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  • No Winding, No Rattle!
  • Polymer Construction
  • 120rnd Capacity

The ultimate 120rnd mid-capacity magazine for any G&G ARP9 and Classic Army Nemesis X9 Airsoft shooters out there! No winding, no rattle, just an instant delivery of suppression for all your speedy gunners out there.

  • Fixed front iron sight
  • Mounts to 20mm Picatinny rails
  • Designed to align with M4/AR-15 rear sights

If you like keeping your skills sharp rather than leaning on modern technology this front iron sight should suit your style! The Classic Army Solid Front Iron Sight is designed to fit 20mm Picatinny rails and is set up for M4/AR-15 bore offset, meaning it will align with most M4/AR-15 rear sights, carry handle rear sights and flip-up sights.

The sight body is constructed from alloy and the front sight post is steel and is adjustable for elevation using an M4/AR-15 front sight adjustment tool. Whether you are going for an old-school build or you just want the reliability of a sighting system which requires no power and is always there when you need it this front iron sight should do the trick!

About Classic Army

Classic Army has been manufacturing Airsoft goods for well over 10 years now and still produces affordable, high-quality AEG systems which are constructed from both polymer and alloy. 

They specialise in assault rifles, DMRs and SMGs, however more recently they have expanded into more modern configurations such as the PX9.

They also produce a range of magazines for their rifles to be used alongside their replicas and indeed other brands, most notably their auto-winding electric drum magazine for M249.