Patrol Base Deans Type XT Connector - Battery End

Patrol Base
Code: D1
  • Push Fitting
  • Gold Coated Connectors
  • Large Surface Connectivity

An upgrade over any Tamiya connector, thanks to the light Gold plating and larger surface area between each connecting pin/spade.

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The Deans XT connectors are a must for anything running higher than 9.6V but still make a great basic upgrade for reliability for users making projects or building Airsoft guns and RC vehicles with lower voltages. Shrink wrap is not included but we do advise you use it to properly insulate your work.


  • High end connector
  • Wide surfaced contact area for improved conductivity
  • Gold coated pins for improved conductivity
  • Can only be connected one way to prevent any shorting once wired correctly
  • Labelled + and - to aid in assembly
  • Friction push fitting, requires a proper tug to actually disconnect
  • Exterior is slotted to allow for a strong grip to disconnect with finger and thumb pinch method to deter pins being bent upon removal

Package Includes:

  • Deans Type XT Connector - Battery End



Parts & Accessories Type
Battery / Charger Accessory
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Over 18

Weight and Dimension

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Weight (KG)
Approx. 0.01kg


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Item Colour
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Polymer connector with Gold coated pins
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