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  • AR Buffer Tube
  • Accepts M4 Mags
  • Threaded Outer Barrel

Love the look of the G36 platform but don't want to have to buy a tonne of new mags? Share M4 mags with your friends with this G36C variant which comes with a mag adaptor and AR buffer tube pre-installed.

From £129.99
  • Compact SMG Sized G3
  • 20mm Railed Handguard
  • Lightweight Polymer Design

A 6mm Airsoft BB replica of the classic G3 battle rifle, recreated in a compact sized tactical carbine. Loosely inspired by the MC51 'machine carbine' developed for UK Special Forces in the 1980s, the T3 SAS has taken the traditional G3 and cut it down into a CQB friendly AEG.

From £189.99
  • Holds Up To 20 BBs
  • Low Capacity Magazine
  • For Jing Gong SL8 / G36

A replacement magazine for the JG SL8 G36 Variant Airsoft AEG Gun, but can also be used in Standard G36 AEG Rifles as an alternate to the standard magazine.

  • Spring Fed
  • Low Capacity
  • For M70 Sniper

A spare magazine for the ASG M70 Varmint Spring Powered Airsoft 6mm Sniper Rifle. The magazine is constructed from Polymer and is spring fed. 

  • Trigger Issue
  • Great Condition
  • Boneyard Product

An unwanted return from a customer which has developed a trigger contact issue where sometimes the gearbox won't cycle if you pull the trigger lightly, you have to pull it fully and all the way to the rear to get a good cycle and sometimes it will have a short burst of auto on single. The first selector is also quite stiff. The externals are in absolute mint condition, and the weapon chrono's at 97m/s or 318FPS on a 0.2g BB, coming included with a battery, charger and magazine.

RRP £104.99
Save £25.00
  • Long Handguard
  • Railed Carry Handle
  • Full Polymer Externals

if you are looking to dominate the field with incredible range and upgrade-ability then look no further. The G608-4 G36V is one of the longest G36 variants with an exposed outer barrel system.

From £119.99
  • Folding Stock
  • Railed Hand Guard
  • Submerged Suppressor

Am airsoft replica of the G36C, with a Railed front grip and sunken suppressor. The weapon itself has a Polymer body and folding stock, with an Alloy Hand Guard and Suppressor. 

From £159.99
  • Compact CQB Weapon
  • Rails for Sights and Accessories
  • High Capacity M4 Magazine Adaptor

    An Airsoft 6mm Airsoft AEG replica designed to look like the FN P90, produced by FN Herstal in Belgium, supplied with an adaptor to allow the use of m4 magazines including the provided STANAG highcap.

    From £174.99
    • For JG T3 / G3
    • High Capacity
    • Holds 500 Round

    A spare magazine for JG T3 / G3 Style Airsoft AEG. The magazine is a high capacity magaazine, storing 500 rounds, and features a large filling window at the top of the magazine as well as having a winding wheel at the bottom and the option to wind via a key. 

    • Retractable Stock
    • Rubberised Foregrip
    • Integrated Supressor

    An Airsoft 6mm replica of the real steel MP5-SD6, designed by Heckler & Koch, used by countless Special Forces including our own SAS. 

    From £104.99
    • Fixed Solid Polymer Stock
    • Alloy Outer Barrel & Suppressor
    • Noise Reducing Mock Suppressor

    A 6mm BB airport electric gun replica of the iconic MP5SD2, HK's infamous Integrally Suppressed MP5 SMG, famous for its use by countless Special Forces units across the globe, from the SAS and SEALS to the JW GROM and JSFG.

    From £104.99
    • Side Folding Stock
    • Railed Carry Handle
    • Compact Airsoft Gun

    An Electric Airsoft 6mm BB Gun replica of the Heckler & Kochs modular and compact G36C carbine, as utilised by countless organisations and forces across the globe. Like the real G36C, this replica is constructed primarily of Light and Durable Polymer, with only the Outer Barrel and the Internals made from Alloy.

    From £109.99
    • Ambidextrous Design
    • Integrated Swivel Bi-Pod
    • Long Handguard

    An Airsoft 6mm BB Electric Powered AEG Gun, designed and based off the SIG 550, and was used by the Swiss Armed Forces. 

    From £114.99
    RRP £149.99
    Save £35.00
    • Magazines Couple Up
    • Ambidextrous Selector
    • Complete Polymer Outer

    An Electric Airsoft 6mm BB Gun replica of the Heckler & Kochs modular and compact G36C carbine, as utilised by countless organisations and forces across the globe.

    From £119.99
    • Extended Handguard
    • Locking Folding Stock
    • Railed Front Hand Guard

    An Airsoft 6mm BB Gun AEG which is powered by Electric and is a heavily modified version of the G36 used by Armed Forces and Police Units around the world.

    From £159.99
    • Full Metal RIS Rail
    • Mock Charging Handle
    • Solid & Heavyweight Design

    A compact close-protection solution with a chunk build quality and a metal RIS rail system, the JG MP5K is an Airsoft 6mm electric submachine gun that allows for some crazy combinations of accessories.

    From £164.99

    Great Beginner and Regular Skirmisher weapons and great prices!

    Jing Gong are also known as JG and GB (short for golden bow) and are a Hong Kong based Airsoft manufacturer, which specialise in manufacturing affordable yet high quality Airsoft Replicas. Running since 1986 JG Works are also the OEM manufacturer of several weapons sold by other brands, and more notably known for being the manufacturer for some Echo 1 Guns and replicas.