What is the best beginner Airsoft gun?

What is the best beginner Airsoft gun?

What gun to start with is probably the most common question we get asked at Patrol Base, be it over the Phone, in-store or via TokyWoky everyone has their own opinion on what to go for. For this article we'll go into our top picks for Airsoft starter guns and why we think they are the best thing to go for. Out of all the Airsoft guns in our store we believe that these rifles are absolutely perfect for beginners thanks to their upgrade options, compatibility with aftermarket parts and most importantly: their low price!

In a sport where there as so many options to pick from Airsoft can be a bit of a nightmare to get into. A lot of people find themselves questioning how much they should spend, what brands are the best, and which they should buy. Hopefully, this article will help those people out.

When it comes to Airsoft replicas, suggesting weapons can be a bit of a minefield due to people's price range expectations. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to spend your life savings to get into Airsoft, and there are plenty of cost-effective options which will keep you competitive on the field. We have found the best way to build your kit is to do so incrementally, starting with an AEG, battery, charger and eye protection and adding new parts when you can afford it, and when you fancy a change to your game! 

And remember: for those who want a beginner gun but are yet to get an Airsoft defence we also offer an Airsoft Two Tone Service which we can apply to any weapon on our website!

Without any further delay, let's get into our top 3 suggestions for the best beginner Airsoft replica to get into the sport!

1. - G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider

G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider

Without a doubt this is one of the most popular starter Airsoft guns to date. When it comes to reliability, quality, and ease of use the CM16 Raider is leaps and bounds ahead of any other weapon. These rifles are so famed for their reliability they are used at Airsoft sites as rental weapons, if these weapons hand handle being absolutely thrashed by rental players, in the hands of someone who looks after their weapons they last a long time!

The weapon comes with a full length 20mm RIS / RAS top rail for attaching sights, scopes and more, as well as a four point 20mm handguard for bipods, grips and other aftermarket attachments, leaving plenty of room for modifications. The flash hider is also removable to attach silencers and suppressors for a more tactical look. Internally the weapon has a v2 gearbox, one of the most popular for aftermarket upgrades leaving plenty of room for improvement in the future!

This rifle is available in Black, Tan, Blue, Red, Green and is also available in Pre-Two Tone Green and Blue.

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2. - Specna Arms SA-F02 FLEX™ Carbine Replica

Specna Arms SA-F02 FLEX M4 Carbine

The SA-F02 is one of the first from Specna Arms' FLEX™ line, designed with the objective of outdoing their renowned CORE™ line in the lightweight, low-cost AEG game. Specna has maintained the robust, reliable and simple internals that made the CORE™ series such impressive and dependable platforms, and has replaced some of the alloy components present in the CORE™ line with fibre reinforced polymer parts which further reduces the overall weight of the rifle and increases its resistance to scratches.

The FLEX™ AEGs have all the superb pre-upgraded internal parts present in the CORE™ line, including a modern rotary HOP-up unit and 6.03mm tightbore inner barrel and a reinforced gearbox with steel gears, 8mm bearings and a quick change spring system, keeping them competitive with more costly full metal AEGs. When it comes to upgrading down the line, the FLEX™ series have no nasty surprises in store and are compatible with the vast majority of aftermarket parts for the M4/AR15 AEG platform. 

For new players, particularly those with lower physical strength, the SA-F02 will have you as well equipped to rack up the kills as most full metal AEGs would, with the added benefit that if yours takes a bump or scrape it will still maintain its finish and good looks!

The SA-F02 is the longest of the FLEX™ series, and is well suited to outdoors skirmishes in either an urban or woodland environment. As with the CORE™ series, the FLEX™ AEGs are available in different lengths, with the SA-F01 being more suitable for close quarters battle (CQB) and the SA-F03, which sits right in between and would be an asset either outdoors or in the close confines of CQB. This is the cheapest Airsoft gun on our list, so if you are on a budget this is the one we would recommend starting your Airsoft adventure with!

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3. - NUPROL DELTA Pioneer Defender AEG Carbine

NUPROL DELTA Pioneer Defender M4 AEG

The Nuprol Pioneer Defender is well established as one of the better options for a newcomer due to its robust, lightweight, and forward-thinking design. The Defender has all you will need internally to hold your own in a skirmish with its snappy trigger response and excellent accuracy, the likes of which are usually reserved for upgraded AEGs with a lot of money put into them.

The Defender comes well equipped out of the box, boasting a 20mm Picatinny handguard with rails available at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o'clock positions with a rail riser built in to prevent the handguard from wobbling and give a higher mount position for a red dot sight, allowing those who use full face protection a clear view of their target. At the rear we have a crane battery stock with 6 positions of adjustment and a well sized battery compartment which is easy to access. 

The reinforced gearbox with quick change spring system provides a bomb-proof internal setup with the flexibility to be upgraded with minimal technical know-how, and the 6.03 tight bore inner barrel ensure your BB will fly straight and true, as long as you do your part! The NUPROL Defender has been a top pick for a while now and is a great option for the new player who wants an AEG that can hold its own in the woods, and turn and burn in CQB. 

If you are looking for your first AEG but you need a two-tone, the Defender comes with blue-dyed polymer furniture as well as the usual realistic colour options. This means you can order a Defender (or its little brother, the Breacher) and avoid the usual waiting period for two tone painted AEGs and get your pre-two tone Defender the very next day!

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And there we have it, they are our top pics for the perfect Airsoft beginner rifle. If you're leaving BB Guns behind and starting to get into the Airsoft world these guns are a great place to start, and you will be surprised at how much better these AEGs shoot than cheap BB guns! Whether you want to start skirmishing or just target shooting in the back garden, an Airsoft AEG will give you the thrill you seek!

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