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  • Integral Suppressor
  • Solid stocked SD5 Variant 
  • Sneaky SMG-5!

The JG M5 SD5 is an integrally suppressed SMG-5 AEG featuring a polymer body and full sized battery stock. A very popular style of Airsoft rifle due to its widespread use by sneaky types of many militaries, great for some discrete CQB kills! 

From £94.99
  • 400rnd Magazine
  • Suppressor Included
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

An Airsoft Electric Pistol replica of the MAC-10 Sub Machine Gun, which comes included with a Battery & EU Pin Charger, as well as the proprietary suppressor which this SMG is rarely seen without.

From £109.99
  • Side Folding Stock
  • Railed Carry Handle
  • Compact Airsoft Gun

An Electric Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AR36C carbine which is constructed primarily of Light and Durable Polymer, with only the Outer Barrel and the Internals made from Alloy.

From £109.99
  • Collapsible Stock
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

This Airsoft 6mm electric powered SMG-5 is an Alloy and Polymer constructed replica of the traditional SMG-5 layout, favoured by Airsofters doing SAS/Police loadouts.

From £110.99
  • Integral Suppressor
  • Solid stocked SD5 Variant 
  • Sneaky SMG-5!

The JG M5 SD5 is an integrally suppressed SMG-5 AEG featuring a polymer body and full sized battery stock. A very popular style of Airsoft rifle due to its widespread use by sneaky types of many militaries, great for some discrete CQB kills! 

From £119.99
  • Highly Ergonomic
  • Claw Sight Mount Inc.
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

An Airsoft G3 replica that is truly an absolute pleasure to shoulder and shoot in any environment. Highly ergonomic whilst also built to a high standard from factory. Every shot is crisp, consistent and incredibly satisfying. Included in the box is a battery, charger and a must have sight claw mount.

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From £129.99
  • Compact
  • Alloy Receiver
  • Breaching Tool

An Airsoft electric powered 6mm SMG-5K replica with a full metal construction; the best friend to any close protection worker, movie bad guy, SAS operative or secret agent on skis!

From £129.99
  • Rear Wired
  • 500rnd High Cap
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

An electric powered 6mm Airsoft replica of the venerable G3 platform complete with integrated bipod, which was originally designed in the 1950s but has proven to be such a successful platform that it has seen updates all the way through to being in current use with military groups around the world.

From £129.99
  • Folding Stock
  • Perfect Backup
  • Solid Alloy Body

An Airsoft electric replica of every bad-guys' favourite close protection SMG. This replica has an Alloy body to bring it to a realistic weight, and features a folding stock to make it more useful both indoors and outdoors.

From £139.99
  • AR36K Style Replica
  • Battery & Charger Inc.
  • 20mm Railed Receiver

An electric powered 6mm Airsoft gun styled off the slightly longer member of the AR36 Family, the AR36K. It features an elongated handguard which is excellent for battery space, and a folding stock for CQB environments.

From £149.99
  • Sliding Stock
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

This Airsoft Electric Gun is a compact SMG based on the G3 platform, which offers a tiny overall length with a Sliding Stock to extend it out to comfortable lengths, as well as a Railed Handguard and Receiver to add tactical accessories.

From £149.99
  • Tactical Variant
  • Foregrip / Rail Inc.
  • 20mm Railed Handguard

The tactical option for MP5 lovers far and wide; whether you want to attach the included foregrip or your own optics, torches, lasers this Airsoft 6mm electric powered replica has you covered.

From £149.99
  • Collapsible Stock
  • Battery & Charger Inc.
  • Integrated Suppressor

An electric powered Airsoft 6mm replica of the integrally suppressed SMG-5 variant, the SMG-5 SD6, which is a popular choice for Airsofters due to its' compact size.

From £159.99
  • Integrated Sight
  • Railed Handguard
  • Folding/Sliding Stock

A dense and well constructed G36 family Airsoft replica, which is powered by electric features an integrated telescopic sight as part of the carry handle, as well as a multi-position sliding and folding stock.

From £164.99
  • Full Metal RIS Rail
  • Mock Charging Handle
  • Solid & Heavyweight Design

A compact close-protection solution with a chunky build quality and a RIS rail system, the JG SMG-5K is an Airsoft 6mm electric submachine gun that allows for some crazy combinations of accessories.

From £169.99
  • Sliding Stock System
  • 20mm Railed Handguard
  • Based on the G3 Assault Rifle

A replica of the G3 with tactical modifications to give the gun a new feel and bring it into the modern era. With a sliding stock and railed handguard the rifle can be adjusted to a range of scenarios.

From £169.99
  • M4 Sliding Stock
  • Railed Handguard
  • M4 Magazine Adaptor

A AR36 Platform Airsoft Replica which is powered by electric, and features some awesome tactical furniture to help your AR stand out from the crowd. With an M4 Buffer Tube & Stock, Integrated Suppressor, M4 Magazine Adaptor and 20mm Railed Handguard, this is the ultimate crossover episode of 2020.

From £169.99
  • 14mm CCW Thread
  • Quick Change Spring
  • M4 Magazine Adapter

An AR36 Platform Airsoft Electric Gun that features a tonne of custom external furniture out of the box. The highlights of this lineup are a Quick Change Spring System, M4 Magazine Adapter, Sliding Crane Stock and an included Suppressor on a 14mm CCW Thread. If you want an AR36 Platform Rifle but also want the ability to share Magazines with friends/your squad as well as having a pretty unique Rifle out of the box, then the G608-8 AR36 Railed w/ Suppressor is ideal.

Was £209.99
Save £40.00
  • Fires fine
  • Stock tang snapped
  • Stockless CQB model of the RPK 

This JG RK-74 AEG was returned to us due to a broken stock tang. Currently, the rifle is perfect as far as firing is concerned but the lower receiver is fit for the bin. A golden opportunity for those of you who want to make your AK long and have an intact lower receiver of LCT-derived construction. The wooden furniture looks brand new and the metal parts have some wear as is the standard for an AK that lives outside of Saddams collection. 

Was £209.99
Save £40.00
  • Functions perfectly
  • Reciever Stock Tang is snapped
  • Stock is Included and is undamaged

This JG RK74 Machine Gun was returned to us due to the stock tang being broken and as such, this AEG in its current condition doesn't have the ability to mount a stock. The internals are working perfectly including the Blowback function. Your options to repair this are either buying a new receiver or home brew modding a stock onto it. You could always use it as a really big pistol, or get some practice hip-firing!

From £179.99
  • Thumbhole Stock
  • Removable Bipod
  • AR36 Magazine Compatible

A 6mm BB Airsoft Electric Gun, based on a customised variant of the AR36K designed for use as a Marksmans rifle.

From £179.99
  • Full metal construction
  • Electro-mechanical Blowback
  • Massive magazine capacity 

Looking for something that stands out from the crowd of M4s and AKs? Here we have a rifle for those of a discerning taste. The LK58 from JG is a close replica of the real world FAL, a rifle that is often considered the western equivalent of the AK47, due to its widespread use throughout NATO during the cold war. The LK58 is modeled after the American civilian tactical FAL, the SA58, and has all the classic FAL features with a sprinkle of modernity for convenience. 

From £199.99
  • Stubby Mag
  • Included Scope
  • Integrated Bipod

A Sci-Fi Sniper Rifle from the future? No, it is a Civilian Hunting Rifle which is adapted from an instantly recognisable, and incredibly popular Assault Rifle. This is an ideal out-of-the-box DMR project as it is included with a Scope and Integrated Bipod.

  • For JG T3 / G3
  • High Capacity
  • Holds 500 Round

A spare magazine for JG T3 / G3 Style Airsoft AEG. The magazine is a high capacity magazine, storing 500 rounds.

  • Reinforced Shell
  • Aluminium Made
  • For 8mm Bearings

This Reinforced Gearbox Shell is a V2 designed which is ready to accept components and go into a fresh build! The front portion of the Gearbox Shell has been reinforced and strengthened to improve life space, as well as having thicker walls where stress would normally be found. The Gearbox is ready to mount 8mm Bearings, and is ideally suited for Jing Gong replicas. Other brands may require modification to fit.

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From £89.99
  • 100rnd Magazine
  • Rotary HOP Adjust
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

A compact Airsoft Electric Pistol which is a replica of the CZ VZ-61, the perfect backup to another gun or as a Primary Gun for Close Quarter Scenarios.

From £99.99
  • Large Battery Space
  • Lightweight & Robust
  • Battery & Charger Inc.

An Airsoft 6mm BB firing electric AEG designed in the style of the MP5 used by Special Forces around the world. Featuring a lightweight and durable Polymer external construction, this a RIF for those who like to stay light and fast on their feet.

From £104.99
  • Retractable Stock
  • Rubberised Foregrip
  • Integrated Supressor

An Airsoft 6mm replica SMG-5 SD6, manufactured by Jing Gong. Comes supplied with an integrated suppressor for looks and to slightly dampen muzzle report.

From £104.99
  • Fixed Solid Polymer Stock
  • Alloy Outer Barrel & Suppressor
  • Noise Reducing Mock Suppressor

A brilliant and affordable alloy construction 6mm BB Airsoft replica suppressed SMG-5, with solid polymer stock. The suppressor actually reduces the noise of the AEG when it fires!

From £114.99
RRP £149.99
Save £35.00
  • Long Handguard
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Integrated Swivel Bi-Pod

An Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Powered AEG Gun, designed and based off the SIG 550, and was used by the Swiss Armed Forces. 

Great Beginner and Regular Skirmisher weapons and great prices!

Jing Gong are also known as JG and GB (short for golden bow) and are a Hong Kong based Airsoft manufacturer, which specialise in manufacturing affordable yet high quality Airsoft Replicas. Running since 1986 JG Works are also the OEM manufacturer of several weapons sold by other brands, and more notably known for being the manufacturer for some Echo 1 Guns and Replicas. If you're a beginner looking to make a start in Airsoft, then Jing Gong is an excellent place to begin, especially if you want to stray away from the typical M4/M16/AR platform replica.