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  • Rubber construction
  • For AK side folder/fixed stock
  • Improves AK handling/ergonomics

If your AK buttstock is too slippery and is hard to shoulder when wearing a tactical vest this is what you need! The Element Rubber Butt Pad for AK47/74 is designed to slip over either AK fixed stocks or the AK74 side folding skeleton stock and provide enhanced grip for poor weather conditions and make the rifle easier to shoulder effectively with modern tactical gear. This butt pad is a copy of the real Izhmash AK butt pad which was issued to the Soviet and Russian Militaries, so would be a great choice for a Milsim build.

RRP 71.49
Save 12.00
  • High density polymer construction
  • Low profile adjustment lever
  • Ample internal battery space

If you are looking for a new stock, but it needs to be able to house a battery, you are in luck! The Krytac M4/AR15 Battery stock is constructed from high-density polymer with a steel adjustment pin and steel QD sling points on either side. Perfect for those who are bored with the super common crane stock look!

  • Vented Base
  • Screws included
  • Large adjustment screw

An ventilated, alloy constructed replacement base plate for a standard M4 AEG motor base plates in pistol grips. 

  • Pre-cut grip tape
  • Designed for the CowCow Custom grip
  • Give your Hi-capa the race gun look!

If you fancy the competition shooter look for your Hi-capa GBB but your palms get a bit sweaty even thinking about handling a soldering iron and stippling your pistol grip, this set of pre-cut grip tape will suit your needs perfectly! The package includes two self-adhesive grip tape panels, cut to conform to the shape of the Hi-capa grips, wrapping around the front strap and sides. Each panel offers a different level of coarseness, allowing you to choose the most comfortable and effective grip tape panel for you.

  • Rubber Inlay
  • Compact Grip
  • For M-LOK Rails

A short and stylish foregrip for M-LOK rail systems with a rubberised inlay, which will give you a sturdy and comfortable platform to brace your rifle and improve your stability when shooting.

  • Replacement original part
  • For Army Armament AUG AEG
  • If you have broken yours, you're in luck!

Maybe you have accidentally broken your AUG vertical grip, or you bought the railed version and you want to embrace tradition? Luck would have it Army Armament now offer their AUG folding vertical grip as a spare part! The grip is constructed from high strength ABS polymer with an alloy core and includes its spring and mounting pin. This part is compatible with the Army Armament AUG but may also fit AEG AUGs from other manufacturers.

  • Ergonomic Grip
  • For AR Platform
  • For Electric Guns

An Ergonomic Pistol Grip for M4/M16/AR Platform Airsoft Electric Guns, which will provide a far more comfortable grip than traditional Pistol Grips. It is easy to install, and simply needs the removal of your original Pistol Grip to fit it, by re-installing the screws that secure it to your Gearbox. The Grip includes a Quick Release Motor Baseplate that also has an integrated Motor Height Adjustment. If you want to customise your AR Platform Airsoft Gun, then this is a great place to start.

  • High density polymer construction
  • Refined grip angle - PDW style
  • Comfortable texture and filled backstrap

If you are in the market for a new pistol grip and you are a CQB player, a PDW style grip with a refined angle is the best thing for the job! Introducing the PDW Pistol Grip for M4/AR15 AEG from CYMA, a high density polymer pistol grip with a more vertical angle than standard M4/AR15 grips, making it more suitable for use with modern shooting stances. 

  • Slides Over Existing Grip
  • Useful For Pressure Pads
  • Stippled To Improve Handling

A thin rubber cover that slides over your existing pistol grip to give you extra grip in slippery conditions, or when using gloves.

  • Swept-back vertical foregrip
  • Full length or short available
  • For 20mm Picatinny rails

If you prefer the tried and tested vertical foregrip over other gripping options but want something a little more modern than the average VFG, the Specna Arms Angled Vertical Foregrip may be just what you have been looking for! This grip can be attached to any 20mm Picatinny rail surface and features a slightly swept-back angle, intended to encourage a more comfortable wrist position whilst still making use of the advantages of a traditional vertical foregrip.

  • Stippled
  • Improve Grip
  • Easy to Replace

A set of replacement/upgrade pistol grips for the Army Armament branded 1911 gas blowback pistols.

  • Folding Foregrip
  • Side Screw Tightens
  • Tightly Locks into Place

A very easy to use fore grip that can be locked in a compact or full vertical position depending on your situation and requirements. 

  • Easy To Mount
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Internal Hidden Storage

A perfect grip for people with all sized hands. Secures in no time with only one bolt to care about.

  • Replacement grip screw x2
  • For TM Hi-capa 4.3/5.1
  • Stainless Steel construction

If you are one for hot-swapping your Hi-capa grips, congratulations on taking pure advantage of the modular nature of the platform! These grip screws from CowCow are designed to replace your old, worn-out grip screws so you can continue to swap and change to your heart's content!

  • Heavy Duty
  • Excellent Grip
  • Very Thick Grip

If you are looking for a grip that also converts into a bipod but looking for weight and solid construction then this is for you. 

  • Folding Foregrip
  • Compact Design
  • For 20mm RIS / RAS

A folding fore grip lovingly designed by NUPROL which fits onto 20mm RIS / RAS Rails to provide another manipulation point on a weapon which can be folded away when not in use.

  • Lightweight Design
  • Finger Ridge Surface
  • AEG Compatible Replacement

A replacement ergonomic pistol grip for M4, M16 and AR-15 Platform AEG Receivers, simply replacing the original grip. 

  • Bottom Storage
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Lightweight Design

A Vertical Foregrip designed to be attached onto the Front Handguard of Rifles and Submachine Guns to give the user a more stable grip on the weapon. 

  • Rubber Base Loop
  • Finger Ridge Surface
  • Stabilised Shooting Platform

A replacement pistol grip for M4, M16 and AR-15 Platform AEG Reciever and is designed to be a lightweight, sniper style grip with a moulded, ridged finger shape for grip and a rubberised bottom grip for stability.

  • Compact Grip
  • Brace Your Rifle
  • For KeyMod Rails

A tough constructed Polymer Foregrip which is compact and provides a forward point to brace against your rifle and achieve more stable manipulation of the muzzle. It is easily installed to KeyMod rail systems by loosening the Allen Bolt on the underside, sliding the grip into place and securing the Bolt again.

  • Fits Batteries
  • Rubber Butt Plate
  • For AEG Buffer Tube

A spare or replacement stock with internal battery space for Airsoft replica M4 / M16s AEGs, or other Airsoft guns with an AEG Spec Buffer Tube. 

  • Arm Brace "Stock"
  • Multiple Positions
  • Secures Around Forearm

An Arm Brace / Stabilizing Stock for AR platforms, which originated as a way around certain US Firearms Laws, but is actually very useful for those with limited mobility. The brace will wrap and secure around your forearm, helping stabilize the replica without having to put the "stock" to your shoulder, or even admitting out loud that it is a "stock" at all.

  • Easy To Install
  • Fits Many AEGs
  • Adjustable Sliding

A very low-profile and slim replacement M4 stock that provides a comfortable and slim line back end to your Airsoft gun for improved control. 

  • Protect Cables
  • Use Larger Batteries
  • For Trident MK-II M PDW

A Nylon Injected Polymer Extension Piece for the Krytac Trident MK-II M PDW, allowing you to install larger batteries for longer life and gameplay. This piece is extremely easy to install and offers good ventilation to prevent overheating of components, and also helps eliminate any wobble from the original Stock Pad. If you use a Krytac Trident MK-II M PDW then this is an essential purchase that lets you use more viable Batteries.

  • J-type butt plate
  • Metal stock bars
  • Textured Polymer stock with rubberised pad

Looking to make your SMG-5 AEG even more compact? Perhaps you had an accident with your previous stock and need a replacement? Here it is, and at a price that makes sense even for a more affordable SMG-5.

  • Easy to Fit
  • 1'' Rised Cheek
  • Finger Ridge Grip

A replacement Grip and Cheek Pad Replacement set which allows you to replace the stock parts with upgraded parts. 

  • Fits Nextgen Rifles
  • 6 Position Alloy Tube
  • Gera Arms CPE Compatible

A replacement stock tube for anyone building a next gen rifle of looking to pimp out their HERA Arms CPE or Next-Gen rifle.

  • 2 x RIS Rails
  • High Density Polymer
  • Carry A Spare Magazine

The G-Series Carbine Kit is a Polymer extension for the forend of an Airsoft G-Series pistol that gives the user 2 x RIS Rails to add accessories, and the ability to carry an extra magazine in ready position for a quick reload.

  • Angled foregrip
  • Somewhere between angled and vertical 
  • Compatible with M-LOK attachment system 

Is an AFG a bit too horizontal for your tastes? A VFG to vertical? If you are caught in the middle having not found a foregrip you like, or if you are oldschool and you like using a VFG with a thumb-break grip, this Amoeba 45 Degree grip will change your game!  

  • Multi-position grip
  • Integrated hand stop
  • Functions as an AFG, VFG, or rail cover

Unsure of what kind of front grip you want on your M-LOK handguard? Now you no longer have to choose! Introducing the Amoeba Modular Handgrip from Ares. This grip can be set up however you want, as a short vertical grip, as an angled foregrip with a fully adjustable angle, and mounted flat as a long rail cover with an integrated handstop. You now have all the options!

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