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  • Aluminium construction
  • 12mm CW to 14mm CCW male threads
  • For Umarex H&K MP7 A1 AEG

We all know just how awesome an MP7 looks with a suppressor, now your Umarex MP7 AEG can rock the sneaky look too! This Dytac thread adapter screws onto your MP7's 12mm male threads and provides a 14mm CCW male threaded end so you can add a suppressor or tracer unit of your choice!

About Dytac Airsoft

Dynamic Tactical or DyTac was founded in 2007 and has established its name in Airsoft as a manufacturer of auto electric guns and even works with real firearms manufacturers to draw inspiration and designs. They mostly specialise in M4 and AK platforms but produce many variations in terms of size, style and function.

Dytac also produces many high-quality Airsoft accessories and parts such as magazines, conversion kits, muzzle devices and much more, so you're sure to find something to suit both you and your loadout!