Included
  • Ambidextrous Controls

An Airsoft Electric Gun based on the ACR/Masada design which offers an Electric Blowback Function, as well as Ambidextrous Controls, a fully adjustable Stock, KeyMod Handguard and 14mm CCW threaded Outer Barrel.

From 428.99
  • Rear Wired
  • Battery & Charger
  • 14mm CCW Thread

It has been a long time since there has been an M14 EBR available on the market,  and Phantom have smashed it out of the park with this rear-wired, LiPo ready, robust and well-weighted replica of the platform.

From 439.99
  • Semi Auto AEG
  • Realistic Replica
  • Real Wood Body

One of G&G's latest offerings fitted with all their best components and design features, this is an incredibly realistic Airsoft electric gun replica of the legendary 'war winning' semi-automatic M1 Garand rifle, that served with US forces from 1937 to well into the 1950s.

From 476.99
  • Reinforced Gearbox
  • Stamped Steel Receiver
  • Heavy Duty Construction

An Airsoft 6mm electric powered L85A2 replica which has seen service (in its' original form) since 1985. Many have tried, few have succeeded. Ares have certainly stolen the limelight with their faithful replica of a hotly discussed firearm. Are you a lover or a hater?

From 476.99
  • Real Wood Furniture
  • Steel Gears / MOSFET
  • 2 x Magazines Included

An incredibly realistic replica of the M1 Garand, a WW2 era rifle which is well known for its distinctive 'ping' when the internal magazine is empty. This electric replica features Steel Gears and a MOSFET for reliable performance and faster trigger response than previous models.

From 500.49
  • Stamped Steel
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Ambidextrous Controls

A compact and deadly Steel constructed Carbine which is based on the AS VAL design, and offers a Stamped Steel receiver, unique Steel folding stock and ambidextrous fire controls for both left and right-handed players.

From 512.49
  • Bullpup Rifle
  • ETU Controlled 
  • SUSAT Included

    Finally an L85 replica with the performance you would expect of a modern Airsoft weapon. G&G have given the L85 AFV their ETU and MOSFET treatment which lets you use 11.1v batteries, meaning a crazy high rate of fire, easy trigger pull and an Earth-shaking piston-driven blowback to top it all off! Oh, and did we mention the free 4 x SUSAT optic?

    From 536.49

    The LCT LC-3A3-S is a highly convincing replica of the G3A3 platform Battle Rifle, lovingly constructed from Steel and featuring a gorgeous slimline Handguard as well as a Rotary HOP Unit and 14mm CCW Thread.

    From 560.49
    • Recoil Shock AEG
    • Monolithic 20mm RIS Rail
    • Accurate & Authentic Replica

    An Electrically powered, 6mm BB Airsoft replica of the Ultra-modern SCAR-L special forces Assault Rifle, manufactured to extremely High Quality by Tokyo Marui. 

    From 560.49
    • Mechanical Recoil
    • Realistic Bolt Stop
    • Left Handed Friendly

    A highly realistic AEG replica of the infamous SCAR platform Assault Rifle, which served as a much-needed update to the AR platform. This top-shelf Tokyo Marui product features a hard-kicking Mechanical Recoil and a realistic Bolt-Stop function which stops the gun from firing when you're out of BBs.

    From 561.49
    • Large Battery Storage
    • Faithful Airsoft Replica
    • New Improved Version

    A 6mm BB Airsoft faithful replica of the British L1A1 SLR, an ideal purchase for Cold War re-enactors or simply those with an interest in history.

    From 583.99
    • Rotary HOP Unit
    • Steel Construction
    • 14mm CCW Thread

    A heavyweight and highly realistic electric-powered replica of the G3A3 which features a Steel receiver and outer barrel assembly as well as a Rotary HOP unit.

    From 583.99
    • Rotary Hop Unit
    • Steel Construction
    • 14mm CCW Thread

    A Steel constructed member of the G3 Family which features a 20mm Railed Handguard, Steel Receiver, Sliding Crane Stock and 14mm CCW Threaded Barrel.

    From 595.99
    • High Quality Build
    • Recoil Shock System
    • Stops Firing when Empty

    An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun which is part of Marui's Recoil Shock AEG System Range, where when fired will give recoil to simulate the firing of a weapon. The weapon is designed and based on the FN SCAR MK 17 MOD 0, and is built in Japan to the highest standards.

    From 595.99
    • Adjustable Stock
    • Monolithic Receiver
    • Programmable Fire Control

    An outstanding Airsoft electric gun replica of the heavy SCAR-H 7.62mm rifle, constructed from alloy and polymer, and featuring ARES' revolutionary programmable electronic fire control system (EFCS).

    From 607.99
    • Stamped Steel
    • Real Wood Furniture
    • Integrated Suppressor

    A faithful replica of the 9x39mm Russian Special Forces integrally suppressed Sniper/Assault Rifle, which features Real Wood furniture and a gorgeous Stamped Steel Receiver.

    Not just your average Airsoft replica, get something a bit more unique...

    Ever fancied yourself something a little bit different? Sick of all the M4's, AK's and G36 kicking around, and want to stand out from the crowd? Why not try something new and go for a lesser known rifle? Just because these rifles are less common does not mean they're any less reliable than any other Airsoft replica, they just don't fit into the same category as more common rifles. Grab yourself something special today, and try something new!

    Want to stand out from the crowd, with something a little different? Maybe a historical piece or a lesser known rifle?

    Looking to do a period loadout? We have a range of rifles from historical events, such as the M1 Garand used in WW2 by American forces, and the L1A1 SLR used by british forces in the Falklands.

    Wanting something different? We have rifles such as the ACR and SCAR, used famously by US Special forces, or why not have a look at the GALIL used by Israeli forces?

    Looking for a specific weapon platform? Check out the filters at the Top Left of any product page to narrow down your results.

    Here at Patrol Base Airsoft we have a wide range of era and other replica from some of the most well known brands, such as: ARES, ICS, ASG, GHK and more. All our rifles are available both online as well as in our brick and mortar shop so you can come get some hands on time with your rifle before you buy!

    Want to get your hands on a rifle before you spend your hard earned money? Come visit us in Huddersfield, located between Wakefield, Leeds and Manchester. We're just a stones throw away from the M62, so we're easy to find on your next big Airsoft trip!

    Want to learn more? You can find out more about our brick and mortar store though our About Us Page.

    These rifles aren't just your everyday BB Gun, these replicas are fully fledged Airsoft rifles!

    If you're looking for a replica which absolutely looks the part you'll be wanting to get your hands on a high quality Airsoft replica which look, feel, and perform much better than your standard BB gun. Airsoft replicas are typically built with much higher quality materials than BB gun, though reflected in the price tag its a price worth paying! Airsoft replicas come built from the same types of materials that the real ones do, with Polymer, Metal and even wood variants available!

    Want to know exactly why Airsoft Replica are so much better than BB Guns? Check out our BB Guns Page.