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  • 200 round capacity
  • Integrated magazine clamp lugs
  • Wheel wound High-cap for SG55x series

Grab yourself some spare mags for the lesser seen but extra-cool SG55x series Airsoft AEG rifle so you can show the AR users what a weapon of class can do! Holding 200 rounds with wheel wound function and featuring integrated clamp lugs and semi-transparent design.

  • Steel shell with polymer internals
  • 500rnd Wheel or key wound High-cap magazine
  • For the Jing Gong LK58 Airsoft AEG series

One of the best things about the Jing Gong LK58 Airsoft AEG series is its massive capacity yet short in length magazines, packing 500 rounds into a magazine that will still allow you to keep low in the woods and avoid getting hit. The LK58's 500rnd high-cap magazine is now available as a spare, meaning you can now rock a 1000 BB loadout with only two magazines!

This magazine is constructed with a steel shell and polymer internals and is a wheel or key wound high capacity magazine. The winding wheel can be found on the base plate, and for faster winding, the magazine can also be wound up using the included key, through the winding port on the right side of the magazine body. The fill window is located at the top of the magazine and can be opened by hand. This magazine is designed for the Jing Gong LK58 Airsoft AEG series.

  • For JG T3 / G3
  • High Capacity
  • Holds 500 Round

A spare magazine for JG T3 / G3 Style Airsoft AEG. The magazine is a high capacity magazine, storing 500 rounds.

  • Reinforced aluminium build
  • 8mm bearings
  • For version 2 gearbox

A shell for gearbox type V2 with reinforced aluminium construction. The front part has been strengthened with the most exposed area being considerably thickened and the area of the contact with the cylinder has been improved so as to evenly transfer the loads.

The shell is mounted using its 8mm bearings. This gearbox shell is designed for use in J.G replicas but should potentially work in replicas of other makes and manufacturers.

From £119.99
  • Large Battery Space
  • Lightweight & Robust
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

An Airsoft 6mm BB firing electric AEG designed in the style of the MP5 used by Special Forces around the world. Featuring a lightweight and durable Polymer external construction, this a RIF for those who like to stay light and fast on their feet.

From £129.99
  • Rear Wired
  • 500rnd High Cap
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

An electric powered 6mm Airsoft replica of the venerable G3 platform complete with integrated bipod, which was originally designed in the 1950s but has proven to be such a successful platform that it has seen updates all the way through to being in current use with military groups around the world.

From £139.99
  • AR Buffer Tube
  • Accepts M4 Mags
  • Threaded Outer Barrel

Love the look of the AR36 platform but don't want to have to buy a tonne of new mags? Share M4 mags with your friends with this AR36 variant which comes with a mag adaptor and AR buffer tube pre-installed.

From £139.99
  • Side folding stock
  • Polymer receiver with steel top cover
  • An AK47 that's ready for accessories!

If you have been after an AK, but you cannot go without your modern western accessories, JG has you covered! The Jing Gong AK47 Tactical AEG updates the old rifle with some nifty modern features, including a 20mm Picatinny railed handguard set, ergonomic finger ridged pistol grip and side folding stock. This AK is inspired by those used by PMCs (private military contractors/companies) during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and is very similarly laid out to those used by the British PMCs in the 2008 movie, The Hurt Locker.

From £149.99
  • Ideal DMR base gun
  • Military Variant - Olive drab furniture
  • Claw mount compatible receiver 

If you are building a DMR rifle but need something that fits in with rebel, OPFOR and PMC style loadouts, a G3A3 would make the perfect base gun. The JG T3-K3 is a full sized G3A3 replica constructed with a polymer receiver, stock, handguard and trigger group with an alloy outer barrel, keeping the hefty G3A3 design suited to being carried all day. This G3A3 sports the classic olive drab German issue military furniture, an HK claw mount compatible receiver and fixed stock with a massive battery compartment, making it ready to do its business out in the woodland site. 

From £149.99
  • Compact
  • Alloy Receiver
  • Breaching Tool

An Airsoft electric powered 6mm SMG-5K replica with a full metal construction; the best friend to any close protection worker, movie bad guy, SAS operative or secret agent on skis!

From £149.99
  • Collapsible stock
  • Integrated suppressor
  • Adjustable Hop-up

Featuring an integrated suppressor and collapsible stock, this is for all you stealthy spec ops players out there.

Perfect for a starter Close Quarters Battle thanks to it's compact size, it features everything you need to get into some action, such as adjustable Hop-up, rotary drum design sights and lightweight design, so you can move from objective to objective with ease, quietly picking off targets on the way.

From £149.99
  • Folding stock
  • Perfect backup
  • Solid alloy body

The insanely iconic SMG-5K, popularised by movies as being every bad guys SMG of choice. This replica has an Alloy body to bring it to a realistic weight, and features a folding stock to make it more useful both indoors and outdoors.

From £149.99
  • Side folding stock
  • Unique Swiss assault rifle design
  • Metal version 3 gearbox with quick change spring

If you are looking for an affordable backup AEG but you want something that stands out from the crowd, the S-552 from Jing Gong would be the perfect thing! The S-552 is based on the compact Commando variant of the S-550, standard issue rifle of the Swiss Military which has served with distinction since 1986.

The rifle has its own unique external look honed specifically for its frosty environment of operation with some well thought out features and superb ergonomics, and to get you set up and ready for battle JG even includes a receiver rail in the box in case you want to kit the S-552 out with an optical sight. If you are bored of AKs and M4s, why not expand your armoury with a sophisticated Swiss carbine?

From £164.99
  • Full metal construction
  • 20mm RIS / RAS rail
  • Adjustable Hop-up

For a machine pistol it doesn't get more compact than this! 

Perfect for those tightly spaced CQB environments. Used in such Hollywood films such as Taken and Air Force One, this iconic SMG is instantly recognisable and makes for a great Airsoft replica.

This variant comes with a quad 20mm RIS / RAS rail on the front handguard with the top rail extending along the length of the top of the gun, so you can customise to your hearts content with a variety of accessories.

With full metal construction, this replica has a realistic feel to it and is a great choice for beginner and veteran Airsofters alike.

From £179.99
  • Full metal externals
  • Electro-mechanical Blowback
  • 20mm Picatinny railed handguard

If you are a lover of classic assault rifles, you will have noticed the absence of this Swiss beauty in AEG form, especially in full metal AEG form. An oft-forgotten platform, the S-55x series are a great alternative to the wealth of AR15s and AKs used by the vast majority of skirmishers. Take the JG S-551 to a Airsoft site and you will turn heads, then when you start shooting you will turn tails!

From £179.99
  • 20mm RIS Handguard
  • Lightweight build
  • Great DMR Platform

A replica of the G3 rifle with an RIS handguard to give the old gun a fresh feel and bring it into the modern era. The Picatinny handguard allows mounting of all manner of accessories, if you ask me this would make a great basis for a DMR build.

From £189.99
  • 20mm RIS Handguard
  • Lightweight build
  • Great mid range setup

A replica of the MC51 rifle with a 20mm Picatinny railed handguard to give the old gun a fresh feel and bring it into the modern era. The Picatinny handguard allows mounting of all manner of accessories and the rifle comes complete with a receiver scope mount; this thing is just begging to be laden down with mission essentials!

From £219.99
  • Tactical Variant
  • Foregrip / Rail Inc.
  • 20mm Railed Handguard

The tactical option for MP5 lovers far and wide; whether you want to attach the included foregrip or your own optics, torches, lasers this Airsoft 6mm electric powered replica has you covered.

From £229.99
  • Full metal construction
  • Electro-mechanical Blowback
  • Massive magazine capacity 

Looking for something that stands out from the crowd of M4s and AKs? Here we have a rifle for those of a discerning taste. The LK58 from JG is a close replica of the real world FAL, a rifle that is often considered the western equivalent of the AK47, due to its widespread use throughout NATO during the cold war. The LK58 is modeled after the American civilian tactical FAL, the SA58, and has all the classic FAL features with a sprinkle of modernity for convenience. 

From £269.99
  • MOSFET Inside
  • Railed Handguard
  • 14mm CCW Thread

This Airsoft Electric Gun is a Bullpup Assault Rifle with an Alloy 20mm Rail System at the front, as well as Ambidextrous Controls, Threaded Outer Barrel and a MOSFET to make this a highly adaptable platform.

From £279.99
  • Railed Handguard
  • Scope & Bipod Inc.
  • 14mm CCW Thread

In the real world this rifle exists as a civilian-legal hunting rifle, based off the G36 platform which everyone loves so much, but is usually unable to acquire due to their limited Armed Forces/Law Enforcement accessibility. In the world of toy guns, this is an Airsoft electric powered 6mm fully automatic replica.

  • 80 rnd Capacity 
  • Steel shell with polymer internals
  • For JG0451 VZ.61 Scorpion AEP

If you are rocking the VZ.61 pocket AEP submachine gun as a sidearm you must be taking advantage of its fully automatic capabilities, as such, you will need more magazines! This magazine holds 80 rounds and is a wheel wound high capacity design with a steel shell, steel feed spring and polymer internals. This magazine is sized to mimic the real 20 round standard magazine for the VZ.61 Scorpion and has realistic reinforcement ribs on either side to keep the looks of your lil killer looking faithful to the real firearm. The magazine can be filled through the fill port at the top of the magazine and requires winding up using the winding wheel on the bottom of the magazine after filling. 

  • 330rnd Capacity
  • Realistic ribbed design
  • For AUG Airsoft AEG series

If a bald New York cop just killed your brother, it's time to pull out the AUG! If you are making use of a fine Austrian inspired AEG rifle, you will probably need some magazines to keep up when skirmishing. These magazines are designed for the AUG Airsoft AEG series, including Jing Gong AU-1G and others based on the original Tokyo Marui design. This magazine is realistically designed, with ribs on the exterior surface to add strength and to provide exceptional grip. The magazine is filled through the fill window at the top of the magazine body and can be wound using the wheel on the baseplate. This mag is available in either solid black, or translucent brown, meaning whether you are doing a modern tactical AUG or an old-school classic AUG, these mags will suit!

  • 400rnd Capacity
  • Steel shell with polymer internals
  • For TM pattern M14 AEG (JG/CYMA/TM)

Looking for mags for your M14 battle rifle? Jing Gong has just what you need! The 400rnd High-capacity magazine is designed for Tokyo Marui style M14 AEG rifles such as the Jing Gong JG1401 and CYMA CM.032 but is not compatible with G&G M14 AEGs.

This mag holds an impressive 400 6mm BBs and is a wheel wound high-capacity design with a winding wheel located on the baseplate. The mag can be loaded through its fill window on the top rear of the magazine body which is easy to open by hand with the help of a fingernail. This magazine has a steel shell to give a realistic feel, and has reinforcement grooves in either side for that classic M14 cold war battle rifle look.

  • 450rnd Capacity
  • Steel shell, polymer internals
  • For JG0452 MAC-10 AEP

Whether you are going a Vietnam war loadout, or you just like the compact form and unmistakable design of the legendary MAC-10, you will need some spare mags to run it in true SMG style! The JG 450rnd High-Cap Magazine is designed for the JG0452 MAC-10 AEP, but should also fit and feed in the TM MAC-10 AEP. This magazine is a wheel wound high-cap constructed with a steel shell and polymer internals. The fill window can be found on the top of the magazine, and can be opened by hand and the BBs poured straight in. The winding wheel is located on the bottom of the magazine and is a slightly wider design than the norm, meaning more comfort if you have to wind in a hurry!

From £89.99
  • 100rnd Magazine
  • Rotary HOP Adjust
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

A compact Airsoft Electric Pistol which is a replica of the CZ VZ-61, the perfect backup to another gun or as a Primary Gun for Close Quarter Scenarios.

From £109.99
  • 400rnd Magazine
  • Suppressor Included
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

An Airsoft Electric Pistol replica of the MAC-10 Sub Machine Gun, which comes included with a Battery & EU Pin Charger, as well as the proprietary suppressor which this SMG is rarely seen without.

From £110.99
  • Integral Suppressor
  • Solid stocked SD5 Variant 
  • Sneaky SMG-5!

The JG M5 SD5 is an integrally suppressed SMG-5 AEG featuring a polymer body and full sized battery stock. A very popular style of Airsoft rifle due to its widespread use by sneaky types of many militaries, great for some discrete CQB kills! 

From £114.99
RRP £149.99
Save £35.00
  • Long Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Integrated Swivel Bi-Pod

An Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Powered AEG Gun, designed and based off the SIG 550, and was used by the Swiss Armed Forces. 

From £119.99
  • Collapsible Stock
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

This Airsoft 6mm electric powered SMG-5 is an Alloy and Polymer constructed replica of the traditional SMG-5 layout, favoured by Airsofters doing SAS/Police loadouts.

About Jing Gong

Jing Gong is a Hong Kong-based Airsoft gun manufacturer also known as JG, Golden Eagle and Golden Bow, specialising in high-quality, affordable Airsoft replicas. 

JG generally manufactures automatic electric guns, while their sister brand Golden Eagle specialises in gas blowback, both of which provide a wide range of models from AR36 to M16 and SMG-5 to AUG.

If you're a beginner looking to make a start in Airsoft, then this brand is an excellent place to begin, especially if you want to stray away from the typical M4/M16/AR platform replica. Jing Gong is also the OEM manufacturer of several weapons sold by other brands, most notably the manufacturer of Echo 1 guns and replicas.